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DevOpsDays SV 2013: DevOps = Change

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The new world order of business is increasingly centered on the speed in which an organization can leverage digital commerce to rapidly deliver goods and services to consumers. This movement was ignited by the success of companies such as Amazon and Google – who are disrupting traditional businesses by serving consumers better and faster with innovative technology.

To move at this kind of speed, businesses must transform. This means IT needs to be a front office strategic imperative to business and not the back office support system for internal operations. The reality today is that separation between Dev and Ops in large organizations still reigns supreme. We all know this has to change.

In the Ops world many of us seeDevOps as the future. Our developer brethren think about Agile development practices and moving from multi-month (or year!) development cycles to short sprints. We are all really talking about the same thing. Breaking down organizational boundary’s and integrating teams to move faster. Then integrating tool chains so that we have common tooling and don’t need to hand off artifacts (see CODE!) and continuously delivering innovation for the business. There is a process for making this transition and that we here at Opscode have seen in practice.

Warning - business transformation is not for the light of heart!


Jesse Robbins is cofounder of Opscode, where he now serves as an advisor. Jesse is an active investor & advisor in PagerDuty, Fastly, and Instacart. He currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at DFJ.

Previously, Jesse cofounded the Velocity Web Performance & Operations Conference and was edited the Web Operations book. Prior to founding Opscode in 2008, he worked at Amazon.com with the title of “Master of Disaster” where he was responsible for Website Availability for every property bearing the Amazon brand.

Jesse is a volunteer Firefighter/EMT and Emergency Manager, and led a task force deployed in Operation Hurricane Katrina. His experiences in the fire service profoundly influence his efforts in technology, and he strives to distill his knowledge from these two worlds and apply it in service of both.

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DevOpsDays SV 2013: DevOps = Change

