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GOTO Copenhagen 2016 - Scaling IoT

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How to move from an IoT Startup to an IoT company. Smart thermostat, infrastructure, VPN, smart home

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GOTO Copenhagen 2016 - Scaling IoT

  1. 1. Scaling IoT Michiel Fokke, Freek van Gool @javafreekNL @twoxey
  2. 2. Agenda A little bit about us & Quby What is Toon? Scaling IoT Final thoughts Questions @javafreekNL @twoxey
  3. 3. Who we are? FreekMichiel @javafreekNL @twoxey
  4. 4. Why are we here? Share our experiences Learn from others @javafreekNL @twoxey
  5. 5. @javafreekNL @twoxey
  6. 6. First attempt Home control box @javafreekNL @twoxey
  7. 7. Pivot Energy stick @javafreekNL @twoxey
  8. 8. What is Toon? 11 @javafreekNL @twoxey
  9. 9. Setup in homes Electricity sensor Gas sensor Meter adapter Quby Energy Display Boiler adapter Central heating boiler Smart plugs and smoke detectors WiFi router Z-Wave Z-Wave Philips Hue @javafreekNL @twoxey
  10. 10. The service center Service Center Toon Displays Mobile devices Product Applications Back Office Applications Mobile Backend Internet Internet VPN Access @javafreekNL @twoxey
  11. 11. First partnership @javafreekNL @twoxey
  12. 12. Exponential growth 2013 30.000 2014 65.000 2015 175.000 2016 350.000 2017 1.000.000 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 @javafreekNL @twoxey
  13. 13. What Steve Blank didn’t tell you about scaling up a company Scalable startup Transition Company https://steveblank.com/2010/01/14/a-startup-is-not-a-smaller-version-of-a-large-company/ @javafreekNL @twoxey
  14. 14. Success kills technology @javafreekNL @twoxey
  15. 15. Challenge 1 @javafreekNL @twoxey
  16. 16. Current infrastructure does not scale: Time to market Lack of predictability Problem @javafreekNL @twoxey
  17. 17. Solution MARATHON @javafreekNL @twoxey
  18. 18. Challenge 2 @javafreekNL @twoxey
  19. 19. Problem Current team structure does not scale: Operation team bottleneck Knowledge gap between dev & ops @javafreekNL @twoxey
  20. 20. Solution Build and run by developer teams Operations team only manages the platform Monitoring using SaaS (sysdig) Logging (ELK)  SaaS problematic (privacy) CI/CD Tooling @javafreekNL @twoxey
  21. 21. Challenge 3 @javafreekNL @twoxey
  22. 22. Problem Eneco specific solution No tenant agnostic data model Diverging code-base @javafreekNL @twoxey
  23. 23. Tenancy NXT @javafreekNL @twoxey
  24. 24. Tenancy NXT SCM repo SCM repo SCM repo component component component NXT Service center NXT Service center NXT Service center NXT Service center NXT Service Center @javafreekNL @twoxey
  25. 25. Tenancy NXT NXT Service Center Core Product Premium Services (through provisioning) Configuration Business Rules Styling @javafreekNL @twoxey
  26. 26. Challenge 4 Communication with the devices Toon Commands Events Requests @javafreekNL @twoxey VPN
  27. 27. Problem >50% of our platform dedicated to VPN service Cascading failures
  28. 28. Solution No silver bullet Mix http & message broker (MQTT) Cloud IoT pricing models too expensive ToonCommands Events Requests @javafreekNL @twoxey
  29. 29. HiveMQ vs AWS IoT HiveMQ @javafreekNL @twoxey
  30. 30. HiveMQ vs AWS IoT AWS IoT @javafreekNL @twoxey
  31. 31. What makes IoT different? Device management Focus on economics Lots of technologies and protocols @javafreekNL @twoxey
  32. 32. Prepare for change: IoT is not fully solved yet @javafreekNL @twoxey
  33. 33. @javafreekNL @twoxey
  34. 34. @javafreekNL @twoxey