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Insight SaaS Overview - Cloud Computing

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Insight Software as a Service 2009 - solutions and partnerships

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Insight SaaS Overview - Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Insight Managed Services 2009 – Software as a Service Offerings
  2. 2. Insight – A World of Technology Resources • 5,300+ teammates worldwide • Operations in 22 countries • Clients in 170 countries • Serve 80 percent of the Global Fortune 500 • $4.8 billion in revenues in 2007 • Ranked No. 477 on 2008 ‘Fortune 500’ list • Partnered with the world’s technology leaders
  3. 3. Insight’s Global Reach Located in 22 countries, supporting clients in 170 countries, 17 languages, 13 currencies
  4. 4. Insight’s vision is to be the trusted advisor, helping clients enhance business performance through innovative technology solutions.
  5. 5. Clients across the world are looking for ways to … • Consolidate resources • Reduce rising costs • Simplify complexity
  6. 6. Maturity Model: A Starting Point Level 6 The Maturity Model is based on industry best practice models (e.g., CMM, CoBit, ITIL, Gartner) Level 5 and Calence experience. Value Driven Level 4 Service Driven • Strong linkages to Managed Level 3 enterprise IT • Well defined architecture • Compliance with services/catalogue• Network and Level 2 Capability processes Proactive • Formal service Business metric measured level agreements linkage Maturity • Service level goals • Detailed service Level 1 • IT/network • Standardized Reactive Levels established level reporting improves business Procedures • Basic service • Differentiated • Real-time • Process training reporting • Best effort services classes infrastructure Chaotic • Enterprise • Key productivity and pricing • Firefighting • Integrated monitoring and quality metrics • Business focused business and • Tied to • Thresholds set measured • No discernable Capacity IT/network Individuals • Trends analyzed process • Workflow forecasting planning • Minimal automation • Problems managed • Roles/Resp’s not • Flexible sourcing documentation defined • Continuous arrangements • Mature Business/IT Linkage • Tribal knowledge improvement • No configuration Business Management • Monitor Events & documentation management and • Capacity planning Availability change • Configs not Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) • Usage based (up/down) management backed up Capability charge • Configs backed Service Delivery Process Engineering • Event correlation • No tools -back Building up/basic address and automated • Unpredictable Service and Account Management management notification Blocks results • Few Effective Automation and Workflow Management Tools Operational Process Engineering Tools Leverage
  7. 7. Decision Making Criteria “How important are the following factors when selecting your services vendor?”* Product quality 67% Post-sales service and support 46% Price 44% Product availability 41% First-hand experience using that 40% vendors' (SMB only) products Product features 38% Vendor reputation 34% Recommendation from peer or trusted 28% advisor Base: 384 IT services decision-makers at North American and European SMBs that currently outsource or have plans to outsource in the next 12 months. *Percentage of respondents who answered 4 on a scale of 1 (not at all important) to 4 (very important). Source: Enterprise And SMB Hardware Survey, North America And Europe, Q3 2007
  8. 8. “Which of the following outsourced IT services does your company currently purchase or use? Which does your company plan to purchase over the next 12 months?” Server management and support 35% (monitoring, software update, and 24% patch management) 34% Network management and support (VPN, firewall, monitoring) 24% 29% PC and laptop support 23% Planned over the next 12 months Installation and configuration of Currently purchased or using 22% hardware (servers, storage, 17% networking, or PCs) 17% Backup and recovery 13% 14% IT help desk services 14% Base: 554 IT services decision-makers at North American and European SMBs
  9. 9. Managed Services Value No major environment changes required • Works with almost any environment • No hardware or software purchase Rapid activation and protection • Works immediately with little configuration or setup Only pay for what is being used • Invoiced monthly • Operating expense and not a capital expense Fully managed solution • Managed / run by a team of experts • Free up IT staff to focus on more productive functions Reduces bandwidth and storage costs • Filters email and web outside your network perimeter • Quarantined messages remain securely outside your network
  10. 10. Managed Messaging Solutions How to Engage • Email Security Team Alias: • Email Continuity Contact your SSE / SSR or • Email Archiving ManagedServices@Insight.com • Hosted Exchange Team • Hosted Blackberry (BES) Sr. Manager, Managed Services Carlos Roman croman@insight.com Managed Security Solutions 800-467-4448 ext. 1294 • Web Security 480-235-0331 Direct • Email Security • Managed Firewall Manager, Business Development Tobey Amy • Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention tamy@insight.com 800-467-4448 ext. 5248 • Vulnerability Management 480-567-5619 Direct Data Protection/Data Management Solutions Manager, Business Development • Online/Remote Backup Jamie Gasior jgasior@insight.com • Remote Storage Management 800-467-4448 ext. 1075 480-363-3000 Direct • Desktop Management • Managed Co-location/Hosting Managed Services / Software as a Service