  1. Jesse RobbinsCofounder & Advisor, Opscode@jesserobbinsjesse@opscode.comDev+Ops = ChangeDevOpsDays SV 2013Friday, June 21, 13
  2. Friday, June 21, 13
  3. “The Web is changing the way welive and touches every person alive.As more and more people depend onthe Web, they depend on us.”Forward to “Web Operations” 2010Friday, June 21, 13
  4. DevOps* is the ability to consistentlycreate and deploy reliable software to anunreliable platform that scaleshorizontally.4http://radar.oreilly.com/2007/10/operations-is-a-competitive-ad.htmlFriday, June 21, 13
  5. The right culture & tools are arequirement for survival &success....and that is why we are all here.Friday, June 21, 13
  6. Friday, June 21, 13
  7. Mobile Traffic as % of Global Internet Traffic =Growing 1.5x per Year & Likely to Maintain Trajectory or Accelerate0%5%10%15%20%25%30%12/08 12/09 12/10 12/11 12/12 12/13 12/14%ofInternetTrafficGlobal Mobile Traffic as % of Total Internet Traffic, 12/08 – 5/13(with Trendline Projection to 5/15E)0.9%in 5/092.4%in 5/1015%in 5/13Source: StatCounter Global Stats, 5/13. Note that PC-based Internet data bolstered by streaming. 326%in 5/1110%in 5/12TrendlineE EFriday, June 21, 13
  8. Applications became customer service vehicles• Prior to this transition, customer service problemswere mitigated by human beings“The goal as a company is to have customerservice that is not just the best, but legendary.” –Sam Walton (Walmart)• They are now mitigated by software andinfrastructure updates“If you make customers unhappy in the physicalworld, they might each tell 6 friends. If you makecustomers unhappy on the Internet, they can eachtell 6,000 friends.” – Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com)Friday, June 21, 13
  9. Friday, June 21, 13
  10. Friday, June 21, 13
  11. Friday, June 21, 13
  12. LevelofStrategicPlayDieAdaptChoiceStep 1http://blog.gardeviance.org/Friday, June 21, 13
  13. Copyright © 2010 Opscode, Inc - All Rights Reserved 13Friday, June 21, 13
  14. U.S. Postal Service Mail Volume Peaked in 2006 Owing to Email RiseProfitability PlummetedPieces of Mail Delivered (MM) and Net Profit / (Loss) ($MM) of U.S. Postal Service,1886 - 2012Source: Annual Report of the Postmaster General. Data not available for 1914 - 1925.($20,000)($15,000)($10,000)($5,000)$0$5,000050,000100,000150,000200,000250,0001886 1900 1914 1928 1942 1956 1970 1984 1998 2012NetProfit/(Loss)($MM)PiecesofMailDelivered(MM)Pieces of Mail (MM) Net Profit / (Loss) ($MM)94Friday, June 21, 13
  15. Friday, June 21, 13
  16. meanwhile... back at the office.Friday, June 21, 13
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  21. Friday, June 21, 13
  22. misalignedincentivesFriday, June 21, 13
  23. Convergent EvolutionFriday, June 21, 13
  24. http://www.flickr.com/photos/garymacfadyen/6860004327/elephants cannot fly just byflapping their ears harder...Friday, June 21, 13
  25. elephants cannot fly by flappingtheir ears harder...http://www.flickr.com/photos/lhirlimann/4872199920/To fly you must have wings, surface area, and ahigh power to weight ratio...Friday, June 21, 13
  26. You have been duly warned.Many companies are disrupted notby unexpected market changes butentirely predictable marketchanges they could not see.http://blog.gardeviance.org/Friday, June 21, 13
  27. Copyright © 2010 Opscode, Inc - All Rights Reserved 27Friday, June 21, 13
  28. Copyright © 2010 Opscode, Inc - All Rights Reserved 28Friday, June 21, 13
  29. Copyright © 2010 Opscode, Inc - All Rights Reserved 29Friday, June 21, 13
  30. Conway’s law:“Organizations which design systems ...areconstrained to produce designs which are copies ofthe communication structures of theseorganizations...”Brook’s found (in Mythical Man-Month):“Quality is strongly affected by organizationstructure.”Friday, June 21, 13
  31. Fundamental Attributes of Successful Cultures1) Shared Mission & Incentives2) Infrastructure as Code3) Application as Services4) Dev + Ops + All as TeamsFriday, June 21, 13
  32. Common Attributes of Successful CulturesInfrastructureas Code‣ Full Stack Automation‣ Commodity Hardwareand/or Cloud Infra‣ Reliability in softwarestack‣ Datacenter or CloudInfrastructure APIs‣ Core Infra Services‣ Infrastructure asProduct‣ App as CustomerApplicationas Services‣ Service Orientation‣ Lightweight Protocols‣ Versioned APIs‣ Software Resiliency(Design for Failure)‣ Database/StorageAbstraction‣ Complexity pushed upthe stack‣ Deep InstrumentationDev / Ops / Allas Teams‣ Agile‣ Shared Metrics /Monitoring‣ Incident Management‣ Service Owners On-call‣ Tight integration‣ Continuous Integration‣ ContinuousDeployment‣ SRE/SRO‣ GameDayShared Mission & IncentivesFriday, June 21, 13
  33. Change takes time(sorry about that)Friday, June 21, 13
  34. www.Amazon.comdidn’t switch to EC2 untilNovember 10, 2010Friday, June 21, 13
  35. You cannot change everyone oreverything at once.Friday, June 21, 13
  36. Jesse’s Rule:Don’t Fight Stupid,Make More Awesome!Friday, June 21, 13
  37. Changing Culture:1. Start small, build trust & safety2. Create Champions3. Use metrics to build confidence4. Celebrate successes5. Exploit Compelling Events37Friday, June 21, 13
  38. http://thisisindexed.com/2008/12/might-as-well-own-this-meltdown/Friday, June 21, 13
  39. The future depends on you.Friday, June 21, 13
  40. Jesse RobbinsCofounder & Advisor, Opscode@jesserobbinsjesse@opscode.comFriday, June 21, 13