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Projects 2009-2013

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Projects 2009-2013

  3. 3. Solidarity Revolution Sim Core gameplay mechanics design, low level design, prototyping, identifying needs of the orderer, developing alternative concepts.
  4. 4. The Witcher: Versus Browser MMORPG Transforming a combat game into a browser MMORPG. Designing quests, travels, mass combat system and premium features; creative writing.
  5. 5. State Ville Political Sim/Burlesque, Browser Design from A to Z, identifying needs of the orderer, managing development
  6. 6. Drift 'n' Play Canabalt-like bowser game Design of player progress, customization and premium features.
  7. 7. Xyber Mech 2 Browser Game Creative writing, designing premium features, parametrization.
  8. 8. Leposy GG Social game for Gadu-Gadu Focus tests, parameterization and balancing
  9. 9. MOBILE GAMES (F2P)
  10. 10. Xyber Mech for Android Extended reality mobile shooter Design from start to beta stage.
  11. 11. The Witcher: Versus for iOS iPhone Game Low level design
  13. 13. Mleczna Dolina Educational game Design reviews, parametrization
  14. 14. Old Spice Fighting advergame Design from A to Z in cooperation with the programmer
  15. 15. Bee Together Angry Birds-like browser game Design and scripting
  16. 16. Penalty shoot-out Goal shooting browser game Design focused on visual feedback
  17. 17. Cellular network sim Browser Game Low level design, parametrization
  19. 19. Training Sim (FMCG Sales) Educational Business Game Identifying needs of the orderer, creating a mathematical model and supervising implementation.
  20. 20. Guns Are Drawn Game Simple Mafia Wars clone Parametrization and balancing
  21. 21. Simple Advergames iPad Game Designing and scripting several iPad games for the Sales Staff: a hidden object game with moving environment, a Fruit ninja clone and a simple arcade game loosely based on Tap Tap Revenge.
  22. 22. Design reviews Browser Games Evaluating game mechanics in Wars-on-Line series. UI flow design in Big Bonanza.
  23. 23. Concepts Varia Project of a collectible card game, prototyped and with detailed rules. Offers for a strategy game set during the Polish-Soviet War in 1920, an ecosystem protection sim and a football manager.
  24. 24. Before GameDev Pen-and-Paper RPG Game Master and miniature wargame designer.
  25. 25. KONTAKT J.KUBLICKI@GMAIL.COM 0048 501 120 659