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A New Vision for OSGeo

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The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is undergoing a period of change. For the tenth anniversary of the foundation the board is embracing this change with a new vision, mission statement and goals.

This talk introduces this new direction for the foundation, and explores details of 2016 strategic plan. This talk is of particular importance to foundation projects, community participants and our sponsors.

Attend this talk if you are interested in what OSGeo does in the FOSS4G community and where we are heading next.

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A New Vision for OSGeo

  1. 1. A newVision for OSGeo Jody Garnett
  2. 2. Introduction Jody Garnett Community Lead jgarnett@boundlessgeo.com @jodygarnett Open Source Geospatial Foundation Board Member OSGeo Incubation Chair GeoTools Project Officer Eclipse Foundation LocationTech Project Steering Committee LocationTech Technology Project Boundless Boundless provides geospatial tools and services for managing data and building applications. Open Source Projects GeoTools GeoServer uDig
  3. 3. Introduction Helena Mitasova Professor at the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and the Center for Geospatial Analytics Open Source Geospatial Foundation Vice-President GeoForAll Recipient of Sol Katz Award North Carolina State University Bio GRASS GIS development since 1991 and co- authored the first book on GRASS. Editorial boards for Geomorphology, Computers and Geosciences and Transactions in GIS and has published over 80 publications demonstrating applications of GRASS GIS. She has researched methods for terrain analysis, geospatial modeling and visualization. She received her PhD from the Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  4. 4. OSGeo History
  5. 5. History 1 • Formed in 2006 • Loosely based on Apache Model (because they are Amazing) • Great focus on users and community • How it works • Officers: President,Treasure, Secretary • Board of Directors • Director - single employee to do a lot of the things • Money - Sponsor based (helping provide that single employee)
  6. 6. History 2 • Restructured in 2013 • Adjust for reality of less sponsorship • Pause in financing as we sorted out not-for-profit / non-profit status • How it works • Officers: President,Treasure, Secretary • Board of Directors • Approach: volunteer focused • Money: Low-capital
  7. 7. History 3 • Refresh OSGeo with a newVision (this talk) • Some great (harsh) feedback from our membership • Finances healthy enough to back our volunteers with resources • How it works • Officers: President,Treasure, Secretary • Board of Directors • Approach:Volunteer led initiatives • Money: Sponsorship to enable community excellence
  8. 8. The challenge
  9. 9. osgeo-discuss • OSGeo is transparent - resulting in rather honest feedback • OSGeo lacks "leadership" • Shout out to Darrell Fuhriman -Thanks! • Rated objectives according to progress • Many objectives could not be measured • Out of date with current fashions.
 (Projects no longer ask for hosting) • Volunteers have not shown interest in pursuing all goals
 (to promote freely available geodata) Darrell Fuhriman
  10. 10. leaders Jeff McKenna Frank Warmerdam Arnulf Christl
  11. 11. Board Face to Face meeting • Meeting in January, in part to address this challenge • define new leadership • revised vision and mission • defined aspirational objectives • for the next ten years • strategic objectives • measurable objectives for yearly strategic plan
  12. 12. OSGeo Board 2016
  13. 13. The next ten years
  14. 14. Vision Empower everyone with open source geospatial
  15. 15. Mission Foster global adoption of open geospatial technology by being an inclusive software foundation devoted to an open philosophy and participatory community driven development.
  16. 16. Aspirational Objectives • Foundation objectives revised to match what we do today
 and more importantly who we want to be tomorrow • These are not intended to be measurable
 (if they are we did it wrong) • Measurable "strategic objectives" are saved for
 the annual strategic plan
  17. 17. Internal Objective provide resources for foundation projects • Discussion • Infrastructure? Do not need to be a Forge / GitHub • Legal? We reach out for assistance (FSF, Eclipse Foundation)
  18. 18. External Objective foster the use of open source geospatial software • Discussion • because really this is what it is all about • there are so many opportunities for us to make the world better!
  19. 19. External Objective encourage interoperability with
 open and community standards • Discussion • Formal relationship with Open Geospatial Consortium • This was extended from previous focus on Open Standards
 (because we love the can-do community standards like GeoGSON) • Remain strongly committed to open standards
 (key enabler of our community)
  20. 20. Internal Objective Ensure interoperability between
