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Towards ecosystem for research and development of electrodermal activity applications

Towards ecosystem for research and development of electrodermal activity applications, presentation at Academic Mindtrek Conference 2018, October 10, Tampere. Authors Jari Jussila, Niina Venho, Henna Salonius, Jarkko Moilanen, Jari Liukkonen & Mikael Rinnetmäki.

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Towards ecosystem for research and development of electrodermal activity applications

  1. 1. www.hamk.fi Towards ecosystem for research and development of electrodermal activity applications Jari Jussila † HAMK & Moodmetric Niina Venho, Henna Salonius Moodmetric Jarkko Moilanen Ministry of Education and Culture Jari Liukkonen Finnpos Systems Oy Mikael Rinnetmäki Sensotrend Oy
  2. 2. www.hamk.fi Electrodermal activity or galvanic skin response has been applied in psychophysiological research for over 100 years
  3. 3. www.hamk.fi Research Goal & Need • The goal is to speed up research and development of electrodermal activity applications based on wearable device measurements • An ecosystem model is proposed that includes open data, open source, application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) as central components • Whereas APIs and SDKs are essential for developers, open source software and open data and are considered important for researchers for e.g. four specific reasons (Pfenninger et al. 2017): 1. Improved quality of science 2. More effective collaboration across the science-policy boundary 3. Increased productivity through collaborative burden sharing 4. Profound relevance to public debates
  4. 4. www.hamk.fi Ecosystem Model • The data from the wearables is stored to Application(s) • Application developers create new Application(s) using SDK • Cloud platform reads data from Application(s) • Partner API enables individuals, researchers and corporate users to access the data and build new applications.
  5. 5. www.hamk.fi Ecosystem Model: SDK & API as Central Components Moodmetric smart rings Moodmetric Application FSenSync Application (Förger et al. 2018) Moodmetric Cloud Platform Kalevala Jewelry smart rings SDK Other Platforms Partner API
  6. 6. www.hamk.fi Case study of the Moodmetric smart ring Mobile Application Column Variable Description 1 user_id Identification number for the user. 2 ring_id Identification number for the smart ring. 3 time Time in milliseconds starting from the date 1.1.1970. 4 scrn Activations per minute / skin reactions per minute. This integer typically variates between 0..20 with a typical rate of ~3-4. 5 mm MM index. 6 scl Raw level of conductance of the skin. The unit is micro siemens (μS) and the value typically varies between 0.2- 20 μS. 7 steps Number of steps. Data log description Cloud platform data export Open source software data export Diagrams from open data
  7. 7. www.hamk.fi Discussion and conclusions • Successful platforms of the future provide valid, interesting and timely data. They enable easy access and possibility to combine external data. Open interfaces and SDKs provide a way to have data easily available on one or several platforms. • One key driver of any ecosystem is an application developer community. Focus on Business to Developer (B2D) with product level tools such as an SDK would most likely lower the barrier to entry and boost ecosystem growth. • Providing just an SDK for developers is normally not enough. Access to offered application development tools and support should be one stop shop for application developers. Offering a simple developer portal with code and use case examples, SDK, documentation would be the beginning of developer program, which is needed in B2D marketing