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Shot list for our music video

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Shot list for our music video

  1. 1. Shot List for Our Music VideoLocation 1 – TV Studio RoomShot 1: Close up high angle of pianist’s hands from a diagonalShot 2: Mid shot of piano and pianist from side with artist and mic in the backgroundShot 3: Point of view shot of playingShot 3: Long shot of pianist from behind with artist stood next to himLocation 2 – Woods (All Lip-Synching)Shot 1: Long shot of artist sat on a rock looking distantShot 2: Close up, low angle on a rockShot 3: Long shot of artist walking down a path towards the cameraShot 4: Mid shot of artist walking down the path staring down the cameraShot 5: Long shot of artist lip-synching by a treeShot 6: Mid shot of artist by a treeShot 7: Close up of artist lip-synching to the song at 150% to be slowed downLocation 3 – BedroomShot 1: Long shot from the corner of the room of the couple beginning to argueShot 2: Long shot form the other cornerShot 3: Mid shot of the couple face-to-face arguingShot 4: Close up of the couple arguing face-to-faceShot 5: Close up over-the-shoulder shot of female’s reactionsShot 6: Close up over-the-shoulder shot of male’s reactionsShot 7: Long shot of female pushing past male to exitLocation 4 – Landing and StairsShot 1: Mid shot of actors running out of the bedroom to the top of the stairsShot 2: Long shot of actors beginning to run down stairs (female followed by male)Shot 3: Long shot high angle of actors running down the stairsLocation 5 – Front RoomShot 1: Long shot of couple male grabbing female and them beginning to argueShot 2: Long shot from another angle of couple throwing things at each otherShot 3: Mid shots of items being thrownShot 4: Mid shot of couple sitting on sofa chatting, then beginning to argue againShot 5: Close up of reactions of the male and female