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<data – ai startups/> @serenavcwww.serenaca.vc The AI Rush

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<data – ai startups/>
@serenavcwww.serenaca.vc | THE AI RUSH - 2018
Sector Name Country Raised Amount ($k) Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionnable Data
EdTech Sana Labs Nordics $ 1 - 5 M •
IoT SAT4M2M Germany undisclosed • •
Fintech savedroid Germany >$ 20 M • • •
Fintech SBDA Group Rest of Europe undisclosed • •
Analytics Seerene Germany $ 10 - 20 M • •
IoT Semiotic Labs Nordics $ 0 - 1 M • • •
Environment Sen UK $ 0 - 1 M •
Energy Sensewaves France $ 0 - 1 M • • •
Industry Senseye UK $ 1 - 5 M • • •
AI Tech - Vision Sensifai Rest of Europe undisclosed •
Health Sensio Air UK $ 1 - 5 M • •
Customer insight Sentiance Rest of Europe $ 5 - 10 M • • •
Health Sentimoto UK $ 0 - 1 M • • •
Fintech Seratio UK $ 1 - 5 M •
Analytics Shepherd.FM UK $ 0 - 1 M • • •
AI Tech - NLP/NLG SHERPA Rest of Europe $ 1 - 5 M • • •
Security Shift Technology France >$ 20 M • •
IT ShimmerCat Nordics $ 0 - 1 M
Customer insight Shipamax UK undisclosed • •
Transport Shippeo France $ 10 - 20 M • • •
IoT Shot Scope UK $ 1 - 5 M • •
IoT SIGFOX France undisclosed
Analytics Silverback.ai UK $ 0 - 1 M • •
AdTech Simplaex Germany $ 1 - 5 M • •
Blockchain SingularityNET Rest of Europe undisclosed
Analytics Siren Solutions Rest of Europe $ 1 - 5 M • • •
Analytics Skimlinks UK undisclosed • •
Transport SLAMcore UK undisclosed • • •
Health Smart Reporting GmbH Germany $ 1 - 5 M • •
Blockchain Smart Security Systems (Food Blockchain) Rest of Europe undisclosed
Sales&Marketing SMARTASSISTANT Rest of Europe $ 5 - 10 M • • •
AI Tech - Speech Smartly.ai France $ 0 - 1 M • • •
AI Tech - Speech Snips France $ 10 - 20 M • • •
Sales&Marketing SoAmpli Ltd. UK $ 0 - 1 M • • •
AI Tech - Speech Soapbox Labs Rest of Europe $ 1 - 5 M •
Analytics Social Coin Rest of Europe undisclosed • •
Analytics Socialangel Rest of Europe $ 0 - 1 M •
Sales&Marketing Solvemate Germany undisclosed • •
Sales&Marketing Sometrik Nordics $ 0 - 1 M • •
Logistics Sonodot Ltd UK undisclosed • •
Health Sophia Genetics Rest of Europe >$ 20 M • • •
Music Soundcharts France $ 1 - 5 M • •
Health Sparrho UK $ 1 - 5 M • •
AI Tech - Vision Spektral Nordics $ 1 - 5 M
Transport Springworks AB Nordics $ 1 - 5 M •
Horizontal Squirro Rest of Europe undisclosed • •
IoT Starcounter Nordics $ 1 - 5 M • •
IT SteelEye UK $ 1 - 5 M • •
Database StorageOS UK $ 1 - 5 M •

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