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  1. Social Media Management Jeanne hatton Twitter: @jeannehatton Linkedin: jeannehatton Email: jeanne@uniti-online.Com Hootsuite certified professional Web: www.2DaysSocialAge Hootsuite Solution Partner
  2. Me • Owner Uniti Solutions Ltd (18 years) • Live in Willaston • Training and Consultancy • Social Media / Social Business / Hootsuite • Microsoft SharePoint • Microsoft Office 365 • Microsoft Yammer • IBM Collaboration Solutions
  3. Agenda • What is social media and why use it? • Overview of the main services: • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, • Social Media Management with Hootsuite
  4. Why Social Media • Why is social media receiving so much attention? • Ongoing decline of mainstream media • Ability to connect with customers on a different level • New prospecting techniques • Bypass traditional media and take message direct to the customer not saying traditional media is dead • 73% of all adults use Social Media
  5. How far have we come…… Let’s face it – communication was hard in those days……………. “The tools we use to communicate shape the very foundations of culture, society and business: how we innovate, how we solve problems, how we organize and how we act. Continued innovation is key to continued progress.” Ray Ozzie - @rozzie From this…… To this! Lots of noise
  6. Is it worthwhile getting to grips with Social Media? • Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate (source: HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report) • Social media produces almost double the number of leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC (source: HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report) • Companies who use Twitter receive 2x the number of leads per month than those that don’t (source: Inside View)
  7. Stages of Social Media Engagement Stage IGNORE WATCH REACT Engage Leverage Description Unaware or aware but don’t see value Aware and seeking value Consuming Information Actively consuming information Building Social Authority Leveraging high performance Social Media Activity No activity Join social networks. Read content Like / Dislike Comment Grow network Answer questions Share content Initiate Posts Engage clients Support business goals through orchestrated team approach to helping clients and prospects Networking and nurturing relationships Sweet Spot Source - Profitecture
  8. Social Authority • It’s not who you know it’s also what you know • Social Media provides a platform for thought leaders • Get a professional photograph • Focus on the leaders in the B2B market • Even if you don’t participate – you should be listening • listening will help you identify the influencers • listening will show which trends are emerging • Remember YOU are an expert in your business
  9. Social Authority
  10. Risks • There are risks and may not be for every company e.g. high security information • Essential to have a social media policy and carefully monitor which employees or external consultants are able to send out messages
  11. What’s Your Strategy • What’s the objective or outcome do you want to achieve, what’s the point? • Who is the target audience on social media? Demographics? • How do we measure how to meet our objectives? KPI - analytics • Content: What content should be created for that objective and that target audience • Measurement: How do we know if the content we’re creating on social media is meeting the objectives?
  12. A Plethora of social media • Bebo • Mysite • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Instagram • Snapchat • Pinterest • Google + • Tumblr Social Media Academy @2DaysSocialAge @Twirral1 @JeanneHatton Which one shall I use?????  You should choose the right platform for your business.  Choose a platform you feel comfortable with “What Platform to choose ...Twitter ...Why Because iT is Alive 24/7” Thomas Parr @Twirral1 “What Platform to choose ...Choose a platform That best shows off the quality of your business.” Thomas Parr @Twirral1
  13. Gartner predictis ¼ of businesses will lose market position
  14. Which Social Media Platform is right for me?
  15. Why use Facebook • 80 % of all Social Media users use Facebook • Increase your brand exposure through personal networks • Engage online to build loyalty • Run different promotional campaigns to generate new leads “54% sampled users say when using Facebook they’d started dreaming about a holiday even when they didn’t have one on the horizon.” ** “59% sampled users have seen a travel ad or publicity in their Facebook News Feed”** **Source: “Facebook Travel: Near and Now report” (Facebook/Sparkler)
  16. FaceBook • Pages maximise marketing value and customer engagement • Showcases your company culture and history to create a deeper connection • When you post an update it appears in the newsfeed of people who have liked your page. • Also has an ads section £££s can tailor your reach • If your product is aimed at families it is worth considering Facebook
  17. Facebook Page • Hard to stand out • Engaging visual content high res colour image • Announce new Product and events • Check how it appears on Mobile Keep images light on text • If you use text on your cover photo keep it close to the upper right hand corner so it's visible on any device • Your profile photo appears to followers news feeds every time you post . Pick an image and stick with it. • Focus on a handful of relevant keywords - use them consistently across your social media platforms • First 140 characters of About section is a descriptor to links to your profile in search engine results. Make sure they encourage visitors to click through • Include a link to website which will appear automatically under about field. Address and phone number is important as this will help search engines to index you in local searches • Set a vanity URL for your page – need 25 likes to use this.