  11. 11. Managed Messaging Services – Hosted Exchange
  12. 12. Clients’ Messaging / Email IT Infrastructure Internet Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) Email Filter (Spam / Virus) Firewall Email Server (MS Exchange) Email Archiving
  13. 13. Managed Messaging Through 2009, organizations are planning to deploy a greater proportion of their messaging capabilities using hosted services, as shown in the following table. While some hosted services will see only flat to modest growth, other segments will see significant growth, including email retention/archiving, business continuity and email policy compliance. *1 in 3 clients will be using a managed messaging solution in 2009 Primary market for hosted messaging organizations with 20 to 500 users
  14. 14. Exchange Availability: Despite backups, Exchange is not  always available, but users need access 24‐7. Exchange Storage: Email storage exploding; e‐discovery  and compliance needs; PST and quota nightmares. Exchange Management: Email is mission‐critical for many  businesses, yet it is not the core competency of most. X PSTs End User Storage Backup
  15. 15. Overview: Rapid Deployment Step The On‐Premise Way The LiveOffice Way Sizing Software, services, storage, servers, DR Automatic scaling Budgeting All‐or‐nothing Deployed as‐needed Cost Center Capital Expense Operating Expense Procurement Software, services, hardware, DR, etc. One throat to choke Installation Software, storage, servers, DR No install Deployed Weeks or months 5 days or less, guaranteed Legacy Data Months or years Days or weeks
  16. 16. Managed Messaging Services- Email / Web Security
  17. 17. Yankee Group – “SMB’s Are Not Keeping Pace with a Rapidly Evolving Security Threat Landscape”. Exhibit 2.
  18. 18. Email and Web Threats have Converged 5 years ago – 99% of malware in email was attached Today – 95% of malware in email is delivered by URL 85% of unwanted email contains links to websites 75 percent of Web sites with malicious code are compromised legitimate sites 60 percent of the top 100 most popular Web sites have either hosted or been involved in malicious activity 29 percent of malicious Web attacks included data-stealing code. Websense provides faster and more effective protection against today’s threats The Changing Threat Landscape 19
  19. 19. Multiple Layers of Email Filtering SPAM FILTERS IP Reputation Connection Manager Premium Anti-Spam Multi-Language Filter EMAIL ATTACK PROTECTION Statistical Filtering Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Sender Policy Framework (SPF)/Sender ID Protection Proprietary Heuristics Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) Reputation Analysis Protection URL filtering Reputation-based RBL filtering Incoming Email TLS Clean TLS Email VIRUS AND WORM FILTERING CONTENT AND ATTACHMENT PRIMARY FILTERS MX Logic’s proprietary FILTERING Domain level black-and-white WormTraqTM worm detection Keyword filtering lists technology Attachment filtering Distributed black lists McAfee® Anti-virus Archive file integrity filtering Recipient deny lists Sophos® Anti-virus HTML content protection User-level black-and-white lists Authentium® Anti-virus Fraud protection Spam beacon and web bug detection and blocking
  20. 20. Global Technical Support = Hosted Data Security • Standard Service = On-Premise • Premium Service • Mission Critical Support WEBSENSE = Client Data Security Data Security Suite Endpoint Discover Protect Monitor Integrated Shared Policy Content Controls Shared Awareness Content Gateway Messaging Web Security Security WEBSENSE Web Security WEBSENSE Email Security Gateway WEBSENSE Messaging Security Antivirus Security WEBSENSE WebWeb Security Express Antispam Encryption Content Filter WEBSENSE WEBSENSE Remote Hosted Web WEBSENSE Filtering Hosted Email Security Security WEBSENSE Web Filter Unified Integrated Hosted Threat Services Detection Websense Integrated Solutions
  21. 21. Websense Hosted Customers 50 million real-time data collecting systems Websense Email Security 10+ million emails per hour 100+ million web sites per day URL & Security Database Websense Hosted Security Threat detection / probes ThreatSeeker® Security updates TECHNOLOGY Shared analytics / feedback Websense Security Labs The ThreatSeeker™ Network
  22. 22. Managed Hosting Services
  23. 23. Managed Services - Market Defined Segments Enterprise Co-location Network monitoring Desktop support WEB hosting Exchange mailboxes DR Services (limited) Data center infrastructure hosting Remote device monitoring and management
  24. 24. Hosted Managed Services Layers Applications Database Help Desk Storage Help Desk Help Desk Operating System Servers Networking Data Center Standard Offering Optional Offering (SQL and Oracle Databases Only) Limited
  25. 25. Avnet Full Managed Hosting Highly Secure, Robust & Redundant facility 24 x 7 x 365 environment Secure Network infrastructure & network management provided Monitoring of and management of servers Operating Systems patching and imaging (Windows, Linux, Unix, i5/OS) Back-up and restore Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  26. 26. Co-location vs. Avnet managed hosting • Network infrastructure costs • Network management costs • System Admin & Monitoring costs • Physical Security costs • Data Storage infrastructure costs • Data Storage management costs • Maintenance costs
