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Fred and Lee

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Two Sky Class stuffies have a playground adventures as photographed and scripted by 9 of the students in Sky Class.

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Fred and Lee

  1. 1. ADVENTURES OF FRED AND LEE by Tilly, Anton, Jack, Emma, Leo, Mya, Jordana, Matti, and Mary music Shufflin Blues, Demo Song from Garageband by Apple Inc.
  2. 2. One weekend Fred and Lee were getting bored in Sky Class. They decided to go outside and look for an adventure. Fred got a block and boosted Lee up so she could open the door.
  3. 3. Fred and Lee were going to the toy shop. Yaaaaay! They were going to buy a fun toy. Fred was buying a stuffed monkey and Lee was buying a stuffed octopus. Then they drove back. When they got back, they played with their toys. Then they went to the color dome.
  4. 4. Lee and Fred climbed the color dome, and Fred almost fell off! Fortunately Lee saved him. Woohoo! Go Lee!
  5. 5. Lee is saving Fred from falling off the color dome. “AAhhhh!” thinks Lee.
  6. 6. Then Fred and Lee got back on the car and drove to the slide.
  7. 7. Fred and Lee found a ladder. They climbed the ladder to the top. Then they slid down, down, down to the bottom. Then they did it all again for 20 minutes.
  8. 8. Then Fred and Lee got back on the car and drove to the mountain.
  9. 9. Lee and Fred are playing on the mountain. Fred fell down the mountain. Lee caught Fred! Whew!
  10. 10. Then Fred and Lee got back on the car and drove to the monkey bars.
  11. 11. Oh no! Fred fell down on the monkey bars. Luckily Lee saved Fred before he touched the ground. Hooray for Lee!
  12. 12. Then Fred and Lee got back on the car and drove to the rocket ship.
  13. 13. Lee and Fred were climbing on the rocket ship. It was fun. They climbed high. They loved it. They climbed so high they touched the sky!
  14. 14. Lee and Fred were on a secret mission in outer space. They were almost there until a meteor crashed into the rocket ship. Oh no! Lee slipped. “Grab my hand!” Fred pulled Lee up. Then they fixed the rocket ship and climbed back down.
  15. 15. Then Fred and Lee got back on the car and drove to the log cabin.
  16. 16. Fred and Lee talked together. “What, you really went in a spaceship?” “Yes, Lee, I did,” said Fred. “You went scuba diving!” “Yes, Fred, I did,” said Lee.
  17. 17. Fred and Lee went back to Sky Class and told the other stuffies all about their adventures. It had been a grand day! THE END