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Evaluation question 2 ppt

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Evaluation question 2 ppt

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. I believe that my completed digipak does look somewhat of a professional standard digipak in some ways, such as the back cover of the digipak which shows a professional photo taken of Market Rasen's train station which I have then used Photoshop to create an older looking photo, although some parts of the digipak I do not believe look a professional standard such as the disk space where the two masks are facing each other, here I believe there is room for improvement because I find the background, light touching ribbon, could have been done better and if I had more time I would have been able to find or possibly create a better background instead. I am unsure as of whether it is a digipak you would regularly find in stores such as HMV due to the heavily shopped images, however I am quite confident that it is of a good standard. I believe that the magazine advert is of a good quality, I spent a lot of time working on this advert, especially using the broken glass and hole from within the poster in order to make it look like a broken window. I think this may be a type of magazine advert you could see in stores, although I am unsure if it would be seen in mainstream magazines e.g. Look or Hello but possibly more niche magazine brands. I do think there is room for improvement in this advert, especially with the Guy Fawkes masks because my original idea was to have people posing in them in the tempter's costume, although in the end we could not do that. I have included a minimised version of the digipak cover in the bottom left corner as I think this is what posters of a professional standard also do such as Ed Sheeran's magazine Advert for his debut album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snof8G5rqrU In some ways I believe that the video definitely could be improved. In my eyes the video lacks in some scenes because only a few characters star in them, this could have been made better with a larger group of actors. If we did have more actors and resources some of the scenes could have been more convincing. However I do think there are some good parts in this video, such as the introduction where Simon first sees the masked figures I believe has good timing and good reactions. I am however unsure if it is a music video you would regularly see on music channels such as MTV as many music videos are a lot flashier and more mainstream rock is preferred instead of this type of genre.
  3. 3. Brand Identity I think that the video, magazine advert and digipak do all look of the same product, specifically that is why I chose to include a small image of the digipak's front cover in one of the magazine advert's corners. Also the icon of brand identity that I chose to use for my products is definitely the Guy Fawkes masks as they play a very significant part in the video, and also the main presentation for the digipak and magazine advert as is seen in the three images above. I also believe that the text colour plays a very small part in brand identity too, especially between the digipak and magazine advert as it is both red and the title and artist name is in the same format for both products, creating some recognition between the two products. Brand identity is quite useful when promoting the artist or song because it helps the audience to resemble which magazine ad goes with which digipak, and which digipak goes with which assortment of songs, basically it helps the audience recognise which songs are made by which artist and plays an important role in advertisement through recognition of brand identity. Another example is the ELO who use a unique image of a spaceship for their way of brand identity, and it is unique through the shape and colour of the spaceship, but it is also an adaptation of their original logo which looked like this: This was their original logo, and this shows that some artists do change and adapt their brand identity as present day progresses and other styles become more popular.
  4. 4. Representation of genre Colours - Within my music product there aren't many colours that really stand out to the audience, it is just filmed in a regular urban area that shows off nothing significantly beautiful or otherwise, whereas in the digipak and magazine advert the colours that stand out most are red and possibly blue, however red connotes danger, as the tempter's are also sinister creatures and could be assumed dangerous. I have also used a lot of black within my digipak and advert. Due to the nature of the tempters I believe that black was one of the better colours to use as a background as it shows off the masks in a spooky fashion of which I prefer to a brighter colour because it enables my to use a shadowy look on the masks. The representation of the genre that I am using can be taken in different directions as there is no solid view on what represents the rock genre due to there being many different types. Images - The images I used to represent the rock genre are essentially just the Guy Fawkes masks in my digipak and magazine advert which also symbolise anonymity, here I believe these are good uses of imagery to encourage the audience to watch the video, I also used the idea of different materials to represent the higher and lower class in the digipak, here I used ribbon for the higher class to represent superiority over the lower class who had string instead. Text - The text I used was in different fonts, here I also used the different fonts to represent an upper and lower class on the artist's name "Cage the Elephant" and I think the use of different fonts does quite suit the rock genre well because it connotes diversity and different choice of which there is plenty of in the rock genre.
  5. 5. Representation of genre continued Locations - The locations that we used within our music video don't exactly represent the rock genre, but more a representation of class out of anything else, this is because of the storyline we decided to take instead of a representation of rock. Actors - The actors within the music video do not represent the rock genre either, as they do not wear any stereotypical rock clothing or jewellery e.g. piercings on their lips etc. or dyed hair, neither do the actors wear much black clothing, although this could also be because we have not included any band performance scenes which would have been more of a representation of the rock genre. Props - There are two props which play a significant role in the music video, but not necessarily to represent the rock genre, these are the Guy Fawkes masks which of course play a significant role in the storyline for the music video. However there are no other props used in the music video that have a direct representation to either the storyline or the rock genre in general, this is due to the lack of a band performance scene which instead props used for representation of the rock genre would have been musical instruments.
  6. 6. Was there a theme/message? In particular, there was a message across the three products which is of the masks, originally symbolising anonymity as shown below, but are also supposed to symbolise the upper and lower class e.g. with the digipak the upper class mask is set in a higher position than the other, has ribbon instead of string etc. within the magazine advert this is not as well seen, but in the music video the costume also shows this off, with the lower class tempter wearing a hoodie and sweat pants, and the upper class tempter wearing a suit.
  7. 7. Overall, how effective are they as a combination? The effectiveness of the three products as a combination do show some great similarities between the video, advert and digipak such as the masks, font and text colour being the main two similarities, so this makes brand identity a strong influence and effect over the three final products. The effectiveness of brand identity shows in other artist’s work and advertising e.g. Rihanna's magazine advertisement shows off her face so that people know who she is and what she looks like: One of the reasons of why she is famous is because of brand identity, being her face is put on the advertisement and albums as shown below. I believe that the three products promote the song more than the actual artist due to the main image of representation being the Guy Fawkes masks, so this could be an option to improve, but mainly the masks are there as a form of brand identity, an example of this is the artist Deadmau5 who uses a particular mask shown below as a form of brand identity, this then enables audiences to recognise his music or his videos. And that is the general idea of what we did.