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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Tools

RCA tools to use with everyday problem solving or with CPAR

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Tools

  1. 1. RCA Root Cause Analysis Jeremy Jay Lim Certified Black Belt, PMP, BPM
  2. 2. Learning objectives • Be able to identify the underlying root cause(s) out of the CPAR or SCPAR problem! • Be able to recommend an effective solution based on the identified root cause(s)
  3. 3. CPAR / SCPAR Basic Process Problem Occurs Deviation or Failure Determine Root Cause Determine Corrective Acton Issue CPAR Identify CPAR Respondents Respondents write answers to CPAR Responses approved Corrective action starts Corrective & Preventive Respondents sign-off when completed Effectiveness is reviewed CAR Closed
  4. 4. CPAR / SCPAR Solution Approach "Corrective Action & Preventive Action: 5 Step Approach", Tonya White-Salters, Avecia Consulting
  5. 5. CPAR/SCPAR is not effective when Root Cause is not pointed out and addressed! "Corrective Action & Preventive Action: 5 Step Approach", Tonya White-Salters, Avecia Consulting
  6. 6. Symptoms of Incorrect Root Cause "Corrective Action & Preventive Action: 5 Step Approach", Tonya White-Salters, Avecia Consulting
  7. 7. RCA Tools • 5 Why's Analysis • Fishbone Diagram • Affinity Diagram
  8. 8. 5 Why's Analysis A simple tool for drilling- down on the problem statement until the root cause is identified by asking "WHY" 5 times Countermeasure Problem Statement
  9. 9. 5 Why's Analysis TIPS:! Avoid intentional or unintentional bias while answering! Find the right person who can answer the 5Why's! Use other RCA Tools if you're getting misleading answers Countermeasure Problem Statement
  10. 10. Example of 5 Why's Analysis Problem Statement: The pizza delivery personnel's motorbike stopped while on his way to deliver several orders of pizza resulting to delay! Cost Impact: All delayed pizza were given free of charge to the customers amounting to a total of Php4,000.00 Why 1: Why did the motorbike stopped?! Answer 1: Because it ran out of gas while on its way to deliver pizzas! ! Why 2: Why did then gas run out?! Answer 2: Because the delivery personnel did not gas up the motorbike that morning! ! Why 3: Why didn't the personnel gas up the motorbike that morning?! Answer 3: Because the personnel did not have money to buy the gas! ! Why 4: Why did the personnel not have money to buy the gas?! Answer 4: Because he was not able to ask money from his manager! ! Why 5: Why was he not able to ask money from his manager?! Answer 5: Because he came in late and was not able to find the manager! Solution: The pizza delivery personnel should come to the office on time or earlier to find the manager and ask for gas money before the deliveries.
  11. 11. Affinity Diagram A simple tool for putting together a big number of detailed and inter-related causes and group them according to broad topics.! ! This helps in focusing on the bigger picture or Major root cause. ! ! Similar to Zooming Out. CAUSES Major Causes
  12. 12. Example of Affinity Diagram 1/3 Brainstorm on ideas about the causes
  13. 13. Example of Affinity Diagram 2/3 Group inter- related causes
  14. 14. Example of Affinity Diagram 3/3 Identify the Major Causes
  15. 15. Fishbone Diagram A quality tool used for identifying the root cause based on the "Cause & Effect" relationships! ! Useful for analysis of complex problems! ! Grouping of causes can be according to 5Ms or by major causes
  16. 16. Example of Fishbone Diagram 1/3 State the problem
  17. 17. Example of Fishbone Diagram 2/3 Define the Major Groups of Causes
  18. 18. Example of Fishbone Diagram 3/3 Identify the root cause(s)
  19. 19. Applicability of RCA Tools • 5 Why's Analysis! When looking at one major cause and needs drill-down to arrive at one root cause! •Affinity Diagram! When looking at several inter-related and detailed causes which have some things in common and can be grouped together to see the Major Causes! • Fishbone Diagram! When looking at numerous major causes and needs drill-down probing to arrive at numerous root causes(s) based on their Cause and Effect Relationships
  20. 20. Form groups of 4 to 5 members Choose a problem coming from your past CPAR or SCPAR cases Use any of the RCA tools to identify the root cause and recommend a Corrective and/or Preventive Action Countermeasure Please ensure appropriateness of the selected RCA tool to the difficulty or complexity of the problem Team Exercise on RCA Tools