  18. Facebook Tips for increasing engagement • Adopt a consistent design aesthetic for your images • Pin popular posts to the top of your profile • Review negative feedback to gauge audience response to your content • Use 3rd party apps to drive Facebook traffic to web properties • Add a link to your Facebook page on your website • Join and engage with relevant groups • Coming soon – call to action button
  19. Images – best practise 1.TWITTER IMAGES SIZES header photo: 1500 x 500 2.Profile photo: 400 x 400 3.In-stream photo: 440 x 220 FACEBOOK IMAGE SIZES 1.profile image: 180 x 180 px 2.highlighted image: 1200 x 717 px 3. shared link: 1200 x 627 px LINKEDIN IMAGE SIZES 1. Standard logo: 100 x 60 2. Banner image: 646 x 220 minimum 3. Career cover photo: 974 x 300 4. Square logo: 150 x 50
  20. Why use Twitter • Twitter allows you to openly follow both individuals and brands. • Your Twitter handle should be short and reflect your brand. • Your profile should provide information which is consistent with your brand. • Public and private messaging – sending a DM • Use hashtags to group together keywords or topics e.g #cupcakes
  21. Using Twitter • Follow people / brands • Tweet – short messages of 140 characters only – try to keep to 100 characters – they get noticed more often. • Retweet or quote interesting information • Favourite tweets that are interesting, or if you want to communicate to the author that you like or have noticed it • Use # hashtags to tag with keywords or group items together
  22. Twitter……Tweets……….Chats…….Video In 2011 while at an IBM conference in Florida I discovered you needed Twitter to find where the parties where. That was it – I was hooked. Evolution of my use of Twitter: • Parties • Information • Engaging with existing and prospective clients Twitter – new features • Group chats – invite up to 20 people • Quote tweets with comment • 30 second video • Coming soon – Periscope • IBM & Twitter analytics “Recommended hashtags to get you more reach” #B2BHour #GBHour #iTsLocal (Twirral Marketing)
  23. Create / enhance your Twitter Profile • Go to • Sign in or sign up – your twitter name should be short and descriptive • Create your profile • What could you customise on your profile?
  24. Twitter Profile • Take the time to build a strong profile • Fill out all profile fields accurately and completely • Add relevant keywords to your bio field • Keep customers in mind when selecting your location
  25. Twitter Profiles • Add photos and videos to give your profile a complete look • Use Twitter Cards to increase engagement and traffic • Feature popular content by pinning it • Add Twitter buttons to your website for easy sharing
  26. LinkedIn • Launched 2003 • 300 + million members • 187 million monthly users • Students fastest growing members • Use to • showcase your profile • research companies and individuals • HR use to advertise job opportunities and screen candidates • Sales use to initiate conversations with people • Marketing can increase brand awareness, show recommendations and endorsements
  27. Using LinkedIn • Add connections • Create messages to keep your connections informed • Request recommendations from connections • Endorse connections which will encourage them to endorse you • Join and participate in groups of like minded individuals
  28. LinkedIn – Optimising your page  Central hub for info on your businesses  LinkedIn algorithm actively favours completed profiles  Use Keywords in your profile - in heading descriptions  Write company description with keywords in mind. Visitors to your page will only see first 200 characters.  Linked in company page is among the first few search results make sure all info is up to date.  Important to choose a great image as well as your company logo. Company page also has a follow page - to generate a follow button go to developers page Keyword planner
  29. LinkedIn • LinkedIn is a really valuable tool for identifying and researching prospects and companies of interest. • Robust search engine • Advanced options to look for keywords and titles and regions - can compile info and identify influencers decision makers then leverage mutual connections and common interests to turn cold calls into warm calls
  30. Some Interesting Developments from LinkedIn • They own SlideShare – like a YouTube for Presentations • They have just bought for $1.5 Billion – massive online learning site • You can now add a background image to your profile • It is also a publishing portal, where you can add posts
  31. Why use Instagram • Founded October 2010 acquired by FaceBook 2012 • Beautiful and fun way to share moments • Mobile app • Most popular amongst 18 – 29 age group • Instagram direct allows private sharing • 50% crossover rate between Instagram and Twitter • Businesses can • cultivate brand personality • follow customers • visitors can tag with geolocation • promote latest campaign • host fan photos and videos • Use popular hashtags • Post to other social networks
