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What's The Value of Our Content? A Content Strategy Audit for REI.

REI’s Outdoor Programs division has a mission is to inspire and educate people about the outdoors through a series of classes, events, and worldwide travel programs. Unfortunately, they often lack the required investment of staff, systems, and resources to improve their content’s effectiveness for customers.

A content strategy audit helps businesses create a data-driven business case for future investment. A multi-dimensional approach was taken to consider 76 findability, engagement, and usability heuristics for all 2,100+ pages of REI Outdoor Programs’ content.

This quantitative and qualitative audit resulted in an estimated $1,000,000 of immediate search engine optimization (SEO) benefits along with a prioritized list of high-ROI recommendations for future investment. These outcomes will help grow REI Outdoor Programs to more effectively inspire and educate more people for a lifetime of outdoor adventure.

Learn more about REI Adventures at http://www.rei.com/adventures and REI Outdoor School at http://www.rei.com/outdoorschool.html

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What's The Value of Our Content? A Content Strategy Audit for REI.

  1. 1. WHAT’S THE VALUE OFOUR CONTENT?OUR CHALLENGEOUR SOLUTIONOUR OUTCOMES■ Help REI Outdoor Programs increase its business with the highest possible return on investment■ Make a case for the value of great web content to earn more investment of REI staff, budget, and resources■ Determine overall content quality and effectiveness■ Prepare for the development of a taxonomy and the migration to a new content management system (CMS)■ Conduct a comprehensive content inventory to find all existing content, not just popular or well-maintained pages■ Implement a quantitative content audit against 60+ metrics to find quick wins and longer-term opportunities■ Perform a qualitative content audit using 16 standard user experience (UX) heuristics from Forrester Research■ Prioritize recommendations to guide REI’s next steps■ An estimated $1,000,000 of search engine optimization (SEO) findings■ 2,187 pages audited with recommendations to improve content findability, usability, and overall quality■ Increased REI Outdoor Programs’ ability to inspire, educate, and outfit people for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardshipPhoto©BeckTench/MuseumofLifeandScience(creativecommonslicensed)Photo©JonathonColman/REI(creativecommonslicensed)Photo©REIOutdoorProgramsPROJECT Web Content Audit and AnalysisCLIENT REI Outdoor Programs DivisionSPONSOR Justin Donohue, REI ManagerSTUDENT Jonathon Colman (mid-career MSIM)TITLE REI Principal Experience ArchitectCONTACT jcolman@rei.com