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Social media for financial advisors

Learn how to master LinkedIn, Facebook and Slideshare's intricacies and see how it can benefit your business.

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Social media for financial advisors

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR<br />FINANCIAL ADVISORS<br />Presented by<br />Loic Jeanjean – Online Marketing Manager<br />www.advisorwebsites.com<br />
  2. Agenda<br />Who We Are<br />LINKEDIN<br />FACEBOOK<br />TWITTER<br />YOUTUBE<br />CONCLUSION<br />
  3. WHO WE ARE<br />We specialize in creating web sites that deliver long term measurable value.<br />We’ve become specialists in the financial services industry<br />
  4. LINKEDIN<br />4<br />
  5. THE LINKEDIN PROFESSIONAL AT A GLANCE<br />Average Age<br />41<br />Household Income<br />$109,703<br />College Educated<br />95%<br />Decision Makers<br />50%<br />Portfolio value $250k+<br />24%<br />
  6. LINKEDIN DEMONSTRATION<br />Dashboard overview<br />Complete your profile<br />How to connect<br />How to prospect<br />Join groups<br />Ask for recommendations<br />
  7. DASHBOARD<br />The dashboard lists all the activities in your network:<br />Status updates, Recommendations, New connections etc.<br />
  8. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE<br />Your profile should be 100% complete. Fill out your contact information, work history and upload your photo. Link your website, blog and list any awards/professional recognition.<br />
  9. PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW<br />From the dashboard you can view a small list of people that are connected to some of your contacts. Really useful if you want to find new connections quickly<br />
  10. SEARCH FOR OPPORTUNITIES<br />You can use your connections list to look into their own contacts and ask to be introduced to potential leads, prospects or business partners.<br />
  11. JOIN 5 GROUPS OF INTEREST<br /><ul><li> Financial planning associations, industry groups etc.
  12. If your target audience is dentists, find a specific group for dentists and join this group</li></li></ul><li>RECOMMENDATIONS<br />US Advisors:<br />Check with your Broker/Dealer before using LinkedIn Recommendations<br />Request recommendations from 5-10 of your best clients & contacts. Feel free to provide recommendations for your top service providers!<br />
  13. LINKEDIN TAKEAWAYS<br />STATUS UPDATES<br />What you’re working on, share links …<br />RECOMMENDATIONS<br />Ask for them & give them<br />ANSWERS<br />Ask questions & answer<br />JOIN 5 GROUPS<br />3 professional groups & 2 target client groups<br />
  14. FACEBOOK<br />4<br />
  15. 500,<br />000,<br />000<br />FACEBOOK<br />USERS<br />IN 2010<br />
  17. Facebook for ADVISORS<br />Over 125 million USE Facebook in the US<br />Look at Facebook as a valuable business platform<br />Businesses are increasingly understanding its business value<br />Chances are you can benefit from it, too<br />Look at Facebook as a way to:<br />Connect with your clients<br />Share information<br />Join groups and give value<br />Speak to your audience directly<br />
  18. WHAT TO GET OUT OF FACEBOOK<br />Boost online presence<br />Referrals<br />Increase in brand awareness<br />Appears as a transparent practitioner<br />Platform to syndicate your content to millions of potential clients<br />Develop strong relationships with clients<br />
  19. TWITTER<br />4<br />
  20. Twitter for ADVISORS<br />Twitter receives over 40 million monthly visits<br />Chances are that your target market is there<br />Look at Twitter as a way to<br />Build and retain customers<br />Share information<br />Update your clients<br />Speak to your audience directly<br />Drive traffic to your website<br />
  21. WHAT TO PUBLISH ON TWITTER<br />Article or blog posts<br />Other people content<br />Tips and Tricks<br />Videos<br />Photos<br />Upcoming events<br />Community news<br />Presentations<br />News and views on the market<br />
  22. YOUTUBE<br />4<br />
  23. YOUTUBE FOR ADVISORS<br />2 billions VIDEOS a day watched on YOUTUBE<br /><ul><li>Becoming most used search engine in the world</li></ul>Look at YOUTUBE as a way to<br /><ul><li>Extend your media presence for FREE
  24. Become more credible and searchable
  25. Generate leads
  26. Answers questions 24x7
  27. Drive traffic to your website</li></li></ul><li>Archiving Social Media<br />If you are an advisor in the USA, you need to archive all your social media history<br />You can use ARKOVI:<br />Comply with FINRA and SEC regulations for record keeping of electronic communications<br />Archive blogs & other social media sites via RSS<br />Archive Facebook & LinkedIn profiles<br />Interact, search & export archives <br />
  28. how does that help your business?<br />50%<br />PEOPLE WHO ARE MORE LIKELY TO BUY IF ENGAGED VIA SOCIAL SITES<br />You need to live where they live online <br />
  29. 6 TIPS TO BUILD<br />TRUST ONLINE<br />
  31. Advisor Websites is North America’s leading provider of websites designed specifically for financial services professionals. It works closely with advisors and financial institutions to deliver efficient; compliant and high quality products.<br />LOIC JEANJEAN<br />Online Marketing Strategist<br /> loic@advisorwebsites.com<br /> jjloic<br />advisorwebsites<br />
  32. EXCLUSIVE<br />3 months for $1<br />WEBSITES FOR ADVISORS<br />Enter Code: 50WEBLAUNCH<br />Signup at www.advisorwebsites.com<br />