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InnoVitae B2B Social Selling Presentation: Linkedin - Twitter - Google Plus - Facebook

  1.  Learn How to Position You & Your Brand As An Authority On Social Media, And Produce 10 to 30+ Leads Each Month Like Clockwork. B2B SS4X System
  2.  Business Owners Sales & Marketing Entrepreneurs Service Providers Who Is This For?
  3.  Get In Front Of More Prospects Generate More Leads Get More Clients Get More Referral Partners Get More Traffic To Your Blog This Is For You To…
  4.  How To Create A Lead Generation System Which..
  5.  Establishes You As The Respected & Sought After Authority In Your Market Place.
  6.  Brings “Perfect Prospects” Right To Your Doorstep.
  7.  Produces The Best Methods For Closing These High-Value Perfect Prospects (On Autopilot).* *Jamie Shanks; “Social Selling Mastery” Author
  8.  Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?
  9.  Successful 7&8 Figure Startup Entrepreneur  Technology & Software Developer  Systems Optimization Expert  Developed Technology & Processes to Optimize the New Power Grid System & Financial Markets  Developed Technologies & Processes to Optimize B2B Social Selling – “B2B SS4X Marketing System” Joe Conroy’s Bio Joe Conroy Click Here To Visit LinkedIn Profile
  10.  Just To Be Clear…The “B2B SS4X System” Is Not Some “Magic Bullet”, Or Some “Magic Pill”.
  11.  The B2B SS4X Is A Set Of Tools, Technologies, And Processes Proven To Produce Consistent Leads Over Time From Social Media.
  12.  During The Past 5 Years, The B2B SS4X System Has Produced An Average ROI of 423% For Us And Our Clients…
  13.  And That Was With V1 Of the B2B SS4X System..
  14.  With B2B SS4X V2, Our Goal Is To Double The ROI For Our Clients! (846%)
  15.  My Team & I At InnoVitae Use These Same Tools Daily To Produce Almost ¾ of A Million Dollars In Revenue Over The Past 5 Years.
  16.  Let’s Take A Look At Your B2B Marketing Opportunity On Social Media.
  17.  Because LinkedIn Produces The Lion’s Share Of B2B Leads (65+%), I am Going To Use Linkedin As The Main Opportunity.
  19. 400+ Million Users 75% Of Executives Check LinkedIn Daily Most Affluent Demographic ($ 100k+) Currently Growing Faster Than FB Or Twitter Millions Of Businesses Are On LinkedIn LinkedIn
  20.  “Reaches More C-Level Executives Monthly Than Any Other International News & Business Website Measured.” Source: IPSOS Business Elite Global LinkedIn
  21.  “Attracts The Highest Number Of Business Elite Purchase Decision Makers With Highest Net Worth & Big Purchasing Budgets.” Source: IPSOS Business Elite Global LinkedIn
  22.  So There Must Be A Way To Tap Into LinkedIn And These Other Social Media Channels Right?!?
  23.  Yes. There Is A Very Systematic Way To Get Real, Honest Results.
  24.  But First We Need to Deal With Some Very Troubling Facts
  25.  The Current State of B2B Social Marketing, And Its Impact On Your Business Opportunity.
  26.  But First We Need to Deal With Some Very Troubling Facts Jamie’s Book & The B2B SS4X System Are Very Similar.
  27.  I Caution You That These Facts From Jamie Shank’s “Social Selling Mastery” Book Will Make You Uneasy, And Possibly Fearful.
  28.  This is not a scare tactic. It’s simply a process to properly diagnose the current condition...
  29.  So that the solution is clearly defined and its processes address all the issues of the problem.
  30.  So here we go…The Statistical Social Selling Facts…
  31.  90% of customer buying decisions are starting online. – Forrester Research 2011
  32.  57% of the buyer’s journey takes place before a sales professional is involved. – Corporate Executive Board (CEB) 2015
  33.  75% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers use social media to research vendors. – International Data Corporation(IDC) 2014
  34.  “74% Of Buyers Choose The Sales Team That Was The First To Provide Value & Insight Within Their Buying Journey.” -Forrester Research - 2014
  35.  Did Last Quote Sink In?..
  36.  Here It Is Again.
  37.  “74% Of Buyers Choose The Sales Team That Was The First To Provide Value & Insight Within Their Buying Journey.” -Forrester Research - 2014
  38.  There are now on average, 5.4 decision-makers, champions, and influencers, all part of the buying decision . – Corporate Executive board (CEB) 2014
  39.  92% of buyers (5,000 surveyed) want to deal with the sales professional who is the thought- leader in their industry. – LinkedIn 2014
  40.  Buyers are putting more value on independent research. In fact, third-party/analyst reports were cited as the most valued content type, by 77% of buyers.
