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Introduction to mulesoft - Alpharetta Developer Group Meet

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Live Demo of Loading record in Salesforce using Mulesoft

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Introduction to mulesoft - Alpharetta Developer Group Meet

  1. 1. Introduction to Mulesoft Alpharetta Developer Group Meet Organizers : ● Jitendra Zaa ● Osize Omoluabi ● Amit Choudhary
  2. 2. Speaker Jitendra Zaa Sr Technical Architect at Big Blue 23x Salesforce Certificates , @JitendraZaa
  3. 3. Agenda ● Mulesoft History ● What is API-led Approach ● Mulesoft Deployment Models ● Getting Started ● Demo 1 ● Demo 2 ● Free Training Material ● Q&A
  4. 4. 2006 Mulesource Founded as middleware tool 2009 Renamed to Mulesoft expanded as integration Platform as a Service - iPaaS Apr 2013 Acquired ProgrammableWeb Website used by developers to build applications using APIs Apr 2013 Series E financing $37 million raised Feb 2017 Filed for IPO Share jump 45% on first day of IPO ` ` March 2018 Salesforce acquired Mulesoft Deal worth $6.5B Mulesoft History
  5. 5. Mulesoft Introduction ● The “mule” represents escape from “donkey work” of data integration ● Used by companies like Netflix, Coca Cola, Splunk, airbnb, Hertz, Amtrak etc ● Dataloader.io one of product from Mulesoft ● Follows and advocate API-led Connectivity principles ● Advocates building application network
  6. 6. API led Approach API-led connectivity is a methodical way to connect data to applications through reusable and purposeful APIs. These APIs are developed to play a specific role – unlocking data from systems, composing data into processes, or delivering an experience.
  7. 7. Terms to Know ● Anypoint Studio ○ IDE on top of eclipse to build APIs ● Cloudhub ○ Mulesoft cloud to host integration as a Service ● API Manager ○ Apply out of box policies to safeguard and monitor your API ● Runtime Manager ○ Dashboard to Monitor API performance, worker allocations, application logs ● Exchange ○ Market place to search APIs ● Workers ○ Where mule application runs, each worker hosts Mule Application ● DataWeave ○ Scripting language used by Mulesoft ANypoint platform
  8. 8. Deployment Models
  9. 9. Runtime Manager to CloudHub Deployment
  10. 10. Cloud Console to Your Own Servers (Hybrid)
  11. 11. On-Premises Console On-Premises Deployment
  12. 12. Demo Time
  13. 13. Resources Mulesoft Wikipedia Download Anypoint Studio 30 day trial of Cloudhub (Deploy application to Anypoint Platform) Free Training Materials and hands on
  14. 14. Q&A