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  1. AirStream AirStream Batch 2
  2. AirStream Post-PC World Dilemma Content Production & Storage Devices Consumption Devices Avg content Size: 500GB Avg Size: 32GB No easy way to consume / access content stored in computers on Smartphones & Tablets
  3. AirStream Wait, did u say cloud? Cloud is costly and very inconvenient for consuming personal content • Cloud is Costly • Hassles of file management • Disoriented folder structure • No privacy • No ownership of content
  4. AirStream Introducing AirStream Converts your computer into a personal cloud & lets you access media & files on mobile devices, anywhere, In real-time.
  5. AirStream Introducing AirStream AirStream based on P2P technology, forms a direct connection between the mobile device & computer, thus cutting down the cost of data-center (traditional cloud) Features: • Virtually Unlimited space • Hassle free file syncing • Seamless media streaming • Privacy
  6. AirStream How it works (demo)
  7. AirStream Traction 400+ downloads daily 1+ TB content streamed monthly 85,000+ downloads 30% active Avg Rating: 4.23 / 392 total **Right now only on Android. This is a very basic version, allowing users to access PC only on Home-Wifi network.
  8. AirStream Traction 28 % USA 30 % Europe 9 % South America 5.5 % India weeks
  9. AirStream Market size & Potential Again with 32GB memory!
  10. AirStream Competition Competitors Comment Dropbox, Google Drive Not exactly our competitor, but more of an alternative. These services have high latency, no privacy, keep syncing up the data, etc. Not a good option to consume content Tonido, Polkast Very much similar to us, but we beat them at ease of use (this is what our users are telling us)
  11. AirStream • Free: Current version (AirStream only in Home-Wifi network) • Money: – In-app features :: $1 / year per feature* • Custom media-players • File catalogues – In-app service :: $2 / month** • Access AirStream over Internet anywhere in the world *This is based on what our users are demanding as next features **We need to experiment to find the sweet spot We might overlook some of these paid features, our priority is good user-base Revenue model - freemium
  12. AirStream • App Store policy changes • Cloud Infrastructure cost coming drastically down • Someone out innovating us • Our features coming as inbuilt features of different OS (windows, mac, android, iOS, etc) Our threats/deaths/weakness
  13. AirStream • Huge user base in next 2-3 years, which can be leveraged for further business. Maybe leading to next rounds of funding. • Possible Acquisitions by cloud service companies (dropbox, box, etc) • Possible Acquisitions by Mobile Companies (Software & OEMs) • Possible long term licensing deals with Mobile OEMs Outcome of the business
  14. AirStream • Seed Funding: Rs. 1.5 Cr ($ 300K) • PR contacts • Our majority market is US & Europe. More exposure to markets in these areas. • Teach us better ways to run a business Ask Money, PR, exposure but mostly money
  15. AirStream Integration with different cloud-services • Today some of our stuff is stored across different cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. (& we cant help it) • We will integrate AirStream will all these services. • So, now whether your stuff is stored in 10 different cloud- services or your computer, AirStream will make everything available at a single place, with the same ease of use What’s next (1)
  16. AirStream Sharing personal stuff • Suppose you have a video celebrating your kid’s birthday, and want to share it with friends without posting it to facebook (without making it public). What would you do? • Well, you will be able to AirStream it. Share it with your friends directly without putting them on any cloud. • People really want personal & private sharing. (think snapchat) What’s next (2)
  17. AirStream • Our majority users are from US & Europe, a dominant playground for iPhones & iPads. • iOS is obvious! What’s next (3)
  18. AirStream Agnimitra Pathak User Experience Design Jitin Pillai Product Dev Biz Dev B.E. Pune University 2010 Two attempts at changing the world Galactico +7 developers Team
  19. AirStream Easy to Use Privacy Your control over Your content Animate this slide! User Love
  20. AirStream Android App: • .airstream AirStream PC Suite’s • Landing Page: •
  21. AirStream Contact Details • Email: – Jitin Pillai – Agnimitra Pathak • Phone: – Jitin Pillai 91 9604418936 – Agnimitra Pathak 91 9850444026
  22. AirStream AirStream – Your Personal Cloud Thank You for your Attention!
  23. AirStream Annexure
  24. AirStream Graphs – Active sessions 43,163 session on week ending 12th Aug
  25. AirStream Graphs – MAU 17,336 users in July
  26. AirStream Graphs – DAU Avg 1500 users daily