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The New Reality - highlights from the study

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This presentation shares some of the key insights from The New Reality research study. It was originally presented at the launch event for the report.

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The New Reality - highlights from the study

  1. 1. A brief glimpse at The New Reality A research study about how technology will create the next step-change in social impact #NewReality
  2. 2. A research study based on 54 interviews with executives from non-profit and commercial organisations, digital tech experts and commentators in this field
  3. 3. What is the New Reality all about?
  5. 5. Jonathan Simmons, Zone The only comparable time to this is the industrial revolution” “
  6. 6. 6 EXAMPLES… of how this New Reality is changing healthcare
  7. 7. Challenging stigma and providing advice about Ebola in Sierra Leone via Whatsapp
  8. 8. Crowdfunding personal healthcare
  9. 9. Delivering prescriptions by drone!
  10. 10. Matching people with cancer to local people who can help
  11. 11. Wearable pain relief
  12. 12. Low-cost 3D printed prosthetics in war-torn countries
  13. 13. And this is just a handful of examples in one area
  14. 14. This New Reality… are we making the most of it in the non-profit sector?
  15. 15. I would find it difficult to find an area of our business where there’s not potential for technology to improve what we do" Simon Gillespie, CEO, British Heart Foundation “ Credit: Woolydear
  16. 16. THIS IS A JOURNEY Source: G2G3’s interpretation of the classic change curve
  17. 17. Why aren’t we further along? Lack of examples Economic climate Distractions Department silos Being too nice Lack of brave leadership
  18. 18. PEOPLE The 4 aspects of digital transformation PROCESS TOOLS MINDSET
  19. 19. We can achieve digital transformation by… changing our MINDSET
  20. 20. We need to go back to basics #1 MINDSET
  21. 21. Ditch your digital strategy
  22. 22. WHAT??!! Ditch your digital strategy
  23. 23. I would say to other CEOS: We’re developing the digital strategy now, but maybe it should have been more of a part of the central strategy at the start” Steve Ford, CEO, Parkinson’s UK “
  24. 24. Having a digital strategy will soon look as ridiculous as having an electricity strategy.” Kay Boycott, CEO, Asthma UK “ Credit: Filterforge
  25. 25. Think about connecting web with other technology #2 MINDSET
  26. 26. By Kin Design
  27. 27. We can achieve digital transformation by… changing our PEOPLE
  28. 28. Plug the skills gaps #3 PEOPLE Credit: Sunface 13
  30. 30. Digital knowledge FUNDERS FUNDEES
  31. 31. I think we may be missing opportunities that we think are just a technology play, because we’re not familiar enough with it yet” Caroline Mason, CEO, Esmee Fairbarn “
  32. 32. HR may be the unlikely protagonists in this change #4 PEOPLE Credit: Grow3
  33. 33. CASE STUDY We want to create a culture where our staff feel empowered so we're using the opportunity of moving offices to do that” Lucy Semmens, Director of Strategy & Performance Cystic Fibrosis Trust “
  34. 34. We can achieve digital transformation by… changing our PROCESS
  35. 35. Start small, be lean #5 PROCESS
  36. 36. In short, don’t try to boil the ocean Credit: Always Info
  37. 37. Keep your horizons short. Small, iterative projects - not an expensive big bang. Plan it, build it, launch it and learn from it in less than a year" Ed Humphrey, Director of Digital, BFI “
  38. 38. CASE STUDY
  39. 39. Invest in R&D (it doesn’t have to cost much) #6 PROCESS
  40. 40. Create an umbrella that protects people and let them experiment with trying to break your business” Jonathan Kingsbury, Head of Digital Economy Knowledge Transfer Network “ Credit: Unsplash
  41. 41. #1 #2 #3 Set up an R&D LAB Find a PARTNER Create your own STARTUP 3 ways to innovate…
  42. 42. We have these big ideas, but because we don’t have available digital resource, and we’re caught up in so much tactical stuff we never fully realise our bold and ambitious ideas” Emma Thomas, former CEO, Youthnet “
  43. 43. Get a bunch of smart people in a room and generate some new ideas” Steve Rogers, Director EMEA, Google “ Credit: Gruff Ywain
  44. 44. changing our TOOLS We can achieve digital transformation by…
  45. 45. Make systems modular & nimble #7 TOOLS Credit: JYS07
  46. 46. Take class-leading, independent platforms that can talk to each other and plug them together. It’s infinitely better than trying to find one, off the shelf solution that will involve compromises.” Richard Craig, CEO, Technology Trust “
  47. 47. PEOPLE The 4 aspects of digital transformation PROCESS TOOLS MINDSET
  48. 48. If there was one thing we could change - it would be for CEOs to be braver and more open to this change” Vicky Browning, Director, CharityComms “ LEADERSHIP Credit: Play Crackthesky
  49. 49. Where do we start?
  50. 50. JulieDodd julie@digitalforgood.co.uk@ THE NEW REALITY Full online report available at thenewreality.info #NewReality