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Are you sharing the wrong slides?

Do you share online the same slides that you used for your live presentation? Your online audience could be missing your message. Here is an easy solution that promotes great slide creation at the same time!

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Are you sharing the wrong slides?

  1. Are you sharing the wrong slides? Jeanne Trojan @jmtcz
  2. You just finished your conference presentation.
  3. You created visually captivating slides.
  4. And, your audience loved your talk.
  5. So, you quickly upload your slides.
  6. But, no one likes, favorites or shares them.
  7. What’s the problem?
  8. But, without your message, your slides are meaningless to an online audience.
  9. The solution?
  10. Two sets of slides!
  11. A live version.
  12. and one for sharing online..
  13. Doesn’t this mean I have to do a lot of extra work?
  14. NO!
  15. After you’ve done the proper preparation, write a storyboard with one message per slide.
  16. Save this file for later.
  17. Then, add images that fit the message (or just keep a few of the words).
  18. This is your live presentation version.
  19. This message should be a summary of what you say in the live presentation.
  20. This is!
  21. Now you’ve got two sets of slides.
  22. If it looks like you aren’t going to make the deadline, resist the temptation to hire more developers.
  23. Your live presentation slides have great images and impact.
  24. And, your online slides make sense to your audience.
  25. You’ll be a star in both places!
  26. Jeanne Trojan jmtcz.cz @jmtcz
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