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Freedom and Knowledge

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Freedom and Knowledge

  1. 1. Jobelle L.Gonzales Fundamental Moral Theology Freedom and Knowledge When I was not taking up this course my perspective about freedom is that of doing everything that you want and there were things that you can really do but all of this changes when the reporters and work of Holy Spirit help me to understand it better. I believe that freedom has its own responsibility; it is a gift from God that we should value. Our perspective of freedom comes within us. I realize now that our self determination and choices are really important in doing moral actions. I was very enlightened that our freedom of choice comes from ourselves. We are the one who make choices and that is to be with God or to be against. I know that I want my life to be directed to God, I want to do everything that will pleases him but sometimes I am also aware that I made choices that go against with the orientation of my life that I choose and that’s made me weak. Sometimes, I want to be on the truth but because of fear to lose someone or something I failed to stand firm to be with God. Honestly, I am also a kind of person that made choices against my perspective in life, but when I was reflecting the Holy Spirit awakens me, I saw the great importance of prayer life. I am happy now that my prayer life grew stronger. Talking with God helps me to realize that I should be aware on what I am doing. He made me realizes that my mind and my heart will help to direct my life towards goodness. I always pray that God will help to recognize everything that composes my life and to determine who am I really are. Being aware will help to be responsible on what I am doing and what I want myself to become.
  2. 2. Jobelle L.Gonzales Fundamental Moral Theology I know that I cannot say that I am always doing what is good and right but as long as I am striving to my best that God wants me to be, I know that he will not leave me. Being with him will always help me to have a loving relationship with people and also helps me to strengthen my determination life. Realizing all this things help me understand also what knowledge is. Knowing what knowledge is will help us to exercise our freedom well. I realize that knowledge is more of intellect, knowledge can also be found in heart. We cannot isolate one from the other; it should go hand in hand. Sometimes our ways of thinking reflected on what we do and decide. I realize that importance of knowing that the actions are right or wrong. It is important to think critically on our perspective of things. Some of our knowledge is the product of influences of our community that we lived in but this is not an excuse, we should be responsible. It is really true that our heart plays an important role on what we ought to do. When I was about to write this reflection paper, I decided to pray first before doing it. At this moment, I am very happy that all that I wrote does not come from my mind only but I put my heart on it. I prayed that all I write in this paper will reflect on what I know and what I feel. It is the spirit of Lord that helps me always to put value on what on my relationship with Him and to others. He alone knows that I am always striving to do His will even if there were times of failures and success. I believe that the truth can only be found in Him and that the reason why we live, to seek and always be with his presence.