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21st Century Networking via Linkedin

How to use Linkedin to network yourself, and your business. From a presentation to the Florida Direct Marketing Association by Jim Gilbert of Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc.

Reach Jim at jimdirect@aol.com, follow him at @gilbertdirect

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21st Century Networking via Linkedin

  1. 1. Networking In The 21st Century
  2. 2. • jimdirect@aol.com • 561-302-1719 • Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/gilbertdirect • Linkedin: b..llP://www.linkedin.com/in/jimwgilbert • Blog: httg1Lgilbertdirectmarketing.wordpress.com/ @ 2009 GUbert Direct Marketing, Inc. AU rights reserved.
  3. 3.   Which sites: Linkedin?   MySpace?   Facebook?   Twitter     To network:   Yourself?   Your business?   Both?
  4. 4.   There is definitely an art to in person networking!   Myself like so many other people are uncomfortable with it (I tend to be shy in person).   Which is why online networking has grown in popularity, for both individuals and businesses.   Today we’ll discuss tactics for both individual and business networking.   Personal first! (also applies to business)   The current situation…
  5. 5.   It is just as important to your career to add quality contacts to your personal network… …as it is to excel at your job! It’s crucial to build your personal “rolodex” with people who could be influential to your future career!
  6. 6.   However the most powerful networking site for business is Linkedin.   A pure-play business networking site.   Has reached critical mass the fastest with over 30 million business users.   Has the most robust tools for building your personal “brand”.   http://www.linkedin.com
  7. 7.  User type number 1 – the casual user  People who add their profile to Linkedin.   People who set up their linked profiles.   Connect with some other people.   Maybe get a reference or two.   Join a group.   And use the search function occasionally.
  8. 8.  User type number 2 – the Power User   Linkedin power users (the goal of this session)!   Use their profile page like a mini website to brand themselves.   Use all of the features of Linkedin:   Groups   Q&A   Applications   Advanced search, References, and more…
  9. 9.  User?  Power user?  Don’t use Linkedin at all?  What’s a Linkedin?
  10. 10. It’s time to become a power user   First let’s look at your profile page.   This is where you begin to promote your personal brand.   Your search engine “landing page!”
  11. 11.   Some basics first:   First make sure you fill in all the hotspots Current and past positions   Education, summary and specialties   Interests, groups/associations, honors   Be as complete as you can.   Think in keywords. If someone is going to search for   YOU what keywords would they use to find you?   If YOU were going to search for you, what keywords would you use?   Also make sure you set your contact settings to allow emails (your email will be displayed)
  12. 12.   This feature gives you an idea of:   Who has searched for you (many times their name is not listed, just a title or general The goal of promoting your business and or yourself is to description) watch this space carefully   How many times This is an excellent measure of your profile has your networking success. come up in a search!
  13. 13.   Current/ past positions   Education
  14. 14.   Summary   Specialties   All are searchable   Use the right keywords for success!
  15. 15.   Interests   Groups and associations   Honors and awards   Don’t skimp here!   Contact settings (set this to display email)
  16. 16.  Your profile page is your:   Personal home page   Online resume   The place where people can get a sense of who you are (a well rounded individual)   You’ve already showed your talented in your profile, now it’s time to add some “color”!
  17. 17.   Adding “color”   You can add up to three different website links to your profile.   Each link has copy that can be customized.
  18. 18.   Adding “color”   Joining groups tells people where you belong.   You can join up to 50 groups.   More about groups in the “promote yourself” section
  19. 19.   Adding the reading list application gives people a sense of you beyond the business world.   Add in more than just business books.   People can sign up to follow your reading list.
  20. 20.   The Linkedin poll application lets you poll your contacts and ask relevant questions   A great marketing tool to let your connections Another application/tool know how you to engage others with think and what your personal brand! your interests are!
  21. 21.   There are a few Linkedin apps that allow you to tie into blogs.   Since I started my blog 2 months ago I’ve had 5,000 hits, most from Linkedin. More on that later
  22. 22.   Adding Google presentation app allows you to share your resume, portfolio or PowerPoint decks with people who visit your profile page
  23. 23.   Ask your contacts to recommend you.   Testimonials will sell your talents better than you ever can!   Recommend people you know and they will reciprocate.   Don’t ask for reco’s from people who don’t really know you!
