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1:50001:2500Park de PutRijkmuseum voorVolkenkundePark de ValkHuigparkBlekersparkZijlpoortCemetryAnkerparkMeelfabrikGardenK...
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Studio Karst, Singelpark Design Competition, poster

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Studio Karst, Singelpark Design Competition, poster

  1. 1. 1:50001:2500Park de PutRijkmuseum voorVolkenkundePark de ValkHuigparkBlekersparkZijlpoortCemetryAnkerparkMeelfabrikGardenKatoenparkGroenesteegCemetryKaarsenmakertpleinPlantsoenparkMayflower GardenHortusBotanicusGarden ClusiusAsia GardenArsenaalpleinMedicine GardenRembrandtsparkGardenLangegrachtKatwijk aan ZeeZweilandMoorspoortRijnsburgerbrugValkbrugKonigsbrugHulpwerfbrugHavenbrugOosterkerkbrugSingelbrugUtrechtsbrugVan DisselbrugJan van HoutbrugKoepoortsbrugPaterbrugNoordeindebrugReuvensbrugVreewijkbrugNeiuwvalkbrugDer BurchtHuigparkbrugWarmonderbrugTake a boat from De Haven and navigate the lakes of Zweiland.LEIDENGARDENTHEOFDISCOVERWelcome to Leiden, a city and also a garden. Enclosed by the6km long Singel Promenade, the Garden of Leiden can beexplored on foot, by boat or by bicycle. With a day pass youcan hop on and off the Singel Navigation boats and access thepublic bicycles. Bicycle stations are located at De Burcht andalong the Singel Promenade.Discover myriad hidden gardens within the Garden of Leiden.Highlights include the original Hortus Botanicus laid out byClusius, the world class Meelfabrik Gardens and SingelGardens, themed museum gardens and the renowned Gardenswithout Boundaries, made by the people of Leiden. Theycombine to make Leiden the greenest and most botanicallydiverse city in the Netherlands.Enjoy the mysterious plant life. There are over 2,000 nativeand exotic plant species to be found in the Garden of Leiden,derived from all over the world. Local growers supply theplants, continuing and celebrating the Netherlands pioneeringhorticultural tradition. Guided tours and specialist botanicalexhibitions take place throughout the year.Learn about the living world. Open to the public 365 days ayear and located throughout the Garden of Leiden are artworksand scientific installations revealing the fascinating systemsof life. Themes include astrology, cartography, ethnobotony,medicine and meterology. Further information about theGarden of Leiden and a guidebook are available from the DeBurcht Interpretation Centre.Singel PromenadeSingel NavigationSingel Gardens TrailArboretumGardens without Boundaries1010 Hear the poplar trees roaring in the wind, cross the Singel to Park de Valk1234567891 Leave the street, cross the water, sense the change of place, smell the leaves of Blekerspark boundary.2 Cross the oak grove on the way to the north star observation playground.3 Cross the bridge to Ankerpark, discover the Volliere, touch the hanging seeds.4 Catch the boat at the Singel Navigation Ankerpark landing, hear an unfamiliar sound.5 Catch a glimpse of a curious bird on the island.6 Stop and visit the exhibition at the Ostenrijk Gatehouse, taste rare tea at the Mayflower cafe.7 Jog the Singel Promenade, smell the warm lime tree resin.8 Glide over the renovated Noordeindebrug, enter the Garden of Leiden.9 Enter the Medicine Garden and discover archaic herbs.Cycle to the mouth of the old Rhine at Katwijk aan Zee and explore the coastline.A Studio KARST Project by Alice Foxley and Joachim Vogt. June 2012