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Enterprise Social RACI Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

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Whenever I start a project I find to have a solid foundation requires having clear roles and responsibilities. In enterprise social at first you’ll find ownership is very squishy. I’ve already told you that controlling social is like herding cats and herding cats is often what IT thinks it has to do. Rather than have HR, Corporate Communications and various departments fight over the enterprise social network, why not come up with an approach that supports that the platform isn’t owned by one group, but is a shared responsibility that is primarily driven by those who are actively involved. There is a role for legal, a role for security, a role for IT, and a role for corporate communications.
In the ESN itself I think you’ll typically identify roles in the network… This is how it started...

Enterprise Social RACI Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

  1. 1. RACI Chart (Roles and Responsibilities Matrix) For instructions / training material visit http://www.racichart.org Process Name / Description: Enterprise Social Platform Roles and Responsibilities Created On: Created by: Originially created by: Joel Oleson, ViewDo Labs CollabShow.com Nov-13 Joel Oleson SysAdmin Establish Vision/Strategy for Enterprise Social Network Revision: Community Mgr Biz Influencers Legal/LCA Security Exec Sponsors C/I A/R C - C C Build Business Value & Capture Success I A R - - I Social Monitoring of groups & posts C A R - R I A/R I/C I - - - Analytics, Reporting and Keyword Monitoring I A R C I/C I Drives Adoption, Cultivates community I A R - - R Ensures and Represents Corporate Compliance, User Policy, User Agreement I C I A/R C - Install and Configure Social Webparts and Integration R = Responsible, A = Accountable, C = Consulted, I = Informed @joeloleson ViewDo Labs © 2013 racichart.org