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Presentation tips from the pros

Ever wonder how some speakers are so outstanding? Here are some tips straight from the pros.

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Presentation tips from the pros

  1. Presentation Tips from the Pros Jeanne Trojan @jmtcz
  2. Some speakers atwere outstanding.
  3. I asked them to share some of their presentation advice with my blog readers.I’m sharing the best of it here.** You can read the full posts here
  4. What makes apresentation great?
  5. A presentation is adialogue between the presenter and the audience. Lutz Schmitt
  6. There should be at least one key idea that sticks in people’s brains after the presentation is over. Eric ReissThere should be at least one key idea that sticks in people’s brains after the presentation is over. Eric Reiss
  7. A great talk needs a strong, confident presenter withenthusiasm and energy for their topic. Jan Rezac
  8. Presentations shouldfirst and foremost be inspiring. Eirik Hafver Ronjum
  9. Passion. It’s transferable andcontagious and it’s hard to fake. Riki Fridrich
  10. How do you prepareyour presentations?
  11. First, I find out why I wasasked to present. What does the organizer think I knowthat makes me interesting in his or her eyes? Eric Reiss
  12. Ill do research on the audience of theupcoming event and find out how I must create mypresentation to reach them. Lutz Schmitt
  13. I define the core idea of my talk – some kind of mindset change I want my audience to have. Jan Rezac
  14. First, I think about what the main pointof the presentation is.What do I want peopleto remember from it? Riki Fridrich
  15. I go for a walk; thinking about the approach and outline. Eirik Hafver Ronjum
  16. How do you practice?How do you remember what to say?
  17. I write down every word I’m going tosay before preparing slides. It makes me remember. Eirik Hafver Ronjum
  18. The slides I end up with are the memory landmarks for the whole story I want to tell. Lutz Schmitt
  19. I HATE speaker’s notes. I would rather useimages or short sentences on slides to remind me of what I need to say. Eric Reiss
  20. I say it to myself aloud without skippinganything. Stuff sounds different in your head than it does from your mouth. Riki Fridrich
  21. I give the whole talk aloud to my cats. Cats are a great audience - you really need to do something inspiring to engage them. Jan Rezac
  22. How do you overcome feeling nervous?
  23. As one of my friends said, ‘you are on your own onlytwo times in your life – when you die and just before giving a talk’. Practice. A lot. Jan Rezac
  24. I always start by saying my name, the URL of my website and my contact. And while Imsaying this for a minute, the stage fright goesaway, I connect with the crowd and my mind goes to autopilot. Riki Fridrich
  25. I look for smiling people in the audience.Then I smile back and this first connection allows me to lose the nervousness. Lutz Schmitt
  26. After giving presentations for many years,I’m still nervous before I enter the stage. I believe it makes me a better speaker. Eirik Hafver Ronjum
  27. Remember, the audience is reallyhoping you will be brilliant. Noneof them want to be bored, so you are already at an advantage. Eric Reiss
  28. Any other advice?
  29. Study stand-up comedians. They all have their own unique style, but you can learn a lot about thegeneral craft of public speaking by watching them. Riki Fridrich
  30. Don’t think this is easy. And don’t think that you’rehot stuff just because someone may offer you money to speak. This is damned hard work. Eric Reiss
  31. A great presentation takes a dedicatedspeaker, humor and storytelling. Eirik Hafver Ronjum
  32. Fumbling can actually helpyou connect to the audienceand it shows that youre not better than them. You just have more guts to make a presentation! Lutz Schmitt
  33. Giving a presentation is a SKILLand anyone can learn it. I wasntborn a confident presenter and I do not know anyone who was. Jan Rezac
  34. Many thanks to thefollowing presentationpros who contributed!
  35. Jan Řezáč@janrezac
  36. Eirik Hafver Ronjum @EirikHafver
  37. Lutz Schmitt @luxux
  38. Richard Fridrich @fczbkk
  39. Eric Reiss@elreiss
  40. Jeanne Trojan jmtcz.cz @jmtcz
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