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Display media trading desk (DSP) - Karthikeyan Haldurai - Google

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Karthikeyan Haldurai from Google was at the ISB Digital Summit 2014 to conduct a session on 'Display media trading desk (DSP)' as part of the Digital Deep Dive workshop.

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Display media trading desk (DSP) - Karthikeyan Haldurai - Google

  1. 1. Google confidential Programmatic Display Buying
  2. 2. Google confidential Programmatic buying uses technology and data to bring advertisers and publishers together
  3. 3. Google confidential 1.The evolution of programmatic buying 2.The value of programmatic 3.Programmatic with DoubleClick 4.Programmatic marketing with DDM 5.Getting started agenda
  4. 4. Google confidential The evolution of programmatic buying
  5. 5. Google confidential Two decadesof onlinemediabuying Today 1990s Ad networks •Networks aggregatedinventory and soldtoadvertisers. •Helpedpublishers by selling inventory they could not sell themselves. •Firstto provideaccess toonline media atscale. Adexchanges •Real-time marketplacewithlarge pool of liquid inventory not sold in directbuys •Onlinemedia at scale is no longer unique to ad networks DSPs •Biddingtechnologytohelpa dvertisers/agenciestarget and optimizebuyingacrossadexc hanges Reservation buying •Adssold via direct transactions between advertisers/agencies and publishers Today
  6. 6. Google confidential RTB Growth: 52% y/y in 2013 Source: IAB / PwC Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 1H 2012 Global non-RTB Display Spend Global RTB Display Spend
  7. 7. Google confidential Programmatic is growing display spend …like going frompaper checks to debitcards 1234 …it’s the new way tobuy
  8. 8. Google confidential The value of programmatic
  9. 9. Google confidential Thekey element of programmaticbuying—whatmakes itpowerful—isthat the advertiser gets to decide the target. Scott Spencer Director of Product Management, DoubleClick Ad Exchange In “Programmatic in the Future” hangout series by DoubleClick
  10. 10. Google confidential Why programmatic? Use data and technology to better connect you with consumers Massivescale Reachacross exchangesand engage with publishers withdirectprogrammatic deals. Performance Use powerful optimization and better data to maximize ROAS for all your buys. Precisetargeting Findthe right audiences in the rightcontext to engage with your brand. Operationalefficiency Streamlinedworkflows with all your buying and reporting in one place, spend more time on strategicwork. Transparency Glean insights from transparent reporting to find the best performing inventory and adjust your strategy in real time
  11. 11. Google confidential Programmatic with DoubleClick
  12. 12. Google confidential All in one place Integrated Data acrossall buys Buy how you want Optimize all campaignsacross allscreens Scaleand Reach Integrated reporting and billing Streamlinestandard ad buys Relationships still matter Why Programmatic with DoubleClick Buy media more effectively and efficiently More specific detail can be found in Appendix slides 43-44. Replace them as you feel appropriate
  13. 13. Google confidential OpenAuction Private Auction Multiple programmatic deal types Description 2nd price auction with select group of buyers. Auctionmodel with set floor. One Publisher 2ndPrice Auction w/ price floors Select Buyers Preferred Deals Negotiated, fixed- price, pre-auction deal with one buyer. One Publisher FixedPrice Deal One Buyer Many Publishers 2nd Price Auction Standard auction with all buyers. AllBuyers # of Buyers Pricing # of Publishers
  14. 14. Google confidential Kellogg’s leverages programmatic buying Kellogg’s is successfully leveraging the DoubleClick platform, buying programmatic to meet brand campaign objectives. 88%+ More on-target audience impressions than with non-programmatic Lowest Effective CPMs rates are in RTB display, compared to other channels 5X+ Improved ROI of digital ads to in-store sales withcampaigns
  15. 15. Google confidential Integrated platform for programmatic Operational efficiencies Operational efficiency Marketing performance Better insights •Decreased operational costs through streamlined buying approach •Scalable inventory access across publishers, exchanges, formats,channels •Brand safe reach of targetaudience •LowerCPMs •Improved targeting, pacing & optimization capabilities •Centralized reporting andattribution •Full control over audience data, pacing &targeting •Align price with value
  16. 16. Google confidential Use the best tools for the best results DoubleClick Bid Manager + DoubleClick Ad Exchange The powerof the platform •Single cookie pooland shared data centers •Direct access to the publishers you want Partnership and alignment between the products •Workflow integrations •Strategicpartner advantages Have it your way •Multiple ways to connect with publishers •Find the right ways to buy for your business The power of a top buying platform •Best in class targeting+Google-engineered algorithms •Buy display, mobile, video, and expandables all in one place •40+ billion global impressions daily The power of a top exchange •One to one relationships with top publishers •First-party publisher data programs
  17. 17. Google confidential DoubleClick Bid Manager Exchanges & SSPs Publisher direct deals Fully transparent buying and reporting Best in classtargeting •First-party audiencedata •Third-party audiencedata •Keyword contextualtargeting •Brand safety measures Best in classoptimization •Google-engineeredalgorithms •Target CPC, CPA or ROI 40+ billion impressions daily across more than 40 countries Mobile Video Display
  18. 18. Google confidential Getting started
  19. 19. Google confidential Building a Programmatic Strategy Requires Resource Investment Resources Can be Obtained through Partnership or Staffed In-House Most clients invest in building their own Programmatic Team internally, but also partner with an agency and/or Google to develop a shared strategy and execute Build Yourself Build with Agency Build with Google
  20. 20. Google confidential 1.Build a plan 2. Use measurement and attribution strategies for your campaigns 3. Hire a dedicated team to manage strategy and performance How to build your programmatic strategy