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Smart choice online for teachers

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How to use the Smart Choice Online Practice step by step

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Smart choice online for teachers

  1. 1. Smart Choice Online Practicewww.sconlinepractice.comBy Joana KenningtonOUP Academic Consultant
  2. 2. Start out by registering 1. Go to www.sconlinepractice.com 2. To register your access code, click here
  3. 3. Select English or Spanish 3. Choose your desired language
  4. 4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions 4. Check this box 5. Click “I agree”
  5. 5. Entering your access code 6. Gently scratch the card at the back of your book 7. Enter your access code 8. Click “Enter” here
  6. 6. Personal Information 9. Type your first name 10. Type your last name 11. Type your e-mail 12. Retype your e-mail 13. Type desired password 14. Retype your password 15. Click next
  7. 7. Select your book. You can add more bookslater. 16. Select the book you will be teaching
  8. 8. Confirm the book you will be using. 17. Click “Yes”
  9. 9. Institution ID18. If you have an institution ID, enter it here. And then click “Next” 18. If you don’t, click “Skip” (you can enter one later on)
  10. 10. Create your first classroom 19. Write the name of the course you will be teaching this term. 20. Click “Next”
  11. 11. Your class code 21. COPY this code… you will give it to your students You can print slips with this code for each one of your students. 22. Click “Next”
  12. 12. 23. Click “Log In”
  13. 13. What can you do with your instructor’scode? -Create new groups - See who has enrolled -Join your institution -Get students’ e-mails Click “Add a New View your students’ Book” report cards. See what activities your students will do and download audio Add a New Book to your account
  14. 14. Let’s add a new book!
  15. 15. Lets see what’s here! Click “Enter Online Practice”
  16. 16. Students can download almost all the audio
  17. 17. Vocabulary
  18. 18. Bonus Vocabulary
  19. 19. 3 Grammar exercises
  20. 20. 2 Conversation exercises
  21. 21. Class Video
  22. 22. 2 extra Student Videos
  23. 23. Click “Manage Classes” -Create new groups - See who has enrolled -Join your institution -Get students’ e-mails
  24. 24. You can create and delete classes Delete existing class Create a new class
  25. 25. Here you can see all the groups you areworking with Click “View Details”
  26. 26. See who enrolled, their e-mail andyour class ID code
  27. 27. Lets see the Report Cards Click “View Reports”
  28. 28. http://elt.oup.com/student/smartchoice/30
  29. 29. http://oupeltglobalblog.com/31
  30. 30. http://elt.oup.com/teachersclub/32
  31. 31. joana@moreenglish.com.mx