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Narrative report

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Narrative report

  1. 1.  NARRATIVE REPORT<br />      University of the Philippines has conducted another series of seminar for IT enthusiasts all over the country last September 14-17,2010 at University Theater,UP Film Institute and Bahay ng Alumni.From these dates, we chose to attend in the 4th day where the topics are all about gaming.We all had fun as we were comfortable in our seats listening and getting new ideas from all the speakers that has shared their knowledge and secrets on how to become successful in the field of the gaming Industry.All the topics that has been discussed are all interesting.From the Life of a Game Development,The Resurgence of Independent Games,Comics and Digital Arts,Storytelling and Games,down to Marketing your own Game Development Company,Virtual worlds and even the games on my favorite website,Facebook had been discussed clearly by the highly-respected and professional persons in this gaming field.Mr.Allan Simonsen was my favorite speaker that time,he really catches  my attention as he delivered his talk on how you will be hired for work and even on how you will get fired. Also I am very much amazed by the works of the next speakers,I wondered and asked myself if someday,or maybe 2-3 years from now,i will be able to do such things or program as they did.<br />         After a long day inside the UP Theater,we went outside and get the chance to do picture takings with my classmates. We are hoping that events like this for students and academe continues to bring knowledge and new ideas as we travel the road to success in the filed that we chose to undertake.<br />