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Darknet: The Other Side

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Darknet: The Other Side

  1. 1. Cuartero, John Brian D. DARKNET: THE OTHER SIDE
  2. 2.  A place in the internet where people can be anonymous and hidden from the usual search engines.
  3. 3. The Internet  The Visible  This is what most people visit and use.  Example of these websites are:  Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.  The Invisible  Information that are not for public consumption  Websites that hide from authority (Illegal Markets)
  4. 4. The Internet Iceberg  The invisible web does not necessarily mean that it is something bad.  There are just cases that it is used for a purpose that is not ethical or moral
  5. 5. The Bad Side of the Darknet  There are sites like Silk Road that sell drugs, weaponry and other things that are not available normally since they are dangerous for the society.
  6. 6. Effects on e-commerce  There might be a small effect on e-commerce knowing that legal businesses won’t need to go in the deep web to sell.  The only businesses that go underground are those who need to hide something or illegal.
  7. 7. What will happen in the next 2 years?  The founder of Silk Road was just recently caught. There might be an increase in aggressiveness shutting down these hidden illegal websites.  Simultaneously, other people who actively use the deep web for illegal activities will try to open up new markets and at the same time
  8. 8. The e-commerce boom  Business transactions online will become more normal and people will become less concerned in putting up their information in the internet because the generation who consumes products have more knowledge regarding technology and basically the norm.  Traditional businesses will have to add an online facility to cope up with the competitors that utilize the opportunities that is the web availability or presence of a product.