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Mesa Analytics & Computing, Inc.
2009 Brochure

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  1. 1. MESA’S SERVICES When you turn to Mesa Analytics & Com- puting, Inc. you receive the full benefit of our expertise. We work with you to design custom solution in knowledge discovery and data mining. WEB www.mesaac.com Mesa Analytics & Computing, Inc. We offer consulting expertise in CONTACT provides consulting services, custom, mining data and visualization in- and commercial software for compa- cluding: enquiries@mesaac.com nies outsourcing their complex prob- lems in data mining, including areas PHONE such as cheminformatics, drug discov- Compound Acquisition 505-983-3449 ery, compound acquisition and web- based work flows. Mesa serves clients Computational Chemistry FAX in the US, Europe, and Asia. Dynamic Web Applications 509-472-8131 Control Systems Mesa employs specialists in software development, mathematics, statistics, Simulation computer science, medicinal and com- putational chemistry to help compa- nies develop custom solutions to their We employ state-of-the-art tools data mining problems. Mesa delivers and techniques, including: software toolkits, application software, and web-based applications. Statistical Modeling Established 1999 Cluster Analysis Anomaly Detection Chemical Diversity Analysis
  2. 2. Mesa Analytics & Computing, Inc. Image: Mesa’s Solar Collector Installation Interactive Map Web Application, showing NASA altitude data transformed to terrain slope, and NOAA solar radiation data (insolation), interpolated across the globe. MESA’S FOUNDERS PHILOSOPHY SOFTWARE John D. MacCuish, President Science is the driving force at Mesa. Data GroupBase mining requires honesty in the face of john.maccuish@mesaac.com complexity. Scientific answers may become Sequential and parallel cluster analysis evident after a extensive work, or we may and similarity searching. John has a BA in Philosophy and Fine Art be able to posit conjectures and hypothe- from the University of California at Santa ses, or the data may show nothing. We Barbara, and a MS in Computer Science believe strongly in the importance of vali- from Indiana University. He has held posi- dation and strive to only claim patterns FingerprinterBase tions at Los Alamos National Laboratory, at where we have statistical validation. the Center for Adaptive Systems Applica- 2D key-based molecular fingerprints tions and at Bioreason, Inc. before found- SOFTWARE ing Mesa in 1999. He has expertise in large scale clustering algorithms, combina- We create software tools to perform the WebflowDD torics, fraud detection, statistical modeling, best science, and assemble the best set of response models, and visualization. He is or our own tools, and other commercial Drug Design dynamic web application the co-author of several patent applica- and FOSS tools to get the job done at com- tions and numerous scientific publications. petitive prices. We augment our tool set with dynamic web application delivery, built ChemTattooR Norah MacCuish, CSO around specific work flows. We provide external or internal secure Web servers for Substructure commonality analysis and norah.maccuish@mesaac.com these applications. visualization Norah has a BS in Chemistry from Univer- RESEARCH sity of Chicago and an MS and Ph.D. in theoretical physical chemistry from Cornell Mesa actively publishes and presents inde- SAESAR University. She has held positions at pendent work in drug discovery and related Parke-Davis and Smith-Kline Beecham in data mining. Watch for Norah and John’s 2D and 3D Shape and Electrostatics the areas of compound acquisition, web upcoming book titled, “Cluster Analysis for clustering, modeling, and visualization delivery systems, and drug discovery. She Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery”, for application built object relational database systems Chapman & Hall’s Mathematics and Com- while a chemical informations systems spe- putational Biology series. cialist at Daylight CIS. She has expertise and research publications in compound ShapeBase acquisition, chemical database systems, quasi-Monte Carlo integration based mo- chemical diversity analysis, and drug de- lecular shape fingerprints sign.