  24. 24.  It’s simple to promote yourself on Linkedin.   Tweak your profile often.   Change your status often.   When you do, these changes get sent to your connections who receive email updates, are shown on your connections home pages and/ or show up in your RSS feeds.   To turn on RSS feeds go to the accounts and settings page (link is on the top right side of your profile page.)
  25. 25.  Connect with as many people as you can!   Use the search feature to find people you know   Load up your address book contacts and send them link requests   One neat feature: once you load your address book, Linkedin alerts you when someone in your address book joins.   Add your Linkedin URL to your email signature.   Join as many groups as you can.
  26. 26.  Once you join a group:   Post a message in “discussions” to that group telling them who you are.   Post relevant questions or information to your group (but avoid being “spammy”)   Add value to the group by answering questions (it’s a give to get medium).   Groups tip: Don’t just join complimentary groups, find groups where your skills aren’t in abundance.   Example I belong to apparel groups to discuss catalog marketing issues along with vertical direct marketing groups.   Another tip: I also post links to articles I have written in the groups, “news” section.
  27. 27.   Asking questions and providing answers is another way to build your network and get known on Linkedin.   Similar to asking and answering questions in groups, be relevant and don’t be spammy.   After a question you ask closes (7 days) go back and rate the answers. The best rated answers gain “expertise”. Experts receive extra promotion on Linkedin and provide you more notoriety.   If you have a question or a problem, this is the place to come. You will receive great answers from some really knowledgeable people!   I built my blog by using this function.
  28. 28.  Researching companies  Much information on companies you want to partner with  Checking references  Find out more about who has been searching for you.  Case study
  29. 29.   Search for a company and there is much info you can find.   You can even request to have your company added   Find employees and contact the right person to help you out.
  30. 30.   This function is perfect for:   Vendor references   Employer references   Employee references   Company References
  31. 31.   In the last 3 months since I restarted my consultancy/agency, Linkedin has provide me with 3 new clients.   My strategy begins with my blog:  Are any of you blogging?   Took me five minutes to set up with Linkedin Wordpress Application.   Once I set up the blog, I asked some strategic questions in the Q&A section of linked in   Essentially what do you think of my new site   And a few technical questions on blog set up.
  32. 32.   All I needed for my blog was content!:   In just 2 months I have had 5,000 hits on my blog, mostly from Linkedin!   Every time I published an article on my blog,   I posted a link to the “news” and discussion section of my group   I also published links to MySpace, Twitter, Facebook as well. Everybody can blog!   Your content – go with what you know and love!   Everybody has a story to tell. Find your muse   Don’t be a yenta. Blogging has rules and legal   issues!
  33. 33.   I asked a lot of questions related to direct marketing.   I answered many questions and gained “expertise” status.   Same thing with the groups. Q&A figured prominently to gain recognition.   My blog URL is always in my signature of all posts.
  34. 34.   Your profile is key – make it stand out, and tweak it often to take advantage of update broadcasts.   Connect to many people.   Get recommended!   Use the Q&A, and Groups functions strategically.   Add in applications to provide more functionality and a complete picture of you as a human being.   Don’t just have a Linkedin page, become a power user.   Blog!   Use every site, not just Linkedin
  35. 35.   We just started groups on Linkedin and Facebook   http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1529377   http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=40901952757   Look for us on Twitter, and MySpace soon   Look for our blog and message boards on our website   www.fdma.org
  36. 36.   27 year history of success in DM. Consumer and B2B.   Creative, Strategic, Operations!   GDM, Catalog and Direct Marketing Consulting, Full Service Agency.   Author of Profitable Cataloging column for CatalogSuccess.com.   Adjunct Professor of DM, Miami International University.   FDMA Board Member.   Link to me on Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile? viewProfile=&key=11996982&trk=tab_pro (must be signed in)
  37. 37.  Do you have any questions?  How have you used Linkedin or other networking sites to build your business?
  38. 38. Thank You Jim Gilbert Gilbert Direct Marketing Inc. Contact info: 561-302-1719 jimdirect@aol.com http://gilbertdirectmarketing.wordpress.com/ Catalog Success Column