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Healthcare Resources for Recruiting During Covid-19 Crisis

  1. HEY! JIM STROUD VP, Marketing Proactive Talent
  2. Salutes all of the healthcare heroes on the frontline going above and beyond to keep our country healthy during this pandemic. Thank you for all you do!
  3. We are offering Sourcing, Screening and Scheduling Assistance at 50% off our normal rates to Hospitals and Healthcare providers. Contact us for more info at Take that Coronavirus! WE WANT TO HELP!
  4. Go to the next slide and the next and the next for free resources for Hospitals and Healthcare workers in the HR space. I hope you find it useful. Please pass it on. And we’re not the only ones looking to help out the healthcare industry during this pandemic. #ByeByeCorona #SoLongCovid #HRNeedsHelpToo
  5. As of today, we will be offering 10 free Hinterview licenses to any recruitment agency worldwide for 1 month. We can get you live in 24 hours. No strings, no gimmicks. If after that you wish you carry on, then we’ll work with you to agree a deal to access the platform longer-term. If not, then you can just hand them back, no questions asked.
  6. Joveo, the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology, is offering its platform and services for free to organisations that urgently need to recruit key workers to deal with the global COVID-19 crisis, until the situation is deemed under control. This fee waiver will be applicable to organisations providing health and social care, public services, local and national government, public safety and national security, food and essential goods delivery, emergency transport services, utilities, communication, and other essential services.
  7. As Corona Virus continues to spread globally, ZenHR - like many of you - has decided to fight back and empower the efforts of companies in creating safe workplaces by offering its Geolocation Attendance Module for Free for all companies (non- users) for the coming 14 days. With ZenHR’s Geolocation Time Tracking, you can oversee employees’ check in/out as well as all types of leaves using both ZenHR’s mobile app and web platform without the need to use a fingerprint machine.
  8. Effective today, Engagedly is offering a suite of products part of its Remote Work Toolkit free to any organization, until Sept 30th, 2020.
  9. As technical hiring teams across the globe adjust to a work from home given COVID-19 and face the reality that recruiting and screening for critical roles still need to be filled despite economic uncertainty, eTeki’s launching a new 100% FREE resource to aid with interviews for IT roles at
  10. We’ve seen the strain this pandemic has caused both in our personal lives as well as professional. To help do our part, PandoLogic has established a fund up to $150,000 to be applied as grants to any qualified organization that urgently requires a boost to their workforce in support of fighting COVID-19. This grant will cover the cost of a recruitment advertising campaign while also delivering the most up-to- date data on the changing and dynamic talent demand, the latest cost per hire, the best sources for talent and the most effective way to campaign for the needed talent in this unprecedented market.
  11. We are partnering with and supporting our customers and talent professionals worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Virtual Assessment and Development Center and Interview suite will be available at no charge during this difficult time. We hope that this offering provides an experience that you, your organization and your candidates will find powerful and productive.
  12. In response to the impact of the coronavirus on talent acquisition, GR8 People is offering access to its Campus & Event Recruiting tools at no cost or obligation through June 30, 2020. These tools allow talent acquisition teams to manage event details, registration and pre- and post- marketing efforts to ensure the most effective virtual recruiting event outcomes.
  13. Lever is modern hiring software that covers the entire talent relationship lifecycle. With our Zoom Integration, simplify scheduling and hosting remote interviews. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re extending access to the Zoom Integration to all of our customers for free through May 31, 2020.
  14., creators of an employee engagement software built for the frontline workforce, announced today that it is offering free access for its industry-leading pulse survey tools in order to help companies keep frontline employees connected, informed and engaged amidst workflow and environment changes caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.
  15. Today Leoforce, LLC announced an initiative to address staff shortages in critical and high demand roles by offering complimentary access to Arya, the world’s first and foremost AI recruiting platform, to companies identified as essential businesses by local, state, and federal authorities.
  16. At a time when the hiring landscape is changing quickly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Talroo is offering free marketing automation to healthcare companies to boost interest and attendance in online interviews and events.
  17. As a result, Appcast set up a $100,000 grant to pay for recruitment advertising to help any governmental agency, NGO, healthcare system, or organization in the U.S. or Canada that needs to emergently recruit staff to slow and/or treat the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities.
  18. Immediate from today, Workstream will be providing free three months usage of our sourcing and hiring software for all hospitals, clinics, coronavirus screening and testing stations and companies.
  19. In a move to help hospital trusts quickly access the staff they need, healthtech startup Patchwork.Health has announced its COVID-19 staffing solution will be freely available to all NHS Trusts to support their COVID-19 efforts.
  20. From today and for the next three months, LinkedIn says it will provide free job postings for “essential” businesses globally — companies in healthcare, as well as warehousing, supermarket, freight delivery and nonprofits working in support or relief roles — in other words, those providing critical front-line services to keep the economy and society in motion.
  21. We’re all in this together.