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Art i peter max style figure piece

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A slideshow for an art project based on the art of the late 60's and the Yellow Submarine.

Publicada em: Diversão e humor
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Art i peter max style figure piece

  1. 1. Peter Max style figure piece1. Make 5 contour drawings 3-4 of a person from life or magazine 1-2 of a hand or face2. Cut them out and arrange them in an overlapping composition on your paper. You can leave empty areas.3. Cover the back of the drawings with charcoal and then trace over your drawings to transfer them to the paper
  2. 2. 5. Now add words, background, strange things etc. to the background. OVERLAP!6.Now, using colored pencil, fill in the shapes created by the overlapping figures with patterns, words, etc.7. Be creative and colorful. Use every part of the page.