 the foundation projects • Discussion • This is strongly worded! Hard to accomplish with volunteers • But we do expect OSGeo projects to work together
 (kind of embarrassing if they could not) • Many projects cross-test as part of release process (!) • OSGeo LIVE helps keeps everyone honest
  21. 21. Quality and Innovation Encourage a high degree of quality and innovation
 in foundation projects • Discussion • OSGeo Incubation really focuses on quality (risk adverse) • Need a new approach if we want to focus on innovation
  22. 22. External Objective Champion the use of open-source and community participation through the development of an open education curriculum • Discussion • a real passion of our community, and a real need in the academic world • pursuing this with GeoForAll initiative showing amazing progress • (pervious objective focused just on open education)
  23. 23. Internal Objective Enable communication and cooperation
 amongst OSGeo communities • Discussion • We have so much enthusiasm and ideas,
 join forces and accomplish more • don't code it alone - join OSGeo!
  24. 24. Internal/External Objective Champion community building
 through horizontal (local chapters) engagement and
 through vertical (sector specific) agreements
 with like- minded organizations • Discussion • Key strategy for our Foundation
  25. 25. Internal/External Objectives Be a welcoming and inclusive worldwide
 organization at all levels • Discussion • OSGeo is a volunteer organization - we are made of people • Challenges code of conduct • Diversity
  26. 26. Internal Objective Celebrate excellence, openness and service
 within the OSGeo community. • Discuss • We have amazing people and need to thank them early and often • (helping is the most sincere form of thanks)
  27. 27. 2016 Strategic Plan
  28. 28. Operational Budget 2016 1. Admin 9000 admin and overhead 2. Insurance 3200 3. SAC 12800 infrastructure and online presense 4. Outreach 15000 marketting committee 5. Travel 15000 travel / interaction with external parties 6. Events 20000 OSGeo internal / external events Total 75,000 This is a 50k increase from last year
  29. 29. 2016 Strategic Plan • strategic objectives
 4 things for 2016 • community ecosystem
 12 industries/verticals to consider • actions
 reach out to membership for ideas!
  30. 30. Strategic Objectives SO1 showcasing excellence
 in our communities SO2 proactively engage with external partners SO3 fostering our mission, vision and goals SO4 empowering our communities and extending our reach
  31. 31. Community Ecosystem • Users • Developers • Business • Education
 • Public Sector • NGOs • Research • Partners
  32. 32. Ask for Members for Actions
  33. 33. What Next? • Reach out to committees for actions • Reminder that operational budget is available • Please align additional funding requests
 with strategic objectives • Signs of Success - committees can work better with funding • System admin committee put a time and materials contract in place allowing OSGeo to pay for day-to-day activities • GeoTools PMC secured legal advice on headers
  34. 34. Progress
  35. 35. New Deal Leadership Dirk Frigne Helena Mitasova Venkatesh Raghavan President Vice President
  36. 36. New Deal Sponsors • total sponsorship across OSGeo activities, projects, events • discounts for prior sponsors • discounts for low-middle income economies Platinum 20000 15000 Gold 10000 7500 Silver 3000 2250 Bronze 500 375
  37. 37. OSGeo Sponsors 2016
  38. 38. New Deal Projects Responsibility Project Community Everyone Open Source x x x Participatory x x Open Community x x Active/Healthy Community x Development Process x Documentation x Benefit Project Community Everyone Foundation representation officer via chair Infrastructure and facilities x x x Promotion and marketing x x x Budget and fundraising x x
  39. 39. New deal for Providers • Recognize those who employee our developer community • service providers, product providers • QGIS, MapServer, GeoServer rank providers based on responsibility and participation
  40. 40. New Deal Open Education • GeoForAll restructured as an OSGeo committee
  41. 41. External relationships
  42. 42. Like-minded Organizations • Different relationships for different organizations
 (Memorandum of understanding, Membership, Support) SIGTE
  43. 43. GeoForAll
  44. 44. 110 Labs - are you next?
  45. 45. Internal relationships
  46. 46. Projects OSGeo Projects Incubation Web Mapping deegree geomajas GeoMOOSE GeoServer Mapbender MapBuilder MapFish MapGuide Open Source MapServer OpenLayers Desktop Applications GRASS GIS gvSIG Marble QGIS Metadata Catalogs GeoNetwork pycsw Geospatial Libraries FDO GDAL/OGR GEOS GeoTools OSSIM PostGIS Outreach Projects OSGeo Live Web Mapping istSOS PyWPS Team Engine ZOO-Project Desktop Applications Opticks Geospatial Libraries MetaCRS Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) Content Management Systems GeoNode
  47. 47. Local Chapters
  48. 48. Join the Future Volunteer with OSGeoToday!
  49. 49. Questions