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1 29-13 welcome introduction to environ sociology

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1 29-13 welcome introduction to environ sociology

  1. 1. Welcome toEnvironmental Sociology! John Bradford, Ph.D.
  2. 2. What is Sociology?My favorite definitions: (these mean basically the same thing)1. The scientific study of inter-actions and relations among human beings2. The study of how people influence one another and the (intended and unintended) consequences of these influences.
  3. 3. What is ‘Environmental Sociology?’• The Study of the Relationship between Societies (people) and their Natural Environments – Co-relation; Co-evolution; Inter-dependence; ‘Feedback’ (reciprocal, two-way causality); Dialogue, Dialectical• “Environmental sociology is ultimately about the study of community in the largest possible sense.” (Bell) NATURE SOCIETY
  4. 4. The Three Dimensions of Environmental Sociology1. Material- how consumption, the economy, technology, and population affect environmental conditions;2. Ideal- how patterns of thought, cultural practices, beliefs, and social experiences affect Taijitu environmental conditions3. Practical- what we can do to not only study these problems, but to ameliorate them
  5. 5. CHAPTER ONE1. Sustainability: How long can we keep doing what we are doing? – Energy – Global Climate Change (Warming) – Ozone Depletion (‘Holes’) – Pollution: Acid Rain, Nuclear Waste, Oil Spills, ‘Smog’, Mountain Top Removal, ‘Fracking’, etc. – Species Extinction2. Environmental Justice: Who gets the ‘Goods’ and who gets the ‘Bads’?