  27. 27. Avnet provides Benefits • Stable & secure platform to host • An extremely reliable & robust client applications environment • Scalable to client’s needs • Tier 4 Datacenter • Manage Servers, OS, Network & • Reduce admin overhead; focus on Storage application • Utilize Avnet Shared resources: • Save Money • Network • Storage: SAN/NAS • Utilize ‘$1M’ network at no • Tape Back-up additional cost • Eliminate ‘out of pocket’ storage expense & Dynamic allocation
  28. 28. Information and Network Security Solutions
  29. 29. Information and Network Security Services SecureWorks Security Services SecureWorks Security Advantage Aggregation, correlation, and analysis of log data from network SIM (Security Information Management) On-Demand devices, security devices and other key assets 24x7 real-time analysis of logs and alerts from security devices Log Monitoring and critical IT assets by certified experts. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) / Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention/Intrusion Detection at the network perimeter Systems (IDS) or interior to the network Threat Intelligence Reporting from SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit research team Firewall Control over network access and egress Host IPS Targeted intrusion prevention on key systems Vulnerability Scanning Evaluation and inventorying of network assets Log Retention Comprehensive archiving of device logs Encrypted Email Protection for email messages in transit Professional Services Consulting, assessment and testing
  30. 30. Security Information Management (SIM)
  31. 31. Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service
  32. 32. Vulnerability Scanning Service
  33. 33. IT Lifecycle Managed Services
  34. 34. TriActive - IT Lifecycle Management made simple TriActive focuses on the 4 Corners of IT Lifecycle Management: Hardware and Software Asset Management System Configuration and Tools Security Management IT Service Desk Management Help customers manage their environment with real-time accuracy: Know what is in the environment Eliminate overbuying Strengthen contract negotiations Ensure security Cost effective – scalable solution
  35. 35. The Questions Everyone Deals With… Is it time for your EA true-up? Are you prepared for software audits? Are you ready for SIIA? Are your security patches current? Is there a hardware refresh in your future? Does that user really need that software? Do you have the tools you need…right now? Can you recover lost or stolen PC’s? “Managing software licensing can be a nightmare.  Not to mention hardware assets and working to implement  refresh cycles.  With TriActive's On Demand solution, I can begin to wake up from my nightmare!  The ease and  management of TriActive's utility is worth its weight in gold.” ~IT Director
  36. 36. TriActive OnDemand Solutions for IT Pay for what you need! • TriActive OnDemand Solutions for IT are organized into logical bundles based on specific needs • Upgrade from one solution to another without any additional overhead or complexity • A fully integrated suite of products with an intuitive interface • Fast to deploy – get a baseline in days!!!
  37. 37. The Logical Solution A solution that easily installs in • A solution that fits any budget distributed environments • A solution you can start using A solution that provides accurate, up to date customizable reports today A solution that protects you from untimely audits and fines A solution that integrates patch management, remote control, software distribution, and service desk
  38. 38. TriActive for Intel vPro Support - Functionality Remote configuration – configure systems remotely without having to touch the PC Platform inventory – regularly scan the network to discover PC platforms regardless of their power state, and report their power level status HW inventory – read HW inventory OOB as written by the BIOS to the 3PDS and report out; HDD, CPU, memory, etc. Remote diagnostics and repair – use Serial Over LAN (SOL) to remotely boot and debug a PC; view POST, boot to BIOS and Boot to Safe Mode (F8 boot) Remote power control – securely, remotely reboot, power on and off a PC using AMT API Fast Call For Help - The ability for an user to request help from the IT console by pressing a key sequence on the PC Remote Scheduled Maintenance - The ability for a PC (even if it’s turned off) to call into the IT console at a scheduled time interval for proactive maintenance
  39. 39. TriActive for Intel vPro Support – 2009 Roadmap Q1/Q2 - 2009 Hardware Inventory – Real-time inventory even when the PC is powered off Remote Power Control – Schedule tasks (patch, software delivery) off hours even when the PC is powered off Configure Systems – Access the BIOS without having to touch the PC System Recovery – Recover frozen/halted systems without having to touch the PC Q3/Q4 - 2009 Expanded Lost/Stolen Laptop Recovery – Locate the Laptop even when the OS/disk is wiped Fast Call for Help – End-user can open a help desk ticket even when the PC is hung Expanded System Recovery – Single-click PC re-image and end-user personal files recovery
  40. 40. Resources Team Alias: ManagedServices@Insight.com SaaS@insight.com Carlos Román Sr. Manager, Managed Services croman@insight.com x1294 Jamie Gasior Tobey Amy Business Development Manager Business Development Manager jgasior@insight.com tamy@insight.com x1075 x5248 External Page: www.Insight.com/ManagedServices
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