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Mais de J. Carlos Martínez(20)


Drama work classes by Iñigo and Mateo

  1. H e ll Welcome
  2. We want to share with you our work of drama
  3. For what…?
  4. To show to you how much fu n it is to arn English
  5. Who with ?
  6. With all our classmates and teachers… (1º ESO 1)
  7. … learn to enjoy, forgetting the shame
  8. W e li ve th e im ag in a ti o n
  9. ec ial sp e ate lve cr so We s a nd e ct en e ff wh ble ms pro gy he hn olo t ec pe r t ork su t w es no do
  10. 20 decem 2012 ber All this effort Drama o p Super- Worksh First Te rm Workin g Hard inhuman :-)) to make our parents have a good time watching a great show full of gags, songs, special effects very special effects and fun in abundance
  11. See you soon!! See you soon!! … … Iñigo Angulo Feb. 2013 zalo Gon s asa
  12. Script: by Drama work Iñigo Angulo and Iñigo Angulo http://ourenglishprojects.blogspot.c Gonzalo Casas & Edit: Gonzalo Casas Iñigo Angulo