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BW lecture: What is Estonian e-Residency and how it can be useful to you?

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Mr. Kaspar Korjus (29), as Managing Director of e-Residency, is building the first transnational digital identity platform in the world. e-Residency is a new fully digital country for global citizens, built on inclusion, transparency and legitimacy to empower citizens globally and to achieve world-wide digital and financial inclusion. Kaspar is listed by Forbes Estonia `30 under 30´ people as #1 in Technology and Finance. Megan Smith, US CTO and Google ex-vice-president, qualifies him as one of 20 global digital society leaders.

Kaspar will take you through the journey of e-Residency, which is perhaps one of the most important government experiments in the 21st century. The experiment started nearly 20 years ago after Estonia decided to become a fully digital society and issuing to every resident a digital identity. In his talk, Kaspar is going to share how e-Residency has taken the next step to enable every person globally to become an e-Estonian and join this new global village. You may end up believing that planet can be the country of everybody.

The lecture took place at Spring Hub - co-working space in Tallinn on 21.02.2017.

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BW lecture: What is Estonian e-Residency and how it can be useful to you?

  1. 1. e-Residency 21.02.2017 Kaspar Korjus
  2. 2. digital name infrastructure+
  3. 3. 1. Incorporation and administration 2. Bank account and credit card 3. Online payment provider 4. Automated accounting and taxes 5. Legal and business guidance LOCATION INDEPENDENT EU BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT for Internet Entrepreneurs Set up at home, work from anywhere
  4. 4. STARTUP ENTREPRENEUR #Peace of mind while travelling FREELANCER FROM AN EMERGING MARKET #Accepting online credit card payments BUSINESSMAN OUTSIDE THE EU #Export to the EU market BUSINESSMAN IN THE EU #Low admin with multiple EU members #Access to cross-border capital DIGITAL NOMAD
  5. 5. Country all applicants (17356) % # of e-residents created new companies (1418) 1418 conversion rate 1Finland 2760 15,9% 206 14,5% 7% 2Ukraine 929 5,4% 149 10,5% 16% 3Russia 1335 7,7% 128 9,0% 10% 4Germany 840 4,8% 81 5,7% 10% 5Italy 776 4,5% 71 5,0% 9% 6UK 923 5,3% 55 3,9% 6% 7Latvia 567 3,3% 53 3,7% 9% 8France 536 3,1% 51 3,6% 10% 9USA 1033 6,0% 45 3,2% 4% 10Turkey 332 1,9% 44 3,1% 13% 11Belarus 246 1,4% 33 2,3% 13% 12India 548 3,2% 32 2,3% 6%
  6. 6. Income to Estonia? =362€/month x1000 companies x10,000 companies X100,000 companies X100m companies = 4,3m€ / year = 43m€ / year = 430m€ / year = 430b€ / year Taxes, 165 € Services, 85 € Investments, 83 € Business trips; 29 € Monthly income per company
  7. 7. Business opportunities for international and Estonian companies: 1. Supporting e-residency companies (virtual office services, accounting, and legal/tax advice). 2. Putting together a business package (Stripe Atlas, LeapIN, etc.). 3. Selling your own services or products to e-residents (e-Residency Hotel). 4. Building new services (e-voting platform, e-residency community, etc.). 5. FinTech services can make use of strong AML/KYC (Know Your Customer) and access e-res data. 6. Blockchain services can become more legitimate through strong identities (e-notaries). 7. Instead of hiring staff for short term projects, they can sell their services via an e-res company 8. Turn shareholders and investors into e-residents for easier cross-border administration 9. Send encrypted data between entities with a high level of privacy (e.g. health test results) 10. Estonian companies can use e-Residency brand in their export activities even if there is no direct relation to it
  8. 8. e-Residency: a digital nation for global citizens powered by the Republic of Estonia INCLUSIVE LEGITIMATE TRANSPARENT EMPOWERING
  9. 9. Incorporation Bank account Credit card Payment provider Lending market Crowdfunding Funding Climate Engineers Family
  10. 10. Incorporation Bank account Credit card Payment provider Lending market Crowdfunding 1. Location independence 2. Financial inclusion 3. Empowered people Funding Climate Engineers Family
  11. 11. Incorporation Bank account Credit card Payment provider Lending market Crowdfunding