  32. Why use You Tube • Founded 2005 acquired by Google in 2006 • 80% of You Tube are from outside the US • Largest video sharing network can connect with an enormous audience • Interactive comments • Valuable promotional tool particularly for small businesses • YouTube analytics can track engagement and demographic • Great for training sales teams and employees • Use annotations to entice audience to further engage
  33. Why use Pinterest • Founded March 2010 • Large percentage of female users • 4:1 women who are window shopping • 40 million users monthly in total 700 million totally • Create pinboards and browse other pinboards • Users spend about 15 minutes per visit so great for businesses to engage • Visitors can like and repin a brand • Can add a pin it button to your website
  34. Why use FourSquare • Launched 2009 • Robust advertising platform • Users – young professionals with post secondary education • Used for sharing out and about information • Businesses can use location based advertising • Users checkin and can earn badges, get tips and become the mayor • Businesses can create specials • Localise marketing efforts and deepen connection with customers
  35. Why use Tumblr • Launched 2007 • Social sharing with blogging • Most popular social network for 13 – 19 year olds • For sharing creativity and thoughts • Can reblog content for other blogs • User friendly and visual – can use to tell story through visual and text • Free platform to host company blog • Businesses can use it as a content hub for brand that internal staff can use • Popular because of ease of use, viral nature and active user base • Provides businesses with a powerful publishing platform
  36. So how do you manage it all??
  37. Hootsuite • What is Hootsuite • A social media management platform • Can schedule posts • Can discover content • Can generate analytics • Can aid social listening and social engagement Social Media Academy @2DaysSocialAge @Twirral1 @JeanneHatton
  38. A few of the companies that use Hootsuite…. Adidas, Orange, FC Barcelona, Eurostar International, Oakley, ANZ Bank and many more ………….
  39. Schedule – Create now and share later
  40. See the big picture – manage your social media profiles from a single dashboard. Post, tweet, share and comment without leaving Hootsuite
  41. Track your success Easy to read reports deliver realtime results of your reach across the social web
  42. Add free apps Enhance your personal dashboard with apps from the app directory such as MailChimp, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  43. Share more with Hootlet
  44. Add a twitter feed Try it yourself at:
  45. Social Listening • Listen to your prospects • Listen to your customers • Listen to your competitors • Listen for any mention of your brand or company -  or 
  46. Hootsuite University provided you with expert level social media management skills and industry recognised certification so you can excel at your job and stand out from the pack. Hootsuite University • Get certified • Learn at your own pace • Become an expert Hootsuite Certified Professional Course 27th & 28th April Book via Eventbrite
  47. Social Media Academy @2DaysSocialAge • We can get you set up on Hootsuite • We can help you set up your dashboard and define your social strategy • We can help you or your staff become Hootsuite Certified Professional(s) • We can provide social media management Social Media Academy @2DaysSocialAge @Twirral1 @JeanneHatton Hootsuite Certified Professional Course 27th & 28th April Book via Eventbrite #Sellping – Twitter training for business by Thomas Parr (@Twirral1) 1 x 4 hour session 29th April– book via Eventbrite Training & Consultancy From @Twirral1 & @JeanneHatton
  48. Thank You Any Questions Jeanne Hatton twitter: @jeannehatton LinkedIn: jeannehatton email: Web:2DaysSocialAge

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  1. Why is social media receiving so much attention? Ongoing decline of mainstream media Ability to connect with customers on a different level Reduce risk, improve product quality, increase customer affinity, which leads to repeat sales New prospecting techniques Importance of search to buyer discovery and decision making Bypass traditional media and take message record to the customer
  2. Like email all over again!
  3. Talk about which platforms do what.
  4. Increase your brand exposure through personal networks Engage online to build loyalty Run different promotional campaigns to generate new leads Receive comments and feedback from your fans Gives a new avenue for customer service and feedback Engaging and in depth brand experience through links, lists and contests
  5. Pages maximise marketing value and customer engagement Showcases your company culture and history to create a deeper connection Visitors can share, like and comment to create a deeper connection When you post an update it appears in the newsfeed of people who have liked your page. Also has an ads section £££s can tailor your reach Can provide outbound info HR can amplify job opportunites can act as an extranet. can provide excitement for campaigns
  6. As I followed more and more people
  7. Hootsuite the defacto standard for management of social media management campaigns