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Horse gred

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Standardbred horse,Thoroughbred Horse,Andalusian Horse
If you are a horse lover looking for good breeds to buy or shopping for the first horse,you have to look for the nice breeds of horse in

the market.

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Horse gred

  1. 1. If you are a horse lover looking forgood breeds to buy or shoppingfor the first horse, you have tolook for the nice breeds of horse inthe market. American QuarterHorse, Tennessee Walking Horseand the Thoroughbred are the fivemost popular breeds of horse thatcan be taken into consideration.
  2. 2. The Standard bred horse was developed in the United States as a racehorse. They are most famous for carriage racing rather than saddleracing like Thoroughbreds. Trotting races were first held in the 17thcentury. These races were originally held in grass but made their wayto official race courses with the horses sporting harnesses. There werea variety of different horses that were bred together to produce thisparticular breed. They include the Narragansett Pacer, Canadian Pacer,Norfolk Trotter, Thoroughbred, Hackney and the Morgan. Thecrossbreeding resulted in this new breed as we know it today.