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Radisson_Brand Campaign Proposal

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Radisson_Brand Campaign Proposal

  1. 1. Our ambition is to expandand grow the Radissonbrand as a powerful firstclass brand deliveringc o n s i s t e n t v i b r a n t ,c o n t e m p o r a r y a n dengaging hospitalitycharacterized by the yes Ican! service philosophy
  2. 2. O u r u p s c a l e R a d i s s o nhotels offer both businessa n d l e i s u r e g u e s t s ahospitality experience thatis unique and satisfyingt h r o u g h o u r b o l dservice and distinguishedo f f e r i n g s . W e w o r k t oexceed the expectationswith purpose, passion anda unique yes i can! philosophy
  3. 3. M i s s i o n s t a t e m e n t :Let us treat you thew a y y o u d e s e r v e .Because we put youin everything we do.T a g l i n e : H o t e l s t h a tl o v e t o s a y y e s !
  4. 4. U p - s c a l e w i t hhigh expectations,bold, distinguished,unique, passionate,individualistic, stylish,adventurous, lifestyle,l e a d i n g - e d g e ,concerned with thequestions of our time.
  5. 5. q  Upper-upscale sub-brandq  Largest upscale brand inEuropeq  Strong presence in Europe,Asia, & the Middle-Eastq  Features the Yes I Can!Service philosophy
  6. 6. Ø  To increase and balance the globalpresence of Carlson s 6 brands
  7. 7. q  Marriott: 522 worldwideq  Sheraton (Starwood) :§  462 worldwide;§  expansion efforts in China, India,Russiaq  Ritz-Carlton (Marriott):§  70 worldwideq  W Hotel (Starwood) :§  59 worldwide
  8. 8. T h i s i s o u t o f aGroup of respondentsw h e r e 5 9 % h a dstayed at a RadissonH o t e l p r e v i o u s l y .There are not manypositive associationsm a d e w i t ht h e R a d i s s o nH o t e l B r a n d .Research shows thatRadisson Hotel users arenot expecting muchfrom the hotel or thes e r v i c e , a n d a r etherefore not dissatisfiedwith their experience.While this is not bad, ascustomers seem to besatisfied, it is not atgood either, becausethey are not improvingor standing out fromt h e i r c o m p e t i t i o n .When thinking of hotels,only one respondentmentioned the Radissonin a list that included TheHilton, Marriot, HolidayI n n , a n d M o t e l 6 !
  9. 9. q  “Basic Hotel, nothing special”q  “I don’t remember anything standing outabout a Radisson Hotel stay at all”q  “The ambiance and service is friendly but toobasic. Upscale means going beyond;knowing the guest’s wishes before he canarticulate them”q  “They seem to come off a bit dated,unkempt”q  “Run of the mill and inconsistent. Not thesame product each time I visit; downtroddenand less than professional.”q  “They are nowhere near the competition inkeeping up to date”q  “It isn’t a hotel that screams luxury. It ispurely mediocre and doesn’t have auniqueness.”
  10. 10. q Upscaleq Distinguishedq Yes I canq Stylishq Leading-edgeq Vibrantq Contemporaryq Engagingq Mediocreq No uniquenessq Too basicq Dated, unkemptq Downtroddenq Inconsistentq Nothing specialq Not professional
  11. 11. Ø  To increase and balance the globalpresence of Carlson s 6 brandsØ  To establish flagship RadissonBlu hotels inmajor US cities (NY, LA, Chicago, Atlanta)
  12. 12. Beyond 2015, The Radissonbrand should ultimatelyd i s s o l v e t h e R a d i s s o nGreen tier and migratee n t i r e l y t o R a d i s s o n B l uAdvantages of MigrationØ E n e r g i z i n g t h e i m a g eØ Using brand name awarenessØ Eliminate bad associationØ Better leverage the brand equity
  13. 13. C u s t o m e rEngagementCommunityEngagementRadisson branding messagesare not consistently deliveredEmployees play a key role indelivering branding messagesInternal branding will help Radisson involve customers intothe branding migration journey with consistent messages