  41.  96% of buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders.
  42.  It’s time to take an objective look at your business.
  43.  Has it become more difficult to reach decision makers over the phone, or via email?
  44.  Are these time tested ways of reaching out having the same effect they did even a few years ago?
  45.  And recall, there are now on average, 5.4 decision makers.
  46.  Are you in touch with these 5.4 decision makers?
  47.  Do you have a plan in place for these 5.4 decision makers?
  48.  Have you identified these 5.4 decision makers?
  49.  Where does this leave you and your organization if you are not leading the customer conversation?
  50.  “You’re a ghost, lost in a sea of screaming voices.” Jamie Shanks; Social Selling Mastery, page 16
  51.  You may think; “This doesn’t apply to me.”
  52.  “I work at XYZ Company, and we have a brand as the market leader.’
  53.  If this is your reaction, your future is in even more trouble.
  54.  Forrester studies suggest that 1,000,000 sales roles will be wiped out by 2020.
  55.  If you are not executing a social selling program in 2016, you’re late to the party.
  56.  “2016 to 2020 will be about crossing the chasm for many technology-focused companies.” -LinkedIn, SalesConnect 2015
  57.  What are you to do?
  58.  F.E.E.D.* your buyers across the 4 prominent social media platforms for B2B sales. *Social Selling Mastery Acronym
  59.  What is F.E.E.D?
  60.  Find Educate Engage Develop
  61.  But First We Need to Deal With Some Very Troubling Facts
  62.  The F.E.E.D. system will ensure that sales professionals can answer the following social questions.
  63.  1.How do I create a social presence that resonates with my buyers?
  64.  2. What are the most effective ways to identify sales opportunities with social?
  65.  3.How do I start compelling conversations to open doors?
  66.  4.What is the most effective way to scale my social presence?
  67.  5.What should be my daily routine to maximize my return- on-effort?
  68.  Introducing the InnoVitae’s B2B SS4X Marketing System
  69.  A Proven System Who’s Results and Predictability Are Like Clockwork.
  70.  Let’s Look At the B2B Conversion Rates On Social Media Again..
  71.  4+ Platforms – B2B SS4X B2B Social Media Platforms Website & Email Platforms
  72.  Why 6 Different Platforms?
  73.  There Are 3 Specific, and Compounding Benefits:
  74.  #1 – Increased Exposure Probability
  75.  More Locations & More Opportunities to be Seen by Your Perfect Prospect
  76.  #2 – Increased Viral Probability
  77.  As Your Traffic and Social Connections Grow With Your Perfect Prospects,
  78.  The More Insights That You Share, and the More Insights Your Perfect Prospects (PP)Are Exposed to, The More Your (PP) Group Will Share Your Insights With Their Network.
  79.  # 3- Increased Mindshare Probability
  80.  The More Exposure a Buyer Has to You Over Time, The More Crystalized Their Vision of Your Value Becomes.
  81.  #1 – Increased Exposure Probability #2 – Increased Viral Probability # 3- Increased Mindshare Probability 4+ Platforms – Benefits
  82.  The First Action In F.E.E.D. Is to “Find” Your Perfect Prospect.
  83.  The First Thing Our Team Does Is Work With You And Determine Your Perfect Prospect
  84.  We Look At Your Past Clients, Your Current Clients, Your “Perfect Client”..
  85.  We Use Our Market Analysis Survey You Complete.
  86.  With the Preceding Data, We Use Our Advanced Data Acquisition Systems To Find Your Perfect Prospect Across the Internet.
  87.  Once We Find Them, We Then Look Up Their Email, Phone, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, and Facebook Info.
  88.  Our Systems Produce a 35 to 60% Success Rate for Name, Email, Twitter Handle, Phone, and Website.
  89.  Now That We Have Your Perfect Prospect’s Info, We Now Pass It Off To The “Educate” Part Of The F.E.E.D. System.
  90.  Now That We Have Your Perfect Prospect’s Info, We Now Pass It Off To The Educate System. Data Collection Sample
  91.  Our Systems Run Until We Have Gathered The Data For Thousands Of Your Perfect Prospects.
  92.  We Work With You And Your Team To Identify Your Assets For The “Educate” Portion Of the Process.
  93.  Hubspot Has Developed A Great Asset Reference Guide Based On Buyer Journey Status You Can Review On The Next Slide.
  94.  Courtesy of HubSpot
  95.  We Also Search the Internet Find The Best 3rd Party Content For Your Perfect Prospect.
  96.  By “Best Content”; This Is Content That Has Been Shared Extensively With Your Perfect Prospect Audience.
  97.  In the “Educate” Stage, We Will Focus on Content Which Will Provide Insight & Knowledge To Your Perfect Prospect.
  98.  “92% of buyers (5,000 surveyed) want to deal with the sales professional who is the thought- leader in their industry”. – LinkedIn 2014 Remember This Quote?
