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Human and sex trafficking

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Sex Trafficking in the US
Sex Trafficking in the US
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Human and sex trafficking

  1. 1. What if you knew one ofWhat if you knew one of these women?these women? Sex Trafficking
  2. 2. It could be your daughterIt could be your daughter
  3. 3. or wife?or wife? Sex Trafficking
  4. 4. Or mother?Or mother? Sex Trafficking
  5. 5. Or sisterOr sister Sex Trafficking
  6. 6. Or NeighborOr Neighbor Sex Trafficking
  7. 7. Human Trafficking =Human Trafficking = SlaverySlavery
  8. 8. Defined by force, fraud orDefined by force, fraud or coercioncoercion
  9. 9. It can happen to anyoneIt can happen to anyone
  10. 10. 12 Million brought in Slave trade
  11. 11. Today 27 Million people trafficked
  12. 12. 800,000 victims a year world800,000 victims a year world--widewide
  13. 13. 225,000 trafficked225,000 trafficked in South East Asia
  14. 14. 100,000+ trafficked in USA100,000+ trafficked in USA FBI estimates
  15. 15. 161 countries involved in trafficking 1515
  16. 16. Why should I care?Why should I care?
  17. 17. One World, One PeopleOne World, One People
  18. 18. injusticeinjustice
  19. 19. “Injustice“Injustice anywhere is aanywhere is a threat to justicethreat to justicethreat to justicethreat to justice everywhere.”everywhere.” Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King, Jr., Jr.
  20. 20. illegalillegal
  21. 21. ““There is aThere is a higher courthigher court than courts ofthan courts ofthan courts ofthan courts of justice and thatjustice and that is the court ofis the court of conscience.”conscience.” MohadasMohadas GhandiGhandi
  22. 22. immoralimmoral
  23. 23. “And if anyone“And if anyone saved a life, itsaved a life, it would be as ifwould be as if he saved thehe saved thehe saved thehe saved the life of a wholelife of a whole people”people” (Holy Quran)(Holy Quran)
  24. 24. After drugs and guns,After drugs and guns, trafficking is most profitabletrafficking is most profitable
  25. 25. US $32 billion annually, worldwide.
  26. 26. How does traffickingHow does trafficking happen?happen?
  27. 27. A case studyA case study India and NepalIndia and Nepal
  28. 28. 270,000 child prostitutes in India270,000 child prostitutes in India
  29. 29. Recruiter gains victim’s trustRecruiter gains victim’s trust
  30. 30. Traffickers coerce youngTraffickers coerce young women and their familieswomen and their families
  31. 31. Broker poses as boyfriendBroker poses as boyfriend
  32. 32. Or tricks into false marriageOr tricks into false marriage
  33. 33. Or Tricks into visiting a friend inOr Tricks into visiting a friend in IndiaIndia
  34. 34. Some abductedSome abducted
  35. 35. Others sold by family membersOthers sold by family members
  36. 36. The victim could be anyone.The victim could be anyone.
  37. 37. Nepal to IndiaNepal to India Mumbai Chennai
  38. 38. No immigration control fromNo immigration control from Nepal to IndiaNepal to India
  39. 39. Sold to aSold to a DalalDalal (Sex(Sex--Broker)Broker) once they cross the Nepalionce they cross the Nepali borderborder
  40. 40. 5,0005,000--7,000 Nepali girls7,000 Nepali girls trafficked annually to Indiatrafficked annually to India
  41. 41. Generations of debtGenerations of debt
  42. 42. Debt bondageDebt bondage –– continues forcontinues for generationsgenerations
  43. 43. Poverty and lack of jobPoverty and lack of job opportunitiesopportunities
  44. 44. Lured with promises of a "good"Lured with promises of a "good" jobjob 4444
  45. 45. Nepalese girls are prized forNepalese girls are prized for their fair skintheir fair skin 4545
  46. 46. Transported to brothelsTransported to brothels
  47. 47. “Break in period”“Break in period” Gang rapes/sexual violenceGang rapes/sexual violence
  48. 48. Trafficker gains power over hisTrafficker gains power over his victimvictim
  49. 49. Physical and mental abusePhysical and mental abuse
  50. 50. Deprived of food, water, shelter,Deprived of food, water, shelter, and access to peopleand access to people
  51. 51. Scammed and tricked intoScammed and tricked into selling themselvesselling themselves
  52. 52. Forced to see up to 30Forced to see up to 30 clients a dayclients a day
  53. 53. 2 Million prostitutes in India2 Million prostitutes in India 60% HIV Positive60% HIV Positive
  54. 54. Girls earn the “virgin price”Girls earn the “virgin price”
  55. 55. Young body is 2Young body is 2--times moretimes more likely for HIV contractionlikely for HIV contraction
  56. 56. Bondage = lifeBondage = life--sentencesentence
  57. 57. Aids = Death sentenceAids = Death sentence
  58. 58. "I will stay in"I will stay in Mumbai, until IMumbai, until I find myfind my daughter ordaughter ordaughter ordaughter or die.”die.” 5858
  59. 59. Traffickers make $4,000- 50,000 per person
  60. 60. How ??
  61. 61. Read booksbooks like
  62. 62. WatchWatch films like
  63. 63. Go to globalgiving.org Donate to a grass-roots project globalgiving.org or kiva.org grass-roots project eg education or micro-finance
  64. 64. Sponsor Women for a girl or woman through Women for Women International or World Vision through
  65. 65. Join CARE Action NetworkNetwork at www.can.care.org
  66. 66. Support Muslims Combating Trafficking at mct0.wordpress.com
  67. 67. Send a donation to organizationsorganizations fighting human trafficking
  68. 68. National Human trafficking awareness day
  69. 69. Today, do just one thing to help end human traffickinghuman trafficking
  70. 70. Share this presentation with others
  71. 71. A K2Vista Film Production k2film@Live.com www.k2vista.com Copyright 2010Copyright 2010 All images from public domain and copyright of respective owners