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My sister's keeper

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My sister's keeper

  1. 1. Jessica J. García Piza<br />R.N.: 19<br />3° “A”<br />Teacher: Nora Guzmán<br />2nd Period<br />
  2. 2. Characters<br />Brian Fitzgerald<br />Kate’s dad, he is a quietman and figthforhisdaughterwithhiswife.<br />Sara Fitzgerald<br />Kate’smom, is a strongwomanwhofigthforherdaughter.<br />Kate Fitzgerald<br />She has cancer and she learns to enjoy all that life has to offer, from a few seconds more of life till she can die in peace.<br />Anna Fitzgerald<br />Kate’s sister, she is a child who have to grow up and be like an adult for understand the situation what she is living.<br />Campbell Alexander<br />He isthelawyerwhohelpto Anna Fitzgerald<br />JesseFitzgerald<br />Kate’sbrother, he islike<br />theirbestfriendforhis 2 sisters<br />
  3. 3. Dr. Chance<br />Aunt Kelly<br />Taylor Ambrose<br />He waslikeher medicine<br />forlive and withhimsheknewthe true love<br />Judge De Salvo<br />Characters<br />
  4. 4. The doctors tell them that the <br />Kate’s leukemia is back . <br />Anna explains the reason why she was created<br />The doctor says them that <br />Umbilical blood can be an incredibly effective tool in treating leukemic patients<br />Ana goes to the office of Alexander because she wants to sue her parents for the rights to her own body<br />Sara received a petition for medical emancipation and discussed with her daugther<br />Susan talks about the beginning of Kate's disease.<br />Time Line<br />The family discusses about the decision of Anna<br />
  5. 5. Herfamilygaveherthelastbreath of life<br />De Salvo approves<br />thecase<br />Startedthehearing, thedoctorstalkedtheKate’sdisease and the case of Anna.<br />Susan understood the damage she did to her daughter, when Anna talked her brother tells the true that Kate wants to die <br />Sheknowsto Taylor a drug of anentirelydifferentsortworkedhismagicbybuildingher up.<br />Taylor died<br />Kate said goodbye to her mother and died-<br />
  6. 6. Comments<br />It is an amazing movie, the story it tells us that this kind of thing happens in many families, it makes us feel how hard and sad it would be the loss of a loved one. Good dialogues and the characters were very good acting role, is a story that covers everything: love, anguish, union, sadness, strength, despair, hatred, etc, but ultimately leaves us with a beautiful review.<br />