  99.  How Do You Become The “Thought Leader” Across LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, FB, Email, and The Perfect Prospect Website?
  100.  First, Let’s Realize That The Overarching Goal Is To Move The Perfect Prospect To Either; (a) a Phone Call, or (b) 1st Degree Connection On Linkedin.
  101.  Let’s Start With Linkedin.
  102.  2016 study by Demand Gen Report This year, 85% of buyers noted that they occasionally or frequently share content on LinkedIn, compared to 74% in 2015.
  103.  Just to Recap… The Branding, Positioning, And Your ProFile Are All In Place.
  104.  #1 – We Setup a Group On Linkedin That Focuses On The Interests & Needs Of Your Perfect Prospect.
  105.  We Position You As The Founder Of This Group.
  106.  We Will Begin Posting The 3rd Party Content Insights Into The Group For 2 Weeks Prior To Going Live.
  107.  Once Your LinkedIn Group Is Live, We Use The Data We Collected To Send Out Invites.
  108.  Your Signature Will Have; “John Smith, XYZ Company, Founder of the (e.g.) Software Developers Network”
  109.  Your Recipients Will Go And Investigate Your Linkedin Group.
  110.  The Content In The Group Will Be Exactly What Your Perfect Prospects Are Interested In.
  111.  You Will Achieve A Group Signup Rate Of 25 to 65%.
  112.  We Typically Will Send Out 2,000 Invites.
  113.  Let’s Do Some Math..
  114.  2,000 Invites With An Average Acceptance Rate Of 45%...
  115.  You Have 900 Members {Perfect Prospects} In Your Group Almost Instantly.
  116.  They Now Know You And Your Company.
  117.  They Like Your Content & Insights. Otherwise They Would Have Not Signed Up.
  118.  Do You Remember This Quote From Earlier…
  119.  “The More Exposure a Buyer Has to You Over Time, The More Crystalized Their Vision of Your Value Becomes.” -Jamie Shanks- “Social Selling Mastery”
  120.  And Did You Know?
  121.  Every Week You Can Send Any Message You Want To Your Perfect Prospects.
  122.  And You Can Send Them An Invitation To Become A 1st Degree Connection Too.
  123.  We Typically See An 80%+ Acceptance Rate With Group Members Becoming 1st Degree Connections.
  124.  With 900 Group Members, That’s 720 New 1st Degree Connections Who Are Your Perfect Prospect – In the First Month!
  125.  Each 1st Degree Connection Will Be “Nurtured” With Our 17 Message Sequence Over The Next 12 Months.
  126.  Here Is One Of The 17 Script Templates.
  127.  Here Is One Of The 17 Script Templates.
  128.  Now This Message Does Not Go Out To Just One Perfect Prospect.
  129.  This Message Goes Out To All Of Your Perfect Prospects Personalized With Their Name, Title, and Company.
  130.  Every 3 Weeks Your Perfect Prospects Get A Personalized Message From You.
  131.  One Of These Messages Is A Dynamic Survey.
  132.  The Dynamic Survey Shows A Question Based On The Previous Answer.
  133.  We Will Ask Them, Questions Like;
  134.  Do You Have Any Projects In The Pipeline?
  135.  What Is The Current Status Of The Project? – We Provide A Number Of Choices.
  136.  What Key Attributes Are You Looking For In The Vendor?
  137.  Each Survey Provides You The Perfect Prospect’s Name & Contact Info.
  138.  Based On Where They Are In Their Process, We Will Adjust Our Messaging.
  139.  Courtesy of HubSpot
  140.  And…All Your 1st Degree Connections Will Have The Opportunity To See All Of Your Daily Updates In Their Newsfeed.
  141. This Is Your Update News Feed Area
  142.  And…We have 30 Other Linkedin “Trigger Events” Where Our Team Will Initiate & Respond To Your Perfect Prospects.
  143.  And…We have 30 Other Linkedin “Trigger Events” Where Our Team Will Respond To Your Perfect Prospects.
  144.  Again, The Goal On LinkedIn Is To Grow Your 1st Degree Perfect Prospects, and Get Them On The Phone With You.
  145.  Over a 12 Month Period, We Typically Grow Your 1st Degree Perfect Prospects to 2,000 to 6,000 Connections.
  146.  We Have Developed An ROI & Customer Acquisition Cost (C.A.C.) Analyzer.
  147.  It Is Based On The Number Of 1st Degree Connections You Have.
  148.  Here Are A Few Screen Shots And Link To It.
  149.  Do You Remember the 7% Quote From Earlier?
  150.  “7% of Your Perfect Prospect Database Will Need Your Product or Service at Any Given Time.” – Dan Martel
  151.  As We Build Your Database With Thousands Of Perfect Prospects, The Lead Generation System Starts To Run Like Clockwork.
  152.  Going Back To The ROI + CAC Analyzer…
  153.  If You Have 3,000 1st Degree Perfect Prospects In Your LinkedIn Database…
  154.  And 7% Of Them Are In Need Of Your Product And Service…
  155.  And, Each One Is A Member Of Your LinkedIn Group…
  156.  And, Each One Has Been Nurtured By You With 12+ Insightful Messages…
  157.  Do You Think, They Are Going To Reach Out To You?
  158.  Of Course They Will!
  159.  Why?
  160.  Because: Research Data From Forrester Research Backs It Up!
  161.  “74% Of Buyers Choose The Sales Team That Was The First To Provide Value & Insight Within Their Buying Journey.” Forrester Research - 2014 Remember This Quote?
  162.  That’s It. You And Your Perfect Prospect Will Get On The Phone.
  163.  He Already “Feels” As If He Knows You.
  164.  He’s Been Getting Messages From You On Linkedin, Email, Twitter, Google Plus, and Possibly Facebook. I Am Going Over The Other Social Media Platforms In The Upcoming Slides.
  165.  You And He Hit It Off, And Your Perfect Prospect Becomes A Lead.
  166.  Now Let’s Go See How Twitter & Our Other Systems And Technologies Can Add More 1st Degree LinkedIn Connections For You.
  167.  Twitter- “A Dynamic Social Media Ecosystem, Filled With Flits, Twits, and Tweets. Learn Its Song, And Twitter Will Sing For You.”
  168.  2016 study by Demand Gen Report This year, Twitter also saw a bump as a business content -sharing platform; with 62% of respondents saying they frequently or occasionally used the platform, compared to 58% in 2015.
  169.  Reviewing the Lead Generation Stats Again..
  170.  Twitter Reframe – The Account Has Been Setup / Optimized, And Has Been Promoting Similar “Prospect Loving” Content As LinkedIn .
  171.  CTA Insert.. We Produce Content Insights For You With Embedded Calls-To-Action On High Authority Sites Like CMO.Com
  172.  For Twitter We Will Import All Of Your 1st Degree LinkedIn Connections That Are Perfect Prospects.
  173.  This Will Include The 720 New Perfect Prospects From Establishing The New Group On LinkedIn Example.
  174.  And We Will Be Importing Into Our Twitter Marketing Systems the Thousands Of Perfect Prospects We Found For You Using Our 8 Data Acquisition Systems.
  175.  Now That We Have Your Perfect Prospect’s Info, We Now Pass It Off To The Educate System. Data Collection Sample
  176.  We Also Identify All Your Competitors, And Find All Your Perfect Prospects In Their Data Too.
  177.  Let’s Say Your Company Provides Software & Document Translation Services.
  178.  And Your #1 Competitor is a Company Called “TransPerfect”.
  179.  Here Is How & What We Would Find Out About TransPerfect’s Personnel, Content, & Followers On Twitter
  180.  Here Is How & What We Would Find About TransPerfect’s Personnel, Content, & Followers On Twitter Analyze Tweets & People
  181.  Here Is How & What We Would Find About TransPerfect’s Personnel, Content, & Followers On Twitter Identify Their “Most Influential Users”
  182.  Here Is How & What We Would Find About TransPerfect’s Personnel, Content, & Followers On Twitter Identify Their Most “Engaging” & “Active” Users
  183.  Analyze Their “Replies”, “Mentions”, “Retweets” and “Hashtags”.
  184.  With All Your Perfect Prospects Identified, We Then Begin Our Twitter Marketing Campaign.
  185.  Over a 2-3 Week Period We Will Engage With Your Perfect Prospect With a Series of “Likes”, “Retweets”, “Mentions”, & “Replies”.
  186.  Again, The Goal On Twitter Is To Get Your Perfect Prospect to (a) Follow You, (b) Call You, Or, (c) Connect With You on LinkedIn.
  187.  Once Your Perfect Prospect Is A “Follower”, We Can Then Send Them “Direct Messages”.
  188.  These Messages Will Be Similar To, But Different From LinkedIn.
  189.  The Messages Will All Be Focused On “Insights” By 3rd Party Pubs Mostly, That Help Them & Position You As The “Thought Leader”.
  190.  3rd Party Publications Are More Credible, And Show A Professional Magnanimous Aspect Which Increases Your Value To Them.