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7 Ingredients for Employee Social Media Advocacy

Your employees are your best social media advocates. Or at least they should be. In this useful presentation, Jay Baer of Convince and Convert provides the 7 key ingredients needed to develop, launch and sustain a thriving social media advocacy program in your company.

For more on social media advocacy, visit http://www.convinceandconvert.com or http://www.addvocate.com

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7 Ingredients for Employee Social Media Advocacy

  1. 7 Ingredients for Employee Social Advocacy ConvinceAndConvert.com
  2. YOU NEED CULTURE ConvinceAndConvert.com
  3. Advocacy is born from culture, not technology or marketing ConvinceAndConvert.com
  4. Only corporate cultures rooted in trust can do employee advocacy well ConvinceAndConvert.com
  5. If your employees aren’t your biggest advocates, you have a problem much bigger than social media ConvinceAndConvert.com
  6. In 2012, 40 of the top companies to work for were also among the top companies in social media FORTUNE, Dachis Group data ConvinceAndConvert.com
  7. YOU NEED GUIDELINES ConvinceAndConvert.com
  8. Guidelines encourage participation, they don’t squelch it ConvinceAndConvert.com
  9. IBM’s Crowdsourced Guidelines Know the business conduct guidelines You are personally responsible for what you publish Identify yourself by name and role Disclaim if it’s your personal opinion Respect copyrights Don’t misuse the logo ConvinceAndConvert.com
  10. IBM’s Crowdsourced Guidelines Don’t disclose proprietary information Don’t cite clients and partners without permission Respect your audience Be aware of your association with IBM Respect others’ opinions Add value ConvinceAndConvert.com
  11. YOU NEED OPTIONS ConvinceAndConvert.com
  12. Social advocacy doesn’t work at bayonet point ConvinceAndConvert.com
  13. Give employees a choice of social advocacy roles ConvinceAndConvert.com
  14. IBM’s Social Advocacy Roles Creator Distributor Solicitor Responder Listener Conversationalist Nurturer Promoter ConvinceAndConvert.com
  15. YOU NEED A PLATFORM ConvinceAndConvert.com
  16. Bi-directional content sharing is key to advocate participation ConvinceAndConvert.com
  17. Addvocate.com
  18. Employee Advocacy Platforms Addvocate Dynamic Signal SocialChorus GaggleAmp Expion ConvinceAndConvert.com
  19. YOU NEED METRICS ConvinceAndConvert.com
  20. Create a measurement narrative for advocacy BEFORE you begin ConvinceAndConvert.com
  21. Potential Metrics Share of voice Social connections (for company accounts) Reach Traffic Lead gen Sales ConvinceAndConvert.com
  22. YOU NEED CHAMPIONS ConvinceAndConvert.com
  23. Advocacy should be rolled out in waves, to enable peers to convince fence-sitters ConvinceAndConvert.com
  24. YOU NEED COACHES ConvinceAndConvert.com
  25. To remove doubts and boost participation, on-the-fly advice and counsel must be available for advocates ConvinceAndConvert.com
  26. Coaches Matter Success when going it alone = 9% Success when paired with a coach = 75% ConvinceAndConvert.com
  27. Jay Baer President, Convince & Convert ConvinceAndConvert.com @JayBaer
  28. We can help you craft an advocacy program, identify internal champions, train employees and rollout your program. Ask us. ConvinceAndConvert.com