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Reading and Writing - Cause and Effect

This is a powerpoint presentation that covers one of the topic of Senior High School: Reading and Writing. For this presentation, it deals with the topic of patterns of idea development. It also discusses a type of pattern of idea development: Cause and Effect. It also includes some activities and tips in patterns of idea development.

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Reading and Writing - Cause and Effect

  1. 1. CAUSE AND EFFECT Patterns of Idea Development Reading and Writing
  2. 2. Review of Definition: • Cause – a factor that started or enhanced a certain issue or problem • Effect – it is the aftermath or consequence
  3. 3. Cohesive Devices • These are words or phrases that link the idea stated in the cause to the ones stated in the effect • It provides a smooth flow and becomes organized in structure
  4. 4. Examples of Cohesive Devices • Because • So • As a result of • Because of this • As a consequential effect • Therefore • Since
  5. 5. Examples of Cohesive Devices • Furthermore • On this account • After • Aftermath • Due to • Caused by • In effect
  6. 6. Tips in Cause-and- Effect Writing • Make sure to narrow down your intended topic to be written (A broad topic will give a lot of points that are not the main focus of your writing)
  7. 7. Tips in Cause-and- Effect Writing • A simple yet detailed and accurate explanation of how it happened • Use of transitional or cohesive devices are needed for the smooth flow
  8. 8. Tips in Cause-and- Effect Writing • There should be numerical figures, statistics or other evidences that could back-up your writing.
  9. 9. False Cause Reasoning • Avoid using false cause reasoning • False Cause Reasoning – a way of assumption thinking that something happened that way because there is an immediate cause precedes it