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Invisible CMS by Robert Jacobi

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Presented at JoomlaDay Chicago 2019.
Picking a CMS is a technical, business, and personal decision. You'll learn about the future of content management, and why migrating to InvisibleCMS is critical to your success.

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Invisible CMS by Robert Jacobi

  1. 1. Invisible CMS Robert Jacobi • @robertjacobi
  2. 2. volunteers.joomla.org Robert Jacobi • @robertjacobi
  3. 3. @robertjacobi • 20 Years Agency Experience • Former President of Joomla • Solution Ambassador • Open Source Partnerships
  5. 5. Joomla Everywhere! • Millions of sites • 100,000,000+ downloads • $50,365*
  6. 6. No Brainer, Right?
  7. 7. Joomla Everywhere! • Millions of sites • 100,000,000+ downloads • $50,365*
  8. 8. LET’S FIX THIS
  9. 9. Ask Yourself Some Questions What do you do well? What do you hate doing? Do you have horizontal expertise? Do you have vertical expertise?
  10. 10. We’re Good At … Front-end Development Back-end Development Design Content Project Management
  11. 11. … We Hate … Maintenance & Support Code Pictures Words Project Management
  12. 12. … Across All Our Projects … SEO Accessibility Performance Security Project Management
  13. 13. … In Specific Projects … Industry Focus Regulatory Knowledge SMB/SME Experience
  14. 14. Not Just Joomla Developer Do well: Back-end Hate doing: Front-end For everyone: Ecommerce Especially for: Real estate
  15. 15. GET SAASY!
  16. 16. Your Hates Are Opportunities Partners Tools
  17. 17. Embrace Partners not Affiliates • Partner Program
 More than sending traffic
 in one direction or another • Exclusivity
 Create unique service offerings • Buy In
  18. 18. Partner Program Basics Renewable Terms Minimum 6 Months Financial Commitment (Cross Marketing, Direct Sales, or just $)
  19. 19. Partners? Hosting Maintenance & Support Other Horizontal / Vertical Experts
  20. 20. Partner Examples Steadfast.net Hosting X-Team Development Northcutt SEO
  21. 21. Tools? • Content
 - Privacy & Cookie Policies
 - SEO • Workflow
 - Automation
 - Staging & Production • Forms • CRM
  22. 22. Tool Examples HubSpot Stripe Termageddon Really Any SaaS Provider
  23. 23. News My Account Home Extensions Subscribe Documentation Downloads Hubspot Integration for Joomla! Get the Hubspot tracking code on your website within minutes. Download FREE Download & Install the Hubspot Integration for Joomla About Hubspot Language Login Form Remember Me ! " Username Password
  24. 24. Les Arbres Web Solutions Payage is a free Joomla component dedicated to the management of payments and payment gateways. Payage only deals with payments. It is not a shopping cart or a booking system. Payage is simply the best way for Joomla e‑commerce applications to integrate with payment gateways. Payage supports any number of gateways and any number of applications. It simplifies payment management for business owners. It simplifies application code, making applications more reliable. It simplifies the process of adding and maintaining payment gateways. It simplifies testing and troubleshooting. It includes comprehensive reports and charts. It has a well documented API. It's free and all the gateway addons are free. The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments made by European customers. Read more about how this affects Payage. If Your Site GetsIf Your Site Gets Hacked ...Hacked ... How will you know? And how will you know how to fix it? Eyesite keeps an eye on your website, and emails you if any files are added, changed, or deleted. FlexiContactFlexiContact Want a flexible contact form that doesn't need an annoying captcha to prevent spam? Check out our popular free FlexiContact or its big brother, FlexiContact Plus. The user guides explain how to safely prevent spam without needing to use a captcha. PlotalotPlotalot Plotalot brings your site to life with real-time graphs and charts, using the Extensions Version Histories Support Technical Contact Us
  25. 25. Policies for your website that automatically update whenever the law changes. Written and updated by real software attorneys… not robots. View Pricing Countdown to the next privacy law change: Why Use Policies Features Pricing Agency Partners Blog RegisterLogin
  27. 27. Embrace the Challenge Focus on Your Non-Joomla Advantages
 New Business Plan Focus on the Clients that Complement Your Advantages
 Create an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  28. 28. Kick Some SAAS! Abstract the Technology
 Customers look for solutions not technology Monetize Services
 Partner with microservices Consult
 People matter
  29. 29. Thank you! • @robertjacobi • email@robertjacobi.com • +1 847 687 5860