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Learn to maximize your financial website

  1. Blogging moves your site up in the search engines if you update your site regularly.
  2. Blogging gives you an easy way to interact with customers and potential customers.
  3. Interviewed by the Investment Executive

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  1. generate leads and referrals – demo form live
  2. Measure how well your website performs – these statistics are sent automatically once per quarter.
  3. i.e: educational, time saving …this is usually the case for most pieces of content: image, text, video, graphs …even if you don’t, let the owner know that you are using his contentif so, submit a request once you have received the 3rd party approval – email sufficethis is particularly true for government forms i.e: tax form, immigration
  4. Visitors:should give you an idea of how many different individuals visited your website. The more the better.Page Views:how many pages of content have been viewed by your visitors. Higher page views may indicate the level of interaction your visitors have with your website. Ultimately you want them to end up on a goal page like your contact page or any form that can be filled out.Top Pages:gives you an idea of which pages on your site are the most popular. For many advisor websites we have found that the most popular pages include biography pages (many consumers will now do on-line research about the product or service they are about to buy)Time on site: give you an idea of your customer engagement with you site. How long they stay on the site.Search term:the terms your visitors are using in search engines such as Google or Yahoo to get to your site (better know as keywords)Referring sites:indicate which sites are linking to your website and how much traffic they bring . Common referring sites include Search Engines (like Google and Yahoo), Social Networking sites (like and, Client sites, Directories etc.
  5. We will create a sitemap.xml for your website. You can add it to your Google webmaster tools account to make you Google indexes every single pages on your site.
  6. Now that was a huge number, wasn’t it?Well here is what the average LinkedIn professional looks like <CLICK> That tells us that your target market is out in the open, ready to be engagedReplace male by decision maker and portoflio over 250k
  7. Here are few samples of customized websites:
  8. Use to get a winner and offer 1 month free of usage