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Open Mic Monday - Beautiful Evidence

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Designing with Data is part Art Part science. Its all about truth and distilling evidence into visual arguments or contextual storytelling

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Open Mic Monday - Beautiful Evidence

  1. 1. Five Things You Have To Experience OPEN MIC MONDAY Joanna Peña-Bickley Global Chief Creative Officer 10.10.2016
  2. 2. Beautiful Evidence is a theory and practice of designing with data.
  3. 3. 1.Wearable Tech: Sound Shirt 2.OSIRIS-Rex 3.The Mars Generation 4.Designing With Data 5.Chanel’s Data Centric Runway Five Things You Have To Experience
  4. 4. Design w/Purpose
  5. 5. OSIRIS-REX Radical Collaboration 1 Mission 900 People Atlas V 411 Rocket Return a sample to Earth in 2023.
  6. 6. https://www.nasa.gov/osiris-rex OSIRIS-REX Radical Collaboration
  7. 7. OSIRIS-REX Radical Collaboration
  8. 8. The Mars Generation
  9. 9. Design w/Data
  10. 10. Design w/Data
  11. 11. https://www.cleverfranke.com/ Design w/Data
  12. 12. Design w/Data
  13. 13. Design w/Data •Tableau Public: Create visuals for almost any data type with this app-based tool •Raw: The open source project allows you to create vector-based visuals using the D3.js library •Timeline: Put your time-based information in an easy to read format right from a spreadsheet •Infogr.am: Turn data into an interactive, responsive graphic based on templates •Chart.js: Create line, bar, radar, polar area or pie and donut charts •Google Charts: Gallery of tools to help you make the most of data in a pretty simple manner •Leaflet: Open-source mapping tool that is interactive and mobile- friendly •Dygraphs: Build charts with lots of data points or from complex spreadsheets •SMILE Widgets: Another open-source project that will help you create anything from a webpage to a timeline to plotted data points •Canva: Cool drag and drop infographics builder that doesn’t require coding knowledge Beautiful Evidence Make Magic
  14. 14. Celebrating The Wired Woman Data Couture
  15. 15. Data Couture
  16. 16. - Joanna Peña-Bickley “ ” Designing with data is a search for a magical balance between business and art; art and craft; intuition and reason; concept and detail; designer and platform; and platform and public. Global Chief Creative Officer, IBM iX Beautiful Evidence