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SEO Analytics in a Not Provided World: Change Your Focus to Profit and ROI!

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Keywords (not provided) in Google Analytics is the best thing to happen to SEO, because it forces marketers to start thinking outside of the box! Marketers are challenged with accounting for a loss of the keyword data that has been the heart of their reports for years and must now discover new ways to measure their performance. What they don't realize is that they now have the opportunity to advance their careers to the next level.

With disruption comes opportunity, and this opportunity allows marketers to redefine how search marketing efforts impact their company. Executives don't care about keywords, they care about running a profitable business. Who needs keywords when you can start showing amount of profit you deliver to your business?

Read this presentation to gain a clear understanding of how to approach the future in a (not provided) world, including a lesson on:

* Alternatives to (not provided) keywords that are readily available in Google Analytics
* Using visitor demographics to refine search efforts and inform our future marketing decisions
* How to measure the true ROI of SEO efforts and present our case in a way executives understand

Read the whole presentation to learn how to download an advanced Excel dashboard template that allows you to easily calculate the true ROI of your SEO efforts and share with key stakeholders in your organization.

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SEO Analytics in a Not Provided World: Change Your Focus to Profit and ROI!

  1. 1. With Disruption Comes Opportunity: Proving SEO Value in a (not provided) world Photo  Credit:  papalars  via  Compfight   By Jeff Sauer Founder of Knowledge Land SMX Advanced | June 12, 2014
  2. 2. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Your Guide 2   Jeff  Sauer   Marketer  and  Entrepreneur   Knowledge.Land   Minneapolis,  MN,  USA   Email:  jeff@jeffaly<cs.com     google.com/+JeffSauer   Newsle*er:  bit.ly/jeffaly<cs  
  3. 3. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Our Feelings About (not provided)
  4. 4. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Executives Aren’t Losing Sleep
  5. 5. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   It’s Time to Make Adjustments
  6. 6. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   How Should We Adjust? Dig  Deeper   into  Google   Analy<cs  
  7. 7. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   How Should We Adjust? Dig  Deeper   into  Google   Analy<cs   Prove   Business   Value  
  8. 8. DIG DEEPER: WAYS AROUND (NOT PROVIDED) IN GOOGLE ANALYTICS Photo  Credit:  One_Penny  via  Compfight  
  9. 9. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Taking Advantage of all GA has to Offer
  11. 11. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Measure Year Over Year Growth Trends Traffic  Comparison  by   Date  S<ll  Works  Great!  
  13. 13. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Landing Page as Secondary Dimension No  Keyword   Provided?   No  Problem  
  15. 15. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Ugly Not Provided Keywords What  Does  it   Mean?  
  16. 16. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Filter Data to Include Landing Page How  to  steal  some  'not  provided'  data  back  from  Google:     h*p://econsultancy.com/blog/8342-­‐how-­‐to-­‐steal-­‐some-­‐not-­‐provided-­‐data-­‐back-­‐from-­‐google    
  17. 17. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Landing Page As Keyword Proxy Not  Perfect,  but   Much  BeZer!  
  19. 19. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Google Webmaster Tools Reports
  20. 20. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Google Webmaster Tools Reports BeauGful  (and  Increasingly   More  Accurate)  Search  Data!    
  22. 22. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Pull SEO Data into Google Analytics
  23. 23. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   SEO Dimension Widening Example Dimension  Widening  for  SEO:    h*p://bit.ly/SEOwidening    
  25. 25. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Enable  These   and  Update  Your   Tracking  Code   To  include  dc.js  
  26. 26. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   View ABC Reports by Demographic Performance   by  Age  
  27. 27. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Organic as a Secondary Dimension
  28. 28. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Mash Up – Popular Search LPs by Age Find  High  Value   Search  Visitor   Segments  
  29. 29. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   More Alternatives to Not Provided Proving  SEO  Value  in  Google  AnalyGcs:  h*p://moz.com/blog/proving-­‐seo-­‐value-­‐in-­‐google-­‐analyGcs        
  30. 30. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value  Photo  Credit:  brongaeh  via  Compfight   Prove Business Value By Reporting on Fully Loaded Costs, ROI and LTV
  31. 31. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   How Profit Should Be Calculated Revenue  
  32. 32. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Subtract Our Ad Spend Revenue   Marke<ng   Investment  
  33. 33. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Subtract Cost of Selling Each Product Revenue   Product   Cost   Marke<ng   Investment  
  34. 34. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Subtract Fixed Costs of Business Revenue   Product   Cost   Fixed   Costs   Marke<ng   Investment  
  35. 35. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Now You Have Net Profit Revenue   Product   Cost   Fixed   Costs   Net  Profit   Marke<ng   Investment  
  36. 36. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Here’s an ROI Equation to Use Gain  From   Investment   (Net  Profit)   Cost  of   Investment   Cost  of   Investment   ROI   True  ROI  Measurement:  h*p://bit.ly/TrueROI    
  37. 37. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Here’s an Example with Numbers Revenue   $99,630     100%   SEO  Spend   $10,942     -­‐   Return  on  SEO  Spend   $88,688     811%   Cost  of  Goods  Sold   $77,625     78%   Gross  Revenue   $11,063     11%   Total  Fixed  Costs   $5,000     5%   Net  Profit   $6,063     6%   True  ROI   55%  
  38. 38. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   True Return on Investment is Important Revenue   $99,630     100%   Ad  Spend   $10,942     -­‐   Return  on  Ad  Spend   $88,688     811%   Cost  of  Goods  Sold   $77,625     78%   Gross  Revenue   $11,063     11%   Total  Fixed  Costs   $5,000     5%   Net  Profit   $6,063     6%   True  ROI   55%   We  need  to  subtract  the   expenses  needed  to  achieve   revenue  to  understand  true  ROI   Learn  How  To  Get  This  Spreadsheet:  h*p://bit.ly/SEO_ROI    
  39. 39. Don’t Forget About Lifetime Value
  40. 40. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Lifetime Value = Long Term Investment Revenue   $149,445     100%   SEO  Spend   $10,942     -­‐   Return  on  SEO  Spend   $138,503     1266%   Cost  of  Goods  Sold   $116,437     78%   Gross  Revenue   $22,066     15%   Total  Fixed  Costs   $5,000     5%   Net  Profit   $17,066     17%   True  ROI   156%  
  41. 41. More Profit = Bigger Budgets!
  42. 42. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Executives Get Paid on Profit
  43. 43. Jeff  Sauer  |  @jeffaly<cs  |  www.jeffaly<cs.com  |  Proving  SEO  Value   Thank You! 43   Jeff  Sauer   Marketer  and  Entrepreneur   Knowledge.Land   Minneapolis,  MN,  USA   Email:  jeff@jeffaly<cs.com     google.com/+JeffSauer   Newsle*er:  bit.ly/jeffaly<cs