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A view on mobile marketing - ucp

  1. A View on Mobile Marketing Universidade Católica Portuguesa | 5 de Abril de 2011
  2. What is Mobile Marketing? «The use of wireless media as an integrated content delivery and direct response vehicle within a cross-media or stand-alone marketing communications program.» Mobile Marketing Association
  3. Some nice-to-have data «Worldwide mobile ad spending is projected to grow from $2.7 billion in 2007 to $19.1 billion in 2012, according to an eMarketer report released in March 2008.» «Apple® today announced that more than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from its revolutionary App Store℠ by the more than 160 million iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™ users worldwide.», Apple, January 22, 2011 «The revolutionary App Store offers more than 350,000 apps to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users in 90 countries around the world, with more than 60,000 native iPad apps available.», Apple, January 22, 2011
  4. Some nice-to-have data «The amount of people using a cell phone for daily access to the Web doubled from January 2008 to January 2009», InformationWeek, 16th March 2009 «UK mobile ad spend increased 99.2% year on year to £28.6m in 2008, despite a declining ad market, according to the frst UK fgures produced by the Internet advertising Bureau and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.» «Fifty-one percent of U.S. subscribers access entertainment, games, news and social information via mobile phone each week, according to a new study published by research and consultation frm Frank N. Magid Associates.»
  5. What changed? 2008 saw the beginning of the next phase Openness: shift from operator-centric universe to media-centric universe High-speed networks and fxed-rate data plans: removing barriers to consumer engagement on mobile Compelling new devices: iPhone, Android, Samsung Instinct, RIM Bold and signifcant increases in smart phone penetration The rise of the App Store and engagement of the developer community Adapted from Mobile Application Advertising – Early | learnings and the signpost for the future!, October 2009, AdMob
  6. What changed? Apple’s iPhone has been the game changer: More than 10 billion applications downloaded, 350,000 apps available. More than 160 million iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads and a huge community of developers creating apps for the devices worldwide. Not just Apple driving this change: Nokia launched Ovi applications, RIM launched Blackberry App World, Microsoft launched Windows Phone Marketplace, and Palm launched the App Catalog… However, the Android platform powered by Google in conjunction with the Open Handset Alliance is already the strongest competitor to Apple. Adapted from Mobile Application Advertising – Early | learnings and the signpost for the future!, October 2009, AdMob
  7. What’s special about Mobile? Mobile is Personal it’s my phone, not our phone By √oхέƒx™:
  8. Mobile is Personal eBudget Banco Best: Taking advantage of mobile being a truly personal media, Banco Best has launched an iPhone app where anyone, not just its customers, can track and manage their personal fnances. Banco Best positions itself this way as a contemporary institution, concerned about people, that helps them manage their lives.
  9. What’s special about Mobile? Mobile is Ubiquitous it’s always in my pocket By dwanjabi:
  10. Mobile is Ubiquitous Cardmobili: Cardmobili's value proposition is quite simple: get rid of all the cards in your wallet, while keeping them always with you, using Cardmobili, available for any kind of phone, either through an app or a mobile friendly site. This value-proposition has already granted this portuguese startup funding and 3 international awards – Mobile 2.0 Europe, Vodafone Mobile Clicks and Mobile Premier Awards.
  11. What’s special about Mobile? Mobile is Immediate I pick it every time it rings By Darwin Bell:
  12. Mobile is Immediate Viber: New smartphones like the iPhone, allow for push-notifcations to be sent to users of our apps. So, just like the SMS campaigns that have been around with tremendous success for years, you can send information directly to users of your apps without any cost. Viber has pushed this even further and has developed a Skype- like app, where you can call anyone free of charge if you're in a WiFi area – you get a notifcation and just answer the phone.
  13. What’s special about Mobile? Mobile is Local it’s with me wherever I am By Merry~Blues:
  14. Mobile is Local GranataPet: 'Check In! Snack Out!'. That was the motto of GranataPet's Billboard campaign. Appealing to pet owners and their beloved friends, GranataPet has developed billboards with built-in food dispensers. The billboards compelled pet-owners to check-in in Foursquare to get free food for their dogs. When the ceck-in was made, food would be released and the dogs would get a free meal on the spot!
  15. What’s special about Mobile? Mobile is A Swiss Army Knife it’s internet, music, games, etc. By capcase:
  16. Mobile is a Swiss Army Knife LogMeIn Ignition: Mobile devices have now such a computing power, that you can even control your laptop or desktop remotely from an iPhone or an iPad. Using LogMeIn Ignition, you can enter your Mac/PC and open documents, edit them, manage applications or whatever you need to do, without having to have the computer with you. Other apps allow you to read, edit and manage Ofce documents, to access your Financial software, and so on...
  17. What’s special about Mobile? And above all virtually everybody’s got one! By wonker:
  18. How is it different from Internet? • Penetration is much higher (around 110%) • People are exposed to mobile 24h a day • It’s not as polluted for advertising (higher click through rates, higher notoriety, …) • It’s a great direct marketing tool • People are used to pay for content • Location, location, location…
  19. How are people using Mobile? Communication SMS, MMS, Voice, Video-calls, e-mail, Social Networking, Blogging Information News, Product Info, Entertainment, Weather, Maps, Stock Quotes, Travel Information… Entertainment Games, Ringtones, Music, Videos
  20. How can we reach them? SMS Apps & Widgets MMS Bluetooth Voice Location Based Mobile Internet QR Codes Content RFId Games …
  21. Case Study | Chef Online Focus on Relation Branded App Device Specifc Useful Content Branded Content Video-Intensive Social Media Integration Online Shop Integration
  22. Case Study | RFM Vi Focus on Business Branded App Advertising Device Specifc Editorial Content Video and Audio-Intensive Social Media Integration Personalization
  23. What are the big issues behind Mobile Marketing? • Mobile Marketing is not cheap • Mobile Marketing campaigns tend to imply costs for the consumers • Mobile Marketing is complex on the development side, because of the multiple platforms and lack of standardization • Mobile Marketing tends to be seen as intrusive, so you have to be extra-careful when contacting users
  24. So… Is this the year for Mobile? That’s simply not the question… Mobile Marketing has been quite signifcant for years – SMS is a huge revenue stream for lots of companies exploiting it as a marketing and advertising media. Mobile is defnitely an important piece of any brand’s marketing mix. Consumers are using mobile to access the web and they expect brands to be there for them. It’s up to the brands to decide if they want their consumers’ experience to be a long wait to reach the information he needs in a non-optimized website, or if they want to take a close look at mobile and defne how will their presence be so that they can better serve their consumers, using the right mix of content and services available in the mobile habitat.
  25. The Real Challenge – Exposure The Telco 2.0 Paradox Telco's need to embrace the Telco 2.0 challenge Network as a Service is the way to go. Openness has been key to the fantastic growth the Web as experienced in the last few years. For mobile data revenues to explode, operators need to face the apparent paradox: open up your walled gardens, keep exploring your own services and content, but, above all, sell your network capabilities. Expose messaging, voice, presence, location, billing, subscribers, etc., through standardized webservices and let hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide deliver compelling multi-operator services , that will boost everybody’s revenues and create a much larger market!
  26. The Good News? It's already on the way!
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