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EPUB 3 and xAPI

Presenation at mLearnCon 2014 on EPUB3 and Experience API (xAPI)

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EPUB 3 and xAPI

  1. 1. EPUB 3 and the xAPI:EPUB 3 and the xAPI: An Open Platform for Activity-based Mobile LearningAn Open Platform for Activity-based Mobile Learning 25 June 2014, San DiegoTyde Richards and Jason Haag
  2. 2. Overview The SCORM Heritage The IEEE LTSC SCORM Study Group The IEEE Actionable Data Book Q&A
  3. 3. The Rise of SCORM ~1997 Web-based learning takes off Technically based on browser + Web server New requirements for interoperability ADL and others collaborate on SCORM SCORM achieves global adoption
  4. 4. The SCORM Interoperability Model SCOSCO Learning Specific Structure Learning Specific Content ClientClient Zip FileZip File Web browser “dumb” Learning Management System Business logic
  5. 5. The Sharable Content Object IEEE 1484.12.1 IEEE 1484.11.2 IEEE 1484.11.1
  6. 6. 2010 - A Changed Context SCORM mature - loss of momentum Accelerating pace of new technologies –Maturation of Open Web Platform –Big data and cloud-based services –Mobile Platforms Interest in learning interoperability declines IEEE LTSC Study Group on SCORM
  7. 7. Transition Time Between Paradigms MainframeMainframe Personal Computer Personal Computer Web Browser Web Browser Something Else Something Else UnstableUnstable UnstableUnstable UnstableUnstable We are here
  8. 8. Enter xAPI Traditional SCORM: Content + Runtime xAPI as the new Runtime? Solves know problems – RESTful API, extensions New future oriented-affordances – [Cloud | Big | Semantic | Activity Stream ] data Right solution for new times
  9. 9. xAPI Background Developed by open source community Tracks experiences, informal learning, real- world experiences (not just courses) Allows data storage & retrieval (mobile apps, games, ITS, and virtual worlds experiences, team/group activities) Machine and human readable (uses natural language)
  10. 10. xAPI Background Project “Tin Can API” Based on http://activitystrea.ms Collaboration between Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others
  11. 11. xAPI Background Allows reporting of experiences, not just completions Statement format: Simple: I (actor) watched (verb) a video on protecting employee data (activity) Complex: in the context of [information assurance certification training course ] with result [timestamp:2013- 0618T18:30:32.360Z ].
  12. 12. Statement (Actor, Verb, Object) 12
  13. 13. An xAPI Statement Properties ID Actor Object Verb Result Context Timestamp Attachments
  14. 14. What is the Learning Record Store? Reportin g Systems Reportin g Systems Assessme nt Services Assessme nt Services Semantic Analysis Semantic Analysis Statistic al Services Statistic al Services
  15. 15. xAPI Resources & Adoption 15 ‣ xAPI Specification & Documentation ‣ https://github.com/adlnet/xAPI-Spec/ ‣ xAPI JavaScript Wrapper ‣ https://github.com/adlnet/xAPIWrapper ‣ Learning Record Store ‣ https://github.com/adlnet/ADL_LRS ‣ Adoption ‣ 8 LRS Solutions (open source & commercial) ‣ Integrated into eLearning authoring tools ‣ Over 200 active participants in WG & Cohorts
  16. 16. To carry SCORM forward … xAPI modernizes the SCORM runtime Is that it? What about a modernized content strategy? Is that desirable or even possible? IEEE LTSC considered many technologies Concluded both possible and desirable
  17. 17. EPUB 3 New open format for eBooks Developed by IDPF Adopts HTML5 as content format eBook now packaged Website on mobile device Implications for interactivity: huge but unexplored
  18. 18. A New but Familiar Architecture HTML 5 HTML 5 Generic Structure Generic Content eBook ReadereBook Reader epub Zip Fileepub Zip File book services
  19. 19. EPUB 3 and SCORM SCORM EPUB 3 Architecture Glue parts together Intrinsic whole Control Server Mobile platform Content format Out of scope HTML5 Player Out of scope eBook Reader User Experience Out of scope W3C CSS Sustainability Not Sustainable Sustainable Accessibility Out of scope Central focus
  20. 20. IEEE Actionable Data Book R&D Project Sponsored by IEEE LTSC EPUB 3 as mobile learning delivery platform Carry forward SCORM concepts as appropriate Assume cloud (xAPI), device, Internet of Things communication 2013 Feasibility Study 2014-15 Build something
  21. 21. EPUB 3 for Learning Delivery ? At first – way outside the box … Rapid change during past year 10/2013 IDPF EDUPUB Alliance – Collaboration with IMS GLC, W3C, Publishers – Producing education sector EPUB 3 profile – Addressing reuse, analytics, accessibility, etc. IBM EPUB 3 adoption
  22. 22. 2013 - xAPI in EPUB eBook ReadereBook Reader xAPI – cloud data EPUB 3 eBook •HTML •CSS •JavaScript • xAPI Library Guess what? It just works …. If the reader allows communication
  23. 23. 2013 – Mapping SCORM to EPUB 3 HTML 5 HTML 5 Generic Structure Generic Content epub Zip Fileepub Zip File device capabilities eBook ReadereBook Reader xAPI – cloud data Activity
  24. 24. eBooks and APPs Common PlayerCommon Player • Two different communities • Move past the “book” thing • Move past the “app” thing • Complimentary technologies • Something new and better ? Common APICommon API Common ContentCommon Content Mobile PlatformMobile Platform
  25. 25. Flexible Delivery Options ActivityActivity Common PlayerCommon Player APP + Page s Page s “eTextbook” “HTML5 SCORM” ActivitiesActivities ActivitiesActivities eBook Page s Page s
  26. 26. 2014 – ADL xAPI Design Cohort Collaborating with imbuElearning K12 learning-to-read use case Defining an xAPI vocabulary for eBooks Exploring xAPI generality – Accessibility and user preferences – Annotations
  27. 27. beforebefore afterafter Activity Set (eBook) Activity + (page set) beforebefore afterafter Location + (page) beforebefore afterafter xAPI xAPI xAPI xAPI xAPI xAPI xAPIduringduring duringduring duringduring 2014 – Define Activity Model EPUB 3 Page Overlay
  28. 28. 2014 – Towards an Activity Player Support EPUB 3-based Activity Model + xAPI Exploring EPUB 3 readers Exploring Phonegap as HTML5 mobile technology Exploring support for low energy Bluetooh Very interested in OMLET (JKO Mobile) technology Looks like an integration problem
  29. 29. EPUB 3 Prototypes / Demos ‣ EPUB 3 + xAPI: iBooks, Readium, EPUB.js, Calibre ‣ Additional areas to investigate: ‣ Client / reader xAPI implementation ‣ Synchronize bookmarks using xAPI across platforms & readers ‣ Accessibility ‣ Annotations + EPUB testing in more readers
  30. 30. EPUB 3 +Annotator + xAPI 30
  31. 31. Open Annotation (JSON-LD) 31
  32. 32. An xAPI Statement Properties Id Actor Object Verb Result Context Timestamp Attachments
  33. 33. DEMO
  34. 34. DEMO
  35. 35. If interested in this work … IEEE ADB an open collaboration Weekly virtual meetings (9am Friday US Eastern) Compliments IEEE LTSC xAPI Study Group Contact tyderichards@gmail.com Q&A
  36. 36. Thank You! Questions? Tyde Richards IEEE LTSC info@ieee-ltsc.org Jason Haag jason.haag.ctr@adlnet.gov @mobilejson