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Revelation online iceborn update now goes live

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My.com has just confirmed that the Revelation Online Iceborn update is now live for all players of this fantasy MMORPG. This update brings a Guild versus Guild tournament, a new icy battleground where you pick your side between the Ursids and the Wingars.

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Revelation online iceborn update now goes live

  1. 1. RevelationOnlineIceborn update now goes live My.comand NetEase announcedthat thenewupdate. Lceborn is now live in Revelation Online. The updateintroduces a Guild versus Guild tournament, a new battleground,and exciting newtrials for adventurers to test themselves. Situated at thetop of theworld, theSnowpinePeak Battleground unfolds a new chapter in thefaction war between the2 known races. The updateintroduces a full-scaleGuild versus Guild tournament,a new ice cold battleground and excitingnewtrials for adventurers totest themselves in. Situated at thetop of theworld, the SnowpinePeak Battleground unfolds a new chapter in thefaction war between two
  2. 2. known races in Nuanor. Thefeathered Wingar and thefurry Ursids are at each other’s throat and it is up to each player to select a faction and jump in to determinetheoutcome. Core features introduced in Iceborn include: Guild Tournament While wars and invasions have sparked fear and gossip across theland of Nuanor, another typeof battlehas raised nothing but cheeringand fanfare. Thanks totheundying spirit of competition, martialenthusiasts from all corners of Nuanor havethrown down thegauntlet and organized a full-scaleGuild versus Guild tournament, challenging any and all who want to prove themselves in group combat. If players have an axe to grind with a rival guild or its members, they now havethe perfect opportunity tobury it… In their face.
  3. 3. SnowpinePeak Battle Players level 40 and above can be ready for to battlealongsidethe Ursids or Wingars atop SnowpinePeak in a full-scalefaction war. Sharpen theblades and get ready to take an activerole in their bitter rivalry for personalrewards. Though, players areinvited to keep an eye on other threats than this factionwar. Rumours of a far direr threat have emerged – one that is not quiteof this world. Inner Demon Trials Reports indicatethat therehavebeen multiple sightings of strange portals that even Nuanor’s best and brightest can’tfully explain, though thereare no doubts as to what exactly stepped through them – demons. The Inner Demon Trials pit groups of 3 to 5 players against 6 inner demons havetheir own special dungeon tobe cleared and conquered, as well as their own special boss. Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventureand you can buy Revelation Onlineimperial coins on our site that will help you get a more pleasant game journey! And you can check moredetails about Revelation Online on https://www.virsale.com/News/Revelation%20Online