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Luxury Men's Market - Where should you be?

Analysis done for luxury magazines in India purely from men's perspective. Suggestions created for Raghuvendra Rathore - a leading Indian designer synonymous for "Bandgala".

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Luxury Men's Market - Where should you be?

  1. 1. Quick Look!
  2. 2. Circulation 1,17,000 Redership 3,00,000 Facebook 33,458 Twitter 7,229 Key Person Meher Bajwa Add Rates 3,00,000 Pros: Good segmentation of audience. Long form content gives an opportunity for stronger story telling. Cons: Most articles are syndicated from Maxim international Circulation 30,000 Redership 187,500 Facebook 525,529 Twitter 1,53,000 Key Person Che Kurrien Add Rates 5,80,000 Pros: Good online and offline integration. Most advertisers are luxury item sellers. Very few long form articles. Cons: Catering to men between the age of 25 - 45. January issue didn’t have a single article on Indian wear.
  3. 3. Circulation 83,000 Redership 2,49,000 Facebook 245,499 Twitter 6,437 Key Person Sangeeta .W Add Rates 2,00,000 Circulation 45,000 Redership 135,000 Facebook 5,647 Twitter 315 Key Person Philip Mathew Add Rates 2,00,000 Pros: This is more of a lifestyle magazine that covers fashion in general however it’s not limited to fashion for men. Some of the top competitor brands have been covered. Most of the advertisers are that of luxury jewellery brands. Cons: Gravitating towards woman however massive scope for branding through PR Pros: Calls themselves the “Luxury magazine for discerning male” which is in line with our products. RR has received coverage under an article named “polo panache”. Number of advertisements are relatively lower. Cons: Quality of articles neither focus on men nor on fashion
  4. 4. Circulation 110,000 Redership 330,000 Facebook 112,443 Twitter 153,000 Key Person Add Rates 360,000 Circulation 92,000 Redership 276,000 Facebook 29,033 Twitter 966 Key Person Add Rates 225,000 *Didn’t have access to the hard copy of the magazine hence opinion on quality of content, advertising is based on their digital edition Pros: Nothing worth talking about. Cons: Magazine is not easily available. More content for woman in spite of being labeled as a man’s magazine *Didn’t have access to the hard copy of the magazine hence opinion on quality of content, advertising is based on their digital edition* Pros: Well structured content on the online edition. Average traction on social media Cons: Magazine is not easily available.
  5. 5. Circulation 67,056 Redership 201,168 Facebook 128,037 Twitter 40,325 Key Person Preetika Sahay Add Rates 4,20,000 Circulation 60,000 Redership 275,000 Facebook 1,090,064 Twitter 374,000 Key Person Priya Tanna Add Rates 4,70,000 Pros: Audience is women but a mature segment. Brands and advertising is for ultra luxury products. Decent traction on the social pages Cons: Since it is a women centric magazine it may be harder to get coverage through public relations outreach Pros: Excellent connect between he offline/online properties. Vogue tries to incorporate some interesting ideas in their content - e.g. Vogue Empower. They also have a strong coverage on NDTV Good times Cons: Advertisement heavy with very little scope of content.
  6. 6. Circulation 93,425 Redership 280,275 Facebook 512,084 Twitter 163,000 Key Person Aiswarya S Add Rates 230,000 Circulation 187,500 Redership 562,500 Facebook 1,642,814 Twitter 454,000 Key Person Tanya Chaitanya Add Rates 400,000 Pros: Women centric fashion magazine with heavy focus on western wear. Although, plethora of Indian designers specialising in Indian wear have bought advertising space. There is a scope to showcase male designers in their articles. Cons: Since it is a women centric magazine it may be harder to get coverage through public relations outreach Pros: Younger women readership. Content is a mix of Indian and western wear, lifestyle, home and food. Advertisers are consumer brands Cons: No clear segmentation based on content
  7. 7. Circulation 45,000 Redership - Facebook 15,182 Twitter 3,555 Key Person Asmita Aggarwal Add Rates 200,000 Pros: Quality of content is extremely good. Lifestyle magazine which is catering to both men and women in the luxury segment although they position themselves as a woman’s style guide Cons: Yet to attain popularity
  8. 8. Building a Brandwhat we need to do?
  9. 9. “Unlike mass brands, luxury brands should not strive to please everyone, but those customers whose beliefs align with their own.” - The Guardian What is LUXURY? “The ultimate luxury is to be able to live beyond death, and that by collecting items that elevate our status in society it helps us to unconsciously create a legacy.” - Forbes “In the case of a Veblen good it is because people think more expensive goods are better quality, and so people buy more. Studies suggest people do get more satisfaction from receiving expensive goods. It is possible that designer clothes or luxury cars may sometimes meet the criteria of veblen goods. This is often termed the snob effect – people equate price to quantity.” - Economic Help “When presenting and pricing luxury items, entrepreneurs must always add to their products’ perceived value and eliminate any suggestion of commoditisation.” - The Entrepreneur
  10. 10. What’s wrong with RR? Not Verified Illegible Content Quality engaging content absent Random Hashtags Celebrity Endorsement Absent No Twitter presence
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  12. 12. How to make it right? 3. Roll out the videos 4. Get on Twitter & get verified
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  14. 14. How to make it right? 7. Get quoted in media 8. Advertise for maximum bang
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