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Innovation50plus aging2

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Presentation for Aging 2.0/Shesays salon 7/26/12

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Innovation50plus aging2

  1. 1. Innovation, Design for All and Technology for the 50+ Jeff Makowka @jmakowka Senior Strategic Advisor Thought Leadership #innovation50 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  2. 2. • A History of AARP • Innovation@50+ initiative • DfA • Examples of Technology • A couple challenges2 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  3. 3. ABOUT AARP….3 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  4. 4. • Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, AARP Founder – Lifelong educator and visionary – The first female high school principal in the state of California, at Lincoln High School in East LA THE AARP STORY• Her Core Belief – Americans have the right to age with “independence, dignity, and purpose”• The Motivating Factor – When visiting a former teacher in 1947, Ethel found her reduced to living in an old chicken coop, in poor health and unable to afford medical care – Galvanized into action, she led a campaign to obtain affordable health insurance for retired teachers and founded the NRTA in 1947 – Through her vision and market change she convinced Colonial Penn to provide Health Insurance to retired teachers—a group that was considered high risk in the late 1940s due to their age• Expanded her Reach and Service – Ethel soon discovered that many other older, retired non-educators had similar needs and sought to purchase health insurance too – She founded AARP in 1958 at the age of 73 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  5. 5. Not for profit arm responsible for areas like membership, social impact, the publications and brand.Carries out all commercial A charitable organization activities involving AARP dedicated to enhancing the members. Manages and quality of life for all as weprovides quality control for age, with emphasis on those provider relationships at social and economic risk AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  6. 6. AARP AND INNOVATION ………(??!!)6 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  7. 7. Thought Leadership? AARP | All Rights Reserved 7 #innovation50
  8. 8. Innovation@50+ Initiative Description: The Innovation@50+™ initiative aims to spark entrepreneurial activity across public and private sectors. Anchored by the AARP social mission – to enhance the quality of life for all as we age – the initiative enlists the expertise of visionary thinkers, entrepreneurs, the investment community, industry and not-for-profits to spur innovation to meet the needs and wants of people over 50. On the ground, the initiative catalyzes research and helps shape a marketplace ethos by promoting core, unifying principles such as "design for all." It stimulates new business models that reflect the broad transformation in how the 50- plus life is being re-imagined. Lastly, the initiative prepares 50-plus people to communicate with, access, engage and8 thrive in a new "longevity economy." AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  9. 9. Innovation@50+ Initiative Stated Differently: The Innovation@50+™ initiative aims to spark entrepreneurial activity across jargon jargon jargon. Jargon’d by the AARP social mission – to enhance the quality of life for all as we age – the initiative jargons the jargon of these people, those people, those other people, and finally some other people to spur innovation to meet the needs and wants of people over 50. On the ground, the initiative jargonizes jargon and jargons jargon and jargons jargon a jargon by promoting principles such as "design for all." It jargon’s new jargons that jargon the broad jargonification of how the 50-plus life is being re-imagined. Lastly, the initiative jargons 50-plus people to jargon with, jargon, jargon and jargon in a new "longevity economy."9 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  10. 10. or….10 Image: Marion Dossvia Flickr All Rights Reserved AARP | #innovation50
  11. 11. Key Areas of Focus: • The Future of Technology and the 50+ (the what)  Design for All  Connected Living  Aging in Place Tech  Health 2.0  Multi/Inter-generational platforms • 50+ Entrepreneurship (the who)  Stimulate the entrepreneurship eco-system to recognize and to address the 50+ market  Facilitate and stimulate Entrepreneurship BY people over 50  Facilitate and stimulate Entrepreneurship by people of ANY age FOR people over 5011 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  12. 12. DESIGN FOR ALL12 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  13. 13. DfA • “The term Design for All (DfA) is used to describe a design philosophy targeting the use of products, services and systems by as many people as possible without the need for adaptation. • Design for All is design for human diversity, social inclusion and according to the European Commission, it "encourages manufacturers and service providers to produce new technologies for everyone: technologies that are suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities, as much as the teenage techno wizard.“ • The origin of Design for All lies in the field of barrier free accessibility for people with disabilities and the broader notion of universal design” Source: Wikipedia13 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  14. 14. EXAMPLES OF TECH -THREE CATEGORIES OF INTEREST14 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  15. 15. Personal Safety/Concierge 5 Star Personal Responder (Great Call) Verizon SureResponse LifeComm Zomm15 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  16. 16. Quantified Self Motorola Nike Fuel Band Motoativ Pebble Watch Basis16 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  17. 17. Independent Living Independa GrandCare Systems BeClose17 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  18. 18. Inter-generational DoubleScoop StoryVisit Xbox/Kinect18 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  19. 19. Other Less ‘Mature’ Categories • Mobility • Communication, socialization, and Community • Chronic Disease Management • Acute Care/Hospital Non Re- admissions) • Legacy and Inter-Generational Transfer19 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  20. 20. So close…20 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  21. 21. A Challenge… ……How can you enlighten, encourage, and inspire your clients, customers (and yourselves) to think about meeting the needs and wants of people over 50+?21 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50
  22. 22. Keep the conversation going: • Slideshare.net/jmakowka • www.aarp.org/innovation50plus • Twitter: – @jmakowka – @aarptech – #innovation50 • Tumblr – Aarp.tumblr.com – Jmakowka.tumblr.com22 AARP | All Rights Reserved #innovation50