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Web Entrepreneurship Plan

This is a Ambitious Project of GoldTechnia powered by Er. Jeet Singha to promote Young Bloggers, Web Entrepreneurs by his Guidance.

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Web Entrepreneurship Plan

  1. 1. Web Entrepreneurship ProjectPRESENTATIONYouChangeWhat YouAre DoingGet Same ResultsWhat are YouGetting GlobalExposurePyramidIFNO OPT&GETYes
  2. 2. Who we are:• GoldTechnia is one of India’s leading medium sized software developmentcompany, we have wide capabilities and a substantial reputation built overrecent years. We are a full service agency and provide Websites, Softwares, Graphic designs, Web Based Softwares, Search Engine Optimization &Marketing, ERP Solutions, Logo Designing, Web Hosting and a range ofspecialized services to our clients.• GoldTechnia is Providing a Package for WebEntrepreneurs….to Promote Young Generationto get a Global Exposure & originate GlobalBusiness Ideas…….
  3. 3. Why Entrepreneurship and not Job?• 90 lac graduates pass out every year & 4-5% get the jobs.• Guess how many people doing JOB are into the Millionaire Club of INDIA.• The Indian Market?• YEAR SALARY REQUIRED TO SURVIVE• 1960 100• 1980 1,000• 2000 10,000• 2020 1,00,000YEAR QUALFICATIONS• 1950 8th PASS• 1960 10th PASS• 1970 12th PASS• 1980 Graduate in any disciple• 1990 Professional Graduate like BBA, B.Tech, MBBS• 2000 MBA• 2010• BY THE TIME YOU COMPLETE GRADUATION ???????????
  4. 4. LETS SEE THE e - WORLD SCENARIO :• 3,50,000 people joining internet every day in the world .• Internet has become the respiration of entire market which is millions foldsbetter than business men without websites• More than four websites are launched every second.• Around 1980 there were only 50,000 computers worldwide , today over 50,000computers are being sold each and everyday globally .• 85% people having computers are not able to use it to the optimal level .• 95% people don’t know how to build a website .Indias Internet subscribersAs of Report India Has 3rd Largest Internet Users World Wide : 1998 0.7 million 2004-2005 30 Millions 2006-2007 50 millions 2008-Till Date 45% of world’s Users 2.2 Billion Internet Users World Wide
  5. 5. Do I ReallyNeed AWebsite???
  6. 6. Who are You????• A Under-Graduate Student.• A Post Graduate Student.• A Service Man.• A Businessman.• A Journalist.• A Engineer.• A Doctor.• A Lawyer.• A Writer.• Or anyone with Originating Ideas & dreams…………
  7. 7. Am I DoingJustice???
  8. 8. • You are taking Daily Information from theInternet……..• Doing Your studies or Profession…….&At last• Giving Your valuable Ideas in SocialNetworking Sites Like…..
  9. 9. From Your Valuable Time & IdeasMark Zukerberg’s Income is 4.5 lakh perDayNoMonthYearHourMinuteSecondYes
  10. 10. FlipKart.com• Flipkart was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansaland Binny Bansal…• Both are alumni of the Indian Institute ofTechnology, Delhi• Left Job in Amazon.com• Started Selling Books & Cd’s…• Now It is among top 20 Indian Website.• Started business with 4 Lakhs Rs.• 700 crore company ,4500 employees….
  11. 11. If I Open A Showroom InA1 Mall Of My City, Can IGet So Much Income????
  12. 12. Chandoo.com• Purna Duggirala,,, Nick name Chandoo• MBA from IIM INDORE and Computer Sciencedegree from Andhra University. ,,,,,• Left job……….• Now a Professional Blogger…….• Now A Millionaire….• Top Adsence Income Generator In India…• Teaches Free Excel Tutorial in his Website.
  13. 13. Amit Agarwal• Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree inComputer Science from IIT Roorkee,,,• In 2004, Amit quit his job to become India’s firstand only Professional Blogger,,,• In January 2009 Amit organised a blogconference under the aegis of India Blog School.• He is the highest paid adsence publisher of India.• Now A Millionaire….
  14. 14. Online Journalism• Young Journalists Work outside traditional press.• Creates National Issues.• Generates their own Income.• Earns Money Through Adsence, AffiliateMarketing…..• The Online News Association, founded in 1999,is the largest organization representing onlinejournalists, with more than 1,700 memberswhose principal livelihood involves gathering orproducing news for digital presentation.
  15. 15. Online Journalists• Josephine Moulds• Moulds has opted for a simple, easy to navigate sitewith her articles organized into five categories thatreflect her specialism. All information is included onthe home page and she uses the logos of sites andnewspapers, such as the Telegraph, the Times and theGuardian, which helps the reader. She includes aphotograph of herself, and links to her Journalistedprofile and CV.• Moulds’ profile uses WordPress so she can easilyupdate it whenever she has an article published.
  16. 16. Online Journalists• Alex Wood• Ciara Leeming• Tracy Boyer• Arah-Jane• They all use Wordpress and are Worlds’ topfive Online freelancing Journalists….• Earning Millions…….
  17. 17. Online Writers & Poets• If You Have a very good Writing Skill…• Artistic & Poetic in Nature…• Running After Publishers!!!!!• Forget These Hustles……• Publish your Contents in Your own website &your target readers will be 2.2 billion readers…• Now when You will become Popular thenPublishers will run after you….
  18. 18. Young Millionaires Bloggers• Retireat21 is a site which Gives Ideas to build Online Business & List theName of Richest Web Entrepreneurs of the world…………• Here is a List where out of world’s best 30 young Bloggers 12 are Indians…Name Age WebsiteGlenn AllSopp 21 http://www.viperchill.com/David Leggett 21 http://www.tutorial9.net/Syed Balkhi 19 http://www.wpbeginner.com/S.Pradeep Kumar 19 http://hellboundbloggers.com/Sushant Rishodkar 17 http://www.smartbloggerz.com/Prashant Chandra 20 http://pcsplace.com/Shankar Ganesh 18 http://www.killertechtips.com/Aditya 18 http://techravings.info/
  19. 19. Now What is Blogging &who Are Bloggers???
  20. 20. Blog"Blog" is an abbreviated version of "weblog,"which is a term used to describe web sitesthat maintain an ongoing chronicle ofinformation. A blog features diary-typecommentary and links to articles on otherWeb sites, usually presented as a list of entriesin reverse chronological order. Blogs rangefrom the personal to the political, and canfocus on one narrow subject or a whole rangeof subjects.
  21. 21. BlogMany blogs focus on a particular topic, such asweb design, home staging, sports, or mobiletechnology. Some are more eclectic,presenting links to all types of other sites. Andothers are more like personal journals,presenting the authors daily life andthoughts.
  22. 22. BlogContent is the article for any web site. Retail sites feature a catalogof products. University sites contain information about theircampuses, curriculum, and faculty. News sites show the latest newsstories. For a personal blog, you might have a bunch ofobservations, or reviews. Without some sort of updatedcontent, there is little reason to visit a web site more than once.On a blog, the content consists of articles (also sometimescalled "posts" or "entries") that the author(s) writes. Yes, someblogs have multiple authors, each writing his/her own articles.Typically, blog authors compose their articles in a web-basedinterface, built into the blogging system itself. Some bloggingsystems also support the ability to use stand-alone "weblog client"software, which allows authors to write articles offline and uploadthem at a later time.
  23. 23. Then what is my Profit inwriting these Blogs???
  24. 24. Adsence• When You completed Your Blog Here Comes How to Generate MoneyFrom It……• This feature helps you to register and customize• Google/Yahoo/Adbrite etc provides popular Adsense• With the help of of adsense you canGet paid by google for hits, searches, andClicks on your website.• For more information :Log on to www.google.com/adsensewww.publisher.yahoo.comwww.adbrite.com
  25. 25. Affiliate Marketing• Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which abusiness rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customerbrought about by the affiliates own marketing efforts.
  26. 26. Whom You search in Google???We Search Our Friends in FaceBook &Celebrities in Google….Search your name in Google…..-See where You stand in the GlobeNowadays If You Are a Professional & don’t Have a website then itmeans….You Does not Exist in These universeWhen You Need any Information.Where you Search???-- “Google It….” So to make Yourself Prominent in Globe You ShouldHave a Website….Say your Employer to Search your Works & you in Google…..Have a E-mail Id like yourname@yourwebsite.com
  27. 27. I am Not a Web Designer/Developer,,, How Can I MakeMy Own Website???
  28. 28. Content Management System• Software that provides a method of managing your website is commonlycalled a CMS or "Content Management System“. Many blogging softwareprograms are considered a specific type of CMS. They provide the featuresrequired to create and maintain a blog, and can make publishing on theinternet as simple as writing an article, giving it a title, and organizing itunder (one or more) categories. While some CMS programs offer vast andsophisticated features, a basic blogging tool provides an interface whereyou can work in an easy and, to some degree, intuitive manner while ithandles the logistics involved in making your composition presentable andpublicly available. In other words, you get to focus on what you want towrite, and the blogging tool takes care of the rest of the site management.• If You Just Know CCP or Cut Copy Paste then you can create your ownWebsite.
  29. 29. List Of CMS• 1.Blogs• b2evolution• Nucleus• WordPress•• 2.Classifieds• Noahs Classifieds•• 3.Content Management• Drupal• Geeklog• Joomla 1.5• Joomla• Mambo• PHP-Nuke• phpWCMS• phpWebSite• Siteframe• TYPO3• Xoops• Zikula•• 4.Customer Relationship• Crafty Syntax Live Help• Help Center Live• osTicket• PerlDesk• PHP Support Tickets• Support Logic Helpdesk• Support Services Manager5.Discussion BoardsphpBBSMF6.E-CommerceCubeCartOS CommerceZen Cart7.F.A.Q.FAQMasterFlex8.Image Galleries4Images GalleryCoppermine Photo GalleryGallery9.Mailing ListsPHPlist10. Polls and SurveysAdvanced PollLimeSurveyphpESP11. Project ManagementdotProjectPHProjekt12. Site BuildersSoholaunch Pro EditionTemplates Express13. WikiTikiWiki CMS/GroupwarePhpWiki14. Other ScriptsDew-NewPHPLinksMoodle15. Open-RealtyOpenXPHPauctionphpFormGeneratorWebCalendar16. ExtrasLanguageSide menu appearanceEmail notificationsInstallations overview
  30. 30. Wordpress• WordPress is one such advanced blogging tool and it providesa rich set of features. Through its Administration Panels, youcan set options for the behavior and presentation of yourweblog. Via these Administration Panels, you can easilycompose a blog post, push a button, and be published on theinternet, instantly! WordPress goes to great pains to see thatyour blog posts look good, the text looks beautiful, and thehtml code it generates conforms to web standards.• Wordpress has World Wide Unlimited Free Templates….
  31. 31. So what GoldTechnia isGiving Me???
  32. 32. GoldTechnia Web Package :1. Domain nameone domain name with choice of the domain extensions provided by ICANNe.g. http://www.youthsclub.com2. Web hosting :Unlimited MBs web hosting from International secure server (Windows Server, multicore DualXeon 5405 processor, high band width), (Only 50MB can consist up to of 1800 text pages of yourwebsite + 800 pictures/photos 20kb each, it supports HTML, DHTML,ASP,PHP)3. GoldTechnia Web Architect• Pre Designed Personal and professional Templates of High quality for building the website• Editable Flash animation templates
  33. 33. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of trafficto a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results fortargeted keywords. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results or the higher it"ranks", the more searchers will visit that site. SEO can also target different kinds of search,including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. As amarketing strategy for increasing a sites relevance, SEO considers how search algorithmswork and what people search for. SEO efforts may involve a sites coding, presentation, andstructure, as well as fixing problems that could prevent search engine indexing programsfrom fully spidering a site. Other, more noticeable efforts may include adding unique contentto a site, ensuring that content is easily indexed by search engine robots, and making the sitemore appealing to users.Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of abroader marketing campaign. Because effective SEO may require changes to the HTMLsource code of a site, SEO tactics may be incorporated into web site development and design.The term "search engine friendly" may be used to describe web site designs, menus, contentmanagement systems, URLs, and shopping carts that are easy to optimize.The GTN Search Engine Optimizer will help anybody optimize his/her website for the majorsearch engines, with out having any expert or novice of SEOGTN Search engineoptimizer
  34. 34.  Proper Training Material Will be Provided to You Through timeto time through E-Mails …. Training To Build Your Website will be Provided. Search Engine Optimization , Search Engine Marketing, SocialNetwork Marketing Schemes & Strategies will be Provided. Income Generation Tips & Strategies will be taught to youthrough online through Emails, Skype etc. You are companies asset so helping you to Optimize yourwebsite is Companies Prime Moto. A Certification of SEO & SEM will be provided to you whencompany will feel that your website is “up to the mark”.GTN Online TrainingProject
  35. 35. Features• Disk Space: 2 GB(initially, It will be increased when You need more space)• Bandwidth: Unlimited• Free Domain Name• Control Panel• Unlimited SubDomains, FTP Accounts, Frontpage® Extensions, Dreamweaver Compatible,Adobe GoLive Compatible, Scheduled Tasks, File MIME Types, Custom Error Pages, FileManager,Daily R1Soft Backups• Unlimited Mail Boxes (POP3 or IMAP),Autoresponders,Forwarders,Email Groups,EmailLists,AfterLogic Webmail,Catch-All Email Addresses.• MySQL 5 Databases, ODBC DSN Setup, MSSQL 2012 Databases, Remote Access to MSSQLDBs, Classic ASP Support, ASP .NET v2, v3.5 and v4.5, LINQ / AJAX / Silverlight,ASP . NET MVC(latest), URL Rewrite Module, Full Trust App Support, 30+ ASP Components, PHP 4 and 5,Perl, Python, SSI, CGI, Access Databases, Streaming Audio/Video, Flash, Crystal Reports, WebDeploy….• Firewall, backups, Nightly Security Updates….
  36. 36. GoldTechnia Training Package –Cost : No CostGoldTechnia Web Package –India :Web Services/Product Cost :(Tax included) 3000 INRDomain Charge included.____________________________________________________________Total : 3000/- INRYearly Renewal 3000/- (Domain renewals included. )Other countries : 60 US $Payment modes :a) Demand Drafts in favor of GoldTechnia payable